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Kung Fu Girl

I had dinner with some friends Sunday night. Beforehand, they asked if they could bring anything so I told them wine. I'm not much of a wine person.  I had a bad encounter with a bottle of red once that turned my guts purple and inside-out, needless to say I avoid red wine now but I'll still have a glass of white wine if offered.  Again, I know NOTHING about wine, don't even know where to begin. So I tell my friend bring something white, fruity, and goes well with fish.  They show up with a bottle of Kung Fu Girl and I'm like 'WTF???' but I trust their judgement.

YUMMY!!!!!  Not only did I have a few glasses, but I didn't get sick afterward. I am such a light-weight now.  It is a rather unique looking label too.  There was recently a pretty nice write-up about it in the Chicago Tribune.  I'm thinking about keeping a bottle in the house, you know, in case of emergencies.

Enough with the Pillows!!!

The downside of online shopping. Sure you'll get a deal on something like say, a headboard, but how am I suppose to get an idea of how it looks if you have a bunch of pillows covering it?

No, there are no other images to view, this is it.  Are you selling a headboard or a bed in a bag?  Show me what's going on under there!

I have gone way too many years without a headboard and I've been wanting one forever.  Now that I got a somewhat new bed (only 9 months old), it needs to be prettified.

I'd like to get something with a vintage-cottage feel to it. Nothing contemporary art-deco-ish.

I won't be ordering this one. >:(


Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi

Last night I added some hair pins to le shoppe. I just wanted to try them out and see how they look. I think they're pretty cute. I still have some magnets to add and then CLEARANCE!!!

Anyone interested in cardstock? :) How about a magnet grab bag? Etsy lots coming soon!!!

Off the subject of Etsy, this week's issue of Newsweek has a G-R-E-A-T My Turn essay, Stop Setting Alarms on My Biological Clock. I think every woman needs to read it, actually men too because there are definitely some overwhelming father's out there as well that don't have a clue. I might have mentioned this before but I do not plan on having children and this essay sites a few of the reasons why. The author is not anti-children, she wants to have some of her own one day but she is putting that on hold until some changes are made.

Jane Folds

Jane_magazinethumb Oh boo hoo, Jane Magazine is folding.  Grant it, I feel bad for the folks who are out of a job but not that the world will be less one useless rag.  I outgrew Jane a couple of years ago. I started to get annoyed with the content.  I'm far from being a prissy prude but a guide on how to be a bad-ass is kind of corny. You either rock, or you don't.  It's a natural thing.  I don't need to bring out my inner-stripper or learn how to drink a guy under the table.  It just seemed immature after awhile.  It was just trying a little TOO hard.  When they changed Editors I thought it might change, did it? I never bothered to check it out again but whatever happened didn't seem to work.

In ME news, I'm eating a really yummy buffalo chicken wrap. I'm also coming up with new ideas for the Etsy Shop.  I'm thinking some necklaces and hair barrettes.  Of course more magnets!!! You gotta have magnets! I think I'm gonna retire the notepads though. I just haven't been into making them for a long while now. Looks like I'm gonna be getting rid of some funky paper real soon!  Speaking of Etsy, have you met Swirly Girl? She is my BEST customer!!!



And they look like they're ready to carjack you too.  Earl shaved his mustache for this?

I just came across this poster and did not want to wait to post this, don't ask why. Anyway, a more substantial update will come shortly.  There is some catching up to do.