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December 2006

Elsa & The Raven

Last night I made a trip to Michael's and dropped off my biggest indulgent purchase EVER to get framed. It's by The Great Shag. It's gonna look SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! I can't wait to get it back.  They say two weeks but I hope to get it back sooner.  I found out that the the woman who does the framing lives in my apartment complex, talk about a small world.

Getting back to art for a second, in the last year I've been wanting to buy more prints from artist I like.  Especially some of the work I find on Etsy.  There's some great talent on there.  I would love to have a wall and display a bunch of different pieces from various folks.  Maybe once I buy a house.

So did anyone catch The Daily Show last night? Good stuff!  I also love The Colbert Report too.   What stuck with me was them referring to Roman Catholicism as the Microsoft of Christianity.  What a brilliant analogy!

Lushbox at

Here's some recent news, has posted a new article I wrote featuring DIYer extraordinaire  Lauren and her booming business, Lushbox.  I speak from personal experience that her body frosting is to die for!  So check it out at  She has a lot of neat gift sets that would make any gal or guy  happy.  Oh yes, she has stuff for men too!  Lush6


Some of my favorite blogs are on Typepad so I thought I'd give this a shot.  I think I may give Blogger a break.  More to come soon once I figure things out here.  In the meantime you can still check it out at

There's so much to do! New banners to make (this is the banner for my Etsy shop), codes to transfer over, more trash to talk! You'll also probably see about 500 layout changes before the new year comes.