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Top 10 pedestrian annoyances

I wish I came across this last week when it was posted but better late than never, has published a Top 10 Pedestrian Annoyances see my notes below:

1. Cellphone weavers. Something about talking on a cellphone makes most people incapable of walking in a straight line.
2. People who not only don't walk on the right, but seem aggressively not to do so.
3. People who haul those suitcase-on-wheels things behind them.
4. People who wield outsize "golf umbrellas" on city streets.
5. People who refuse to take off their backpacks when they ascend crowded public stairways.
6. People who walk their dogs on extra-long retractable leashes.
7. Aggressive stroller-pushers. In Park Slope, Brooklyn, where years of fertility treatments often yield twins, the extra-wide strollers are a special menace. And what's with the violently aerodynamic design of modern strollers, anyway? And … what's with pushing your four-year-old in a stroller?
8. The shopping mall gait, i.e., the shambling two- , three- , or four-abreast waddle.
9. The iPod wearer who does not hear "excuse me."
10. People who walk with their rolled-up umbrellas parallel, rather than perpendicular, to the ground.


#1 Cellphones seem to have made people dumber.  It's like not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

#7 THANK YOU GOD!!! Someone gets it! First of all, I don't care what New York Magazine says, I'm not giving you the right of way because you're pushing a stroller. Like where you have to go is any more important than my destination.  And seriously, there are too many BIG kids riding in strollers.  Are these parents mental or what?

#9 I admit I am an avid iPod user.  But I don't listen to it loud enough to not hear what's going on around me. I think when walking around NYC, your senses still need to be in check because you never know what may happen around you.  You can't afford to be zoned out listening to Interpol...who I love.    But I'm the type of person that doesn't wait for someone to say excuse me, if I see someone approaching and I am in the way, I'll step aside, no harm no fuss, but other folks in this city are too self-centered to even acknowledge the presence of others.

#10 You have NO IDEA how common that is and people just aren't getting hip to it.

Etsy Item of the day #6

I usually don't have a set criteria when it comes to choosing an Etsy Item of the Day, I don't even do it every day, it depends on where my head is.  Over the holiday weekend I took my first stab at making Red Velvet Cupcakes and they came out fan-friggin'-tastic.  So with RV cupcakes still dancing in my head, I chose this Plush Red Velvet Cupcake by Cherylasmith.   She makes really cute, hand-sewn accessories, toys, and more.  Her finger puppets are really cute, check out the skeletons!

Ha ha! I was going through my Photobucket account looking to clear out some junk and maybe transfer stuff over to my Flickr account and came across this from last year. Yes, last year there was someone in Manhattan who wanted show a different kind of Christmas display in front of their brownstone and of course, the neighbors threw a fit. I did snicker a little.  I think a lot of folks unintentionally make this time of the year a very ugly, unbearable time of the year and I guess this was this person's way of saying F.U. to everyone. Still, I'm sure it scared some kids and I guess that's wrong right? Scaring kids? Kids need to be scared more, they think they're too bad-ass.  What do I know?

Crafty New Year

I am eagerly awaiting New Year's weekend.  No, I do not have a year end bash to attend.  Most of my friends are pretty lame and do not want to leave the house on New Year's Eve. I'm just looking forward to being still, no travelling. I plan on staying home and work on projects.  In the last week I have been thinking of some FANTASTIC stuff to work on but just haven't had the time.  I received additional blessings yesterday by having birthday presents wrapped in some pretty funky paper which will get recycled in so many ways, I get stoked just thinking about it!  But it's all hush hush right now.  I just need to get through this weekend in one piece.

Things were getting a little crazy over at the land of Etsy earlier this month. Folks were placing big orders back to back.  I guess last minute stocking stuffers.  Now it's quiet and I'm happy I survived my first holiday season.  I'm hoping in the new year there will be new stuff added to the shop and an even more variety of goods to choose from.  I'm thinking about doing something different with the notebooks. Get a little more "experimental" if you will. There will always be magnets, those are a hit!

Does the cabbage-patch, it's my birthday!

That's right, today is my birthday and I'm celebrating by sitting at work slacking off. Actually I don't have much on my plate today. The middle of the month tends to slow down workload wise. I did get a book in the mail this morning which I look forward to reading, The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult. It was a recommended by a friend who I like to think shares the same brain as me, so if she digs it, I'll probably dig it too. I actually got the book from It's a book-swapping website where you ship your books out for free and any books you receive are free of charge except for shipping but still, we're talking just chump change here. It's great if you love books and love to collect books, or if you're like me, probably just read a book once and you're finished with it but hate to see it collect dust. I've turned some coworkers on to it and they swear by it.

I also started reading the other day the Che Guevara biography.  It's a pretty big book and it will probably take me a while to get through it.  I'm still very early in the story where he's only 5 years old but so far, Anderson is telling a good story.  A lot of Argentinian (sp?) history that I never learned about in school.  I became interested in learning more about Che after I saw The Motorcycle Diaries.  I would see kids in the mall wearing the tshirts with his face on it and I would comment on how they probably have no idea who this person is but realized I didn't know much about him either, so let me check this out so I don't look too much like a moron, I'll leave that to those wearing the shirt.

Time Person Of The Year

The 2006 Time Person of the Year is you! Me? Us? We! Why thank you, I'm honored.  Actually, I have mixed feelings about the choice this year.  The popularity of MySpace and YouTube have a lot to do with this decision.  The news media is pretty one-sided and they don't give us the news we really want to hear (we honestly don't care about celebrity babies and Paris Hilton).  They just provide fluff with a touch of truth for a bit of flavor but it's not the whole story. Regular folks have taken it upon themselves to get the truth out there with blogs, videos, etc.  Of course, with this power comes a lot of idiots who prefer to share a whole lot of nothing and tape themselves doing their best Jackass stunt. 

The music industry is at it's worst. The record companies force feed garbage down our throats and don't seem to recognize real talent.  Ok, MySpace can get annoying with the friend requests from bands that you wouldn't care to listen to but at least they're trying. It's an excellent tool to promote yourself (and free!).  MySpace can be a bit scary with the underage sluts whoring themselves out there and the shirtless jocks showing off their steroid-pumped pecks, but I ignore all of that and stick to my little corner of the MS world and have gotten really acquainted with the "deny" button.   I have made some cool friends, gotten in touch with old ones, and have gained some great networking out of it.  So MySpace can be evil only if you're stupid enough to make it evil.

Etsy Item of the Day #5

I haven't drank Kool Aid since I was little. In high school I knew girls who used Kool Aid to dye their hair. Now you can make extra use of the packets and turn them all into a neat totebag, just like this one by, who else? KoolAidQueen. It appears the packets now are little more flashy than when I was little too. Face it, everything is better now than when I was little...except for music, movies, television, and fashion. But I like seeing someone take an item and make something totally genius out it.

In other craft-related news, the Kim Family Auction Benefit Site has been launched and you can check out the participating artist who have contributed to help raise money for Kati Kim and her family.

This is pretty cold

I really  need to vent here. I watched a story on the news last night about another person shot and killed by NYPD.  Unlike the Sean Bell case where he was unarmed, this kid was carrying a loaded .38-caliber semiautomatic along with an extra clip!  He started running once the cop car pulled up.  Do you THINK this was an innocent person? I don't think so.  The Sean Bell case was tragic and I do feel bad for what happened in that instance. However, if I'm suppose to feel sorry for some thug with a criminal record, you're asking the wrong person.  He was a great kid! Yeah they ALWAYS say that, because great people carry illegal weapons and are involved with drugs, sure they are.  Good riddance! Now I'm not defending the NYPD in anyway, but if the kid has a gun and refused to put it down and resists arrest then go ahead and take him out! He obviously has no respect for authority or human life.  One less piece of garbage roaming the city.  I'm not gonna feel pity for anyone crying over him, sorry, life is too short for me to feel sorry for folks who won't try to better themselves.

I promise my next entry will be a little more lighthearted.

New Wave of Hair Bands?

The other day I caught a glimpse of the latest AFI video, don't know the name and it got me thinking. A few years ago I REALLY liked them, now they're not even recognizable. Is there any other band that has made such a complete 360 to the shitter? Ok, ok I understand they're bigger now than they ever were as a punk/hardcore group, who am I to say they're shit? Phooey! THEY STILL SUCK! OMG!!!!

I'm going to sound like an old fuddy duddy now but I really can't stand these bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, My Chemical Romance, and now AFI. So where were these bands like 10 years ago? I already know the answer to AFI, they were GOOD 10 years ago. Sorry, I know some of you like them. I just don't find these screaming pretty boys amusing anymore. I'm just getting old. I use to love the guys with the eyeliner. Now I think "Aren't you a little old for that?" I've changed, I admit it. My AARP packet should be coming in the mail any day now.

Back in the 80s, it was hair bands vs thrash bands. For every Poison/Cinderella, you had your Exodus/Anthrax. So would these bands now be the equivalent to 80s hair bands? All looks, no talent? Ok some of those hair bands had talent but you gotta admit we were oversaturated with the glam at one point. On the flip side, I think a lot of the newer metal bands suck pretty bad. So I'm an equal opportunity jaded music fan.

Let's talk CHICK-LIT

I may not seem like it based on some of my other interest but I am a chick-lit freak.  Unfortunately I have been too busy to keep up with all the fluff that's being published.  Currently on my desk at work I have a stack of books I've snagged as freebies, one of them titled Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, you gotta love it! 

One book I read a few years ago and surprisingly enjoyed was The Devil Wears Prada.  I watched the movie last night for the first time (I skipped the theater release like I usually do with movies).  It was a good film but I really enjoyed the book more.   And it's not that I don't like Anne Hathaway, I just don't like her face, her lips disturb me especially when she decides to wear BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK!  I loooooved Meryl Streep as Miranda. So perfect!

Another book-turned-movie that I enjoyed reading was In Her Shoes but skipped on the movie with Cameron Diaz. I'm not even interested in Netflixing it.  Sometimes the book is enough.

I'll tell you what what series I just could not get into and that was the Shopaholic series, starting with Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Reading that just made me frustrated and it made me want to reach into the book and shake the crap out of Rebecca Bloomwood.  Unfortunately, I think I know people like her. People who are addicted to spending money even if they don't have money to spend, they do it anyway because they just HAVE TO have it.   I'm lucky that my logic doesn't work that way.  While there are a lot of nice things I would like to have, I know how to prioritize and manage my money.

Like I mentioned before, I've slacked off on the book reading.  At the beginning of this year I started keeping a book log which I was doing pretty good with for a while but then stopped.  I think I need to try again.