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US Marines prohibit large tattoos

U.S. Marines Prohibit large tattoos I first read this last night and saw more about it on the news this morning. This struck such a nerve with me for a couple of reasons.

1)I have a few tattoos, my boyfriend has some pretty big tattoos, a lot of my friends are heavily tattoo, we are not bad people.  Doesn't anyone watch Miami Ink? Tattoos do not equal immoral people anymore.  Sure some bad folks have tattoos but there are bad folks without them too.  It is 2007 where chances are, YOUR MOM has a tattoo!  Everyone is getting them, it's not taboo anymore.  Then again, I live in New York where it's pretty liberal with the self-expression.   

2)The military is in no position to turn people away from joining right now.  It's bad enough they're not allowing openly admitted homosexuals to serve, but now they'll restrict someone for having a Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve? 

"Anyone caught with fresh ink in the wrong places could face up to two years in prison."

Two years?? Does anyone else think this is absolutely absurd???

They've invaded the workplace

Starbucks Coffee is now available in the company cafeteria at my job.  For $1.45 I can get the equivalent to a Grande size coffee. That's not bad right? I honestly never got regular coffee from Starbucks, I mean why would I? I'm all about the Skim Chai Lattes!!! I can get a regular cup of coffee off the street for a few cents.  Starbucks is a treat for me.  I can't have it every day or else I would be in the poor house.  Summer is coming soon and you know what that means?  I'm getting chubby just looking at it. 

Summer Reading

Happy Spring everyone (one day late), you know what this means? SPRING CLEANING!  And I'm doing a little bit of that myself.  I am *hoping* to get rid of some books on Ebay to some lucky gal, or guy....if he likes Chick Lit books because that's mostly what I'm auctioning off.  Check it out!  You know these books would make great summer-beach reading!

Everything else good otherwise?  I'm actually in a bit of a funk.  One of those What am I doing with my life! spells that hits me every now and then.  You know the feeling, when you think that life is too short to waste away in some office doing work you have absolutely no care or passion for, yup, that's kind of where I am right now. It's too bad finding a new apartment is a priority right now or else I would be SO out of here.

Thankfully, today is Friday for me as I'm taking tomorrow off to attend a friend's wedding, oh I hope I don't cry.

Rent vs Own

I don't wanna rent, I wanna own!

That is one of my favorite Master Shake quotes (Aqua Teen Hunger Force). As I grow to hate where I live more and more each day, you start to think about the options available to you when it comes to living space. I currently rent, and when my out of town friends find out how much I pay in rent for a 1BR, their jaws drop because New York (even in the suburbs) is ridiculously expensive. My rent in another state can probably get me a swank 3 BR in a nice neighborhood instead of what I have now, yuck. I almost miss living in the Bronx....almost.

At first I didn't even want to consider getting a Co-op because you don't really OWN it do you? As I look at my financial situation a little more I'm thinking maybe that might be the best bet for me? I don't know. Buying a home is SO intimidating and there's so much to think of that you probably are not considering when making the decision to buy. I feel like I'm throwing my money out of the window in rent but I don't have to worry about some of the expenses owning a home brings, is it worth it????  How do I get the money for just the down payment???

Waaah! I need someone to hold me!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Watching the parade right now and the viewing the commercials about visiting Ireland REALLY makes me want to go back and visit...

Photos taken by ME!

Maybe it's the part of Ireland I was in which was the western part, stayed in Lough Rea, but I really liked the slowed down pace, the friendliness of everyone and just the simplicity of everything. Not like here where too many people want to be a "bad/smart-ass" and drive gigantic vehicles and live in gigantic houses. It's also nice that Ireland is more green than the U.S. and I don't mean green like grass green, but the food and quality of the land is more pure and organic than here where we kind of ruin a lot of the land. But yeah, enough of that. The boyfriend is going to cook dinner tonight (corn beef, potatoes, and cabbage) and it's gonna be yummy!

Etsy Item Of The Day #9

Il_fullxfull It's been a while since I featured an Etsy item. Today I'll feature an Etsy seller, She makes lovely jewelry and other items such as ornaments, sun catchers and cellphone charms, all out of glass beads. Very pretty and skillfully crafted.  I just ordered a couple of pairs of earrings from her the other day and I can't wait to show them off!

Only Rock n Roll???

I wasn't planning on watching the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame last night but I did. Here are some thoughts.  It was like watching a tornado destroy a house.  It was pretty bad.  Its unfortunate that Van Halen couldn't get it together for just one night. However, Eddie Van Halen is a big time mess so cleaning yourself up takes priority over some bogus induction show.  Yeah, bogus. 

Velvet Revolver sounded SO friggin' good playing Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love but it was ruined by Scott Weiland's voice.  What the hell man? Was he on something? Don't let your ego get the best of you, you're not THAT great. Who does this guy think he is? You're a glorified recovering junkie.  I don't think you're going to leave that much of an impression in the music world once you die so get over it.  Slash on the other hand is AGELESS!

Peter Buck needs to take some Anger Management classes. You're getting a little too old to thrash your equipment on stage at a black-tie event. I don't care if it's not working.  But it was nice to see Bill Berry playing drums with REM again.

One more thing, I NEVER LIKED PATTI SMITH!!!! Do I lose punk points for saying that?

4 days late

Gee it has only been four days since my last entry but it feels like forever. Thats the crazy thing about blogs. If you don't update within two days, people will think you're dead. Allow me to poke my head in. The truth is I've been having too much fun updating Cupcakes & Yoga. The feedback I've been getting from it so far has been great and I love learning from others from their own yoga practice. I find myself revealing quite a bit about my insecurities and doubts and it is nice to know that others are relating to what I'm writing about. For the past five years, yoga has been a passion that just keeps getting stronger and stronger and I think I'm ready to take it to the next level. I'm about to update that blog once I'm done here. I'm a writing bandit! I'll leave the yoga yap for C&Y, here's a tip: The Black Dahlia is a movie that should be shown in Film School for the class titled "How NOT To Tell A Story". Can someone tell me what the hell was going on? I know the story but this movie was just chex-mix of info that just didn't flow. I'm still trying to figure out just what exactly that move was about.