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Please help a Jade Plant Out


Meet my Jade plant. I purchased her back in October when I first moved into my apartment.  I had printed out directions found on the internet on how to take care of a Jade Plant.  I thought I was doing a good job but I am concerned.  Leaves have been falling off and I don't want to kill my plant. My plant sits on my dining table near a window but does not get direct sunlight but filtered natural light.  I water her about once a week.  Is this too much? Too little? I can't tell because the soil dries up SOOO fast, even in this image it looks dry.  I know this kind of plant stores water in the stems so overwatering is a definite no-no but I'm still not sure if I'm doing a good job or not. I want to have a green thumb, I really do!!  Are the leaves falling out for new ones to grow in it's place? I'm hoping that is what it is.  Any insight would be appreciated!

Let Nature Heal

Let Nature Heal
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I think taking those photos yesterday of my art kicked my butt in gear a little bit. I finally added some new items to the Etsy shop. They're two notebooks featuring the result of me experimenting with some collage art.

I've been turned on by people like Lisa Congdon and Anahata Katkin whose stuff I really enjoy looking at (and they have great blogs too!) So I guess this my cheesy but loving attempt at the art.

It's my first time so go easy on me.

Dare I even talk about the Oscars????? Worst Oscars Program Evuuuuurrrrr! And it has nothing to do with the awards themselves but the production, Ellen, the interpretive dance, the 8,746 montages. Is that why people get their speeches so rudely cut off? So I can watch an interpretive dance of Little Miss Sunshine? So Ellen can be unfunny.

Let me say something about Ellen, I never cared for her as a stand-up comedian. Then I tuned in to her talk show and liked it. She's a good talk show host, bad comedian/Oscar host.

Let's talk more Art

I think it's really important to have art on display in your home. It brings your place some character. So I wanted to take this opportunity to show off some of the stuff I have in my apartment. Most of the artwork is actually by my boyfriend and I hope he gets to make more. More pictures can be found on my Flickr page.

I mentioned here that I had ordered some postcards by Kurt Halsey, here is the result in my bedroom.

My splurge piece by Shag. This is above the dining table.

The remaining pieces are all done by my boyfriend.

Pinup Dead Girl! This is the first piece my boyfriend made for me. I love her, she's in our hallway along with these two...

Last there is Hot Night In Rio

It's Hell above my sofa. I actually really like the little black figures you see mixed in the flames, way cool. Good times.

Need a break?

You know you need a break from your webpage when you're trying to do your 5-minute meditation in the morning and the same thought pops into your head, I need a new banner for my site. Sad, very sad. But I do. I'm never happy with my banners. Everyone else's always looks so much nicer than mine. On the other hand I'm still in this uncreative funk I can't seem to shake. You know when you want to do stuff but you can't bring yourself to actually DO IT. The weekend is the perfect time to work on stuff but instead I just wanna lounge around and veg-out. It's this cold weather I think. It makes me want to stay under covers all the time.

Wow! I just came across this sad story Five-year old girl dies in horrifying rodeo parade accident. My goodness! Ok this was a freak accident but I think it just adds to the greater picture of the whole young girl beauty pageant phenomenon in this country. It is beyond disturbing. I think Little Miss Sunshine did a good portrayl of that. 5 years old! No one should put their child on display like that. So sad. Sorry to end this post on such a downer.

Showin' some blog luv

Tonight was good blog reading night. I don't keep these links on my webpage for nothing ya know?

Inside The Black Apple is pretty introspective in taking care and showing some love to your home. And not just Target and Ikea the hell out of it, but really making it homey and comfortable. I try to do that with my place. As much as my bedroom looks like a wreck, my bed is my favorite piece of furniture in the world. It's so fluffy and warm and secure. I love the way Emily writes, it feels like warm bread.

Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist wrote a post so close to heart for me. It made me think of my grandmother, Abuela as I always called her (spanish for grandmother). She passed away a few years ago but I still think of her often. She was considered the matriarch of my very small family. I can also relate being Puerto Rican but growing up being consider "not very" Puerto Rican at all...whatever. =P

Inspiration Engine has totally inspired me to go on a retreat, some place tropical. There are so many yoga retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica, it's a shame I don't take advantage of those but then again they are not cheap.

So yeah, good stuff! Check it out if they're not a regular on your blog list already. After the day I had today, it was nice to take a yoga class, come home and unwind reading entries like these.


My latest book review for "Polly" by Amy Bryant, has been posted at Just click here to read it. I love the tag lines they come up with for my reviews. I could never be that witty. Hope you enjoy!


I never thought I would see a celebrity fall as hard as Whitney Houston did after she married Bobby Brown. I stand corrected. Britney Spears definitely wears the crown, right on her bald head!!!. It's gonna take more than shaving your head to wipe this slate clean. Maybe it's suppose to be symbolic of starting over, a rebirth! Yeah right, I'm giving her too much credit.

All I know is that my place right now smells like fresh baked cake. I wish I could bottle this scent and sell it. I'm sure someone already has. When do we eat?!?

Happy Valentine's Day if that means anything to you.   I hate to say it but today, so far, has been a HORRIBLE day.  First, I am at work stuck in the middle of a blizzard.  I stayed with my parents in the city last night and it looks like I'm gonna have to stay there again tonight because all of the brilliant meteorologist are saying it's only going to get worse.  So that means I will not be with my boyfriend tonight.  I was looking forward to baking a cake for him.  Well the cake is gonna have to wait until tomorrow I guess. That is the problem with living in a suburb, your commute becomes such a pain in the ass.  I miss the days where I only had to rely on the subway and that's it.  Not a train, bus, subway, car ride, etc.  I dont' know how the roads are where I live so it's best to keep my driver off the road (no I do not have a drivers license which makes my life just a little more sucky).

My day job is starting to feel a bit overwhelming too.  I am writing this entry during my lunch break but I am anticipating someone knocking at my door any second asking for something. Someone in my department recently left so their work is being spread out to everyone else.  Right now, I am overworked and underpaid and I don't know when will be a good time to ask for more money because EVERYONE is feeling the burden right now and I don't want to present myself like I'm the only one.  I'm just in a very bad situation right now and not in a very good mood so I'm sorry if I couldn't come up with a more fluffy post today.  Or you can just go to today's entry at Cupcakes & Yoga, that's sort of fluffy.


Don't you hate when get craft supplies with an idea in mind for them but then you discover it may not work out? Not too long ago, I ordered these buttons from a lovely gal on Etsy. I ordered these with the intention of using them for cards or maybe gift tags. Once I got them though, I had a change of heart and I don't think these would work for stationary since the back of most of these buttons have a loop for stitching.


I'm not much of a sewer. I know they can be used for pendants or hairpins. Two things I have not tried to make yet but have thought about it. There is a nice How To for making a nice brooch in the latest issue of Adorn. Maybe I can test it out on something like that?


The instructions are pretty easy and a sewing machine is not needed (but would probably make the process go quicker). The ruffle panties are kinda cute too but that's a little too advance crafting for me. :)

More magnets posted @ the Etsy Shop!!!