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A day in the park

If you didn't get to join me in my lunchtime walk through Central Park today, and face it, you didn't, here are some photos I captured from my mid-day journey...

If you'd like to see more, I have a few more uploaded on my Flickr Account. It felt pretty peaceful walking around and shooting. This truly is an oasis in the middle of crazy midtown Manhattan. My mind felt pretty calm and my spirits were up. I need to venture out more during my lunch break. Usually I'm feeling lazy and don't leave my office. Central Park is literally 1 block away, a five minute walk! I should take advantage of this at my doorstep. The sun and outdoors would do me some good during the work week.

Mission Accomplished

Following up with my last entry, I made a pit stop to Daffy's looking for some Mother's Day gifts where lo and behold...


$12 and it was the last one in the store! So now my coffee table is clear and I am happy! Don't laugh at my National Allergy newsletter thingie. I got it from the doctor, it's been a bad season for me.'s Spring!

I came across a most lovely website, Unclutterer. It's a blog dedicated to getting organized and staying that way. This is something I always try to strive for. I was especially drawn to the reader question about magazine clutter. This hit very close to home to me, my coffee table to be exact.

I only have 2 magazine subscription, Yoga Journal which I keep every issue of, and Adorn Magazine. My place of employment is at a magazine that publishes weekly, which means I get to bring home a free magazine every week. Said employer also puts out a monthly travel magazine which I also bring home for free. The yoga studio I practice in gets freebie copies of Fit Yoga magazine, which I always make sure I grab a copy of. Also, from time to time I like to enjoy New York Magazine but not enough to get a subscription. So we're talking about 6 different magazines I bring home.

There is a corner on my coffee table that is a stack of magazines still waiting to be read by my boyfriend. It's not that he doesn't read them, it's just not quick enough to lessen the load as more zines come in.  This is driving me crazy.   It is an eyesore. I hate it, I want it to go away!  I've thought about baskets to keep under the table but I don't think that would look good.  I've thought about a little tote like the one pictured here to keep next to the couch. I have a place for my yoga magazines, it's in my a milk crate, a little tacky looking but it makes a hell of a magazine shelf!  No milk crates for the livingroom, I promise. Any other suggestions? 

Can I????

I drink a ton of coffee. I just finished a can of Cafe Bustelo. I'm wondering if I can maybe use the can to plant something. I'm thinking maybe punching a hole in the bottom, get some dirt and seeds and see if I can grow something nice. According to You Grow Girl, you can virtually use anything as a container. I don't see anything about coffee cans but it will do right????

VT Shooting

I didn't want to bring this up since once again the media is seriously going overboard with the coverage of the shooting.  I'm not cold hearted. I think it's terrible and the first day I was glued to the TV to find out what was going on.  A few days have passed and this morning while watching the Today Show was the first time I got annoyed with the media, where I thought, "Alright, now you're just being stupid." with their little segments, Coming up next, how to tell if your teenager is suffering from Depression.  If 50something years of having psychobabble drilled into our brains from a plethora of sources telling us about signs of depression doesn't tell you, then you shouldn't be a parent because you're clueless! 

It's information overload now.  Let us put under a microscope every kid and teenager who seems a little different from others.  Just to be on the safe side, lets pop some pills in them just to make sure they don't anything stupid. Sure.  I know the way a lot of people think and it's pretty stupid.  Plus, a lot of parents nowadays are soooo self-absorbed in their own lives that they don't even pick up on warning signs when it's right under their nose.  Mom is too busy spending money to look young and dad is working 14 hours a day to make the money for mom to spend.

What makes this whole thing even more dispicable is now they're continuously showing the killers photos, videos, and ramblings sent to NBC.  Don't they realize the damage they are doing just from showing this over and over? They're asking for copycats.   This kid was a copycat!   

Do you watch sports? Pro-wrestling?  Do you see what happens when a fan gets on the field or jumps in the ring? The camera cuts away immediately. You don't really see the scuffle between them and security. Why? Because they don't want to encourage this behavior from other pathetic losers dumb enough to do this.  And believe me they are out there! I guess it's different for news programs. Are network executives that evil?  Are they HOPING for more copycats to come out just to give them more meat to chew on? It just makes me shake my head.

You just can't make this up

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife" after he was caught having sex with the animal.

I cannot even come up with something whitty to say here.   I'm too floored by this story.  Why is this man alive? That is just cruel! He's obviously disturbed and forcing him to marry a goat is probably the least of his worries. Yikes! 

Another animal cruelty related thought, I started watching "Fat Pets" on Animal Planet last night and became so upset that I had to change the channel.  The two cases I saw were blatant cases of harming the pet, in this case dogs. The owners SAY they love their dogs but insist on feeding them stuff like cake and chocolate!  Mind you, the owners looked like they were about to drop dead themselves being pretty sloppy looking.  I just got so mad because I want a dog so badly but I'm unable to get one at this time and to see others just treat their dogs like toys or lazy little children just makes me wanna shake the hell out of them. Ok, end rant.

But, um, yeah, my Ebay Auctions are still going on.  Go get yourself a cute pair of earrings.

Rainy days bring pretty things...

Cooped up on a gloom and doomy day. I love being home on days like today. I do not feel guilty spending countless hours online and looking at inspirational imagery which lately has been interior-design-related. My ideal home would go along these lines...

  Pretty, pretty!

You want a pair!

It took most of the morning (good thing I took this week off!) but I finally finished posting some new auctions on Ebay.  They're all new earrings like these...

Of course there are more colors available.

View all my auctions here.

All proceeds will go to the Getting the Hell Outta Rockland County Fund

Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted and coming back with a "Give me money!" entry.  I took off this week from work, just to have a mental break and chill out. I took a few yoga classes, walked around Manhattan (alot) and my shins are killing me for it. What am I doing yoga for if my body still gets sore? Because I love it! :) Time for some left over lasagna!

Another journal?

Journal_2 I'm inspired! Thanks to today's entry over at decor8 where Holly asks if anyone keeps inspirational journals.  Now I have blogs, a livejournal, and a diary for actual writing but nothing visual.  I've kind of thought about it. I've heard about others doing it and thinking it's kind of cool.  After seeing the examples posted I'm thinking "Me do!" <--to quote my bf's adorable nephew.  I've been wanting to try something new and creative and it's a great excuse to hit the stationery shops! I'm all about the cut & paste! I'm just a journaling freak.  I love to just write about the most mundane things sometimes because if I don't, I feel like my brain will start throbbing. I'm sure no one cares about how good my turkey & avocado sandwich tasted but I feel good writing about it and that's what matters, me feeling good. That's right!

Table Garden

I must get my hands on this.  It is a Idyllic Table Garden I do not know when I will have a patch of land to test out my green thumb in, so this is the next best thing. Very zen-like!  I need a little bit of Zen in my life right about now. 

Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

I'm chanting.