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Going to the movies

I might have mentioned this somewhere on the internets, but I don't enjoy going to the movies. Don't misunderstand me, I love movies, especially horror movies although the last few years have been disappointing in the horror genre.

But let me not detract, I don't enjoy going to the movies because people are horrible, rude, inconsiderate creatures that only think of themselves and they ruin the movie-going experience for others. So it is not that often I get to see a film on a gigantic screen. I make a few exceptions if the movie is something I don't want to wait for Netflix to have. The last movie I saw was Pan's Labyrinth and that wasn't bad. I try to go at times or theaters where I don't expect that much trouble.

This weekend I'm gonna have to venture out again for:


I *heart* Rob Zombie and everything he does. The man can do no wrong, I don't care what anyone says. I loved his first two movies. I understand why he went ahead and decided to do a remake for a film that has been butchered (no pun intended) and bastardized so badly over the years. Zombie is not like some of these other young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed horror directors that grew up watching MTV and playing video games. I don't think I will be disappointed. Horror movies have become such a joke. I know there was ALWAYS corny horror films but there was charm to them. There is something about the new breed of horror that is just obnoxious and even boring. They try to be sarcastic and smart-assy but it fails and instead makes me want to hit the "Eject" button. I don't care how the move ends! I'll always miss the days of 70's and 80's horror movies, the pre-cgi effects, the cheesy makeup and puppets. I want that back!!!

I need more confidence, just a lil' more

This morning I received TWO emails from two different people telling me about the BUST MAGAZINE 2007 CRAFTACULAR and that they are now accepting vendors for this holiday event. They're telling me I should sign up. Of course there is a part of me saying "Yeah! Go for it!!!! It'll be fun! But then the larger part of my brain points out the following:

  • It's $225 for a table!  
  • Your time management can be pretty bad outside of your day job. How will find the time to make enough goodies?
  • You have to figure out a nice setup too! Signs, tags, displays, something eye-catching to draw folks over to you. When will I have time to prep all of that???

See? I'm just FULL of excuses. I would like to try a craft fair one day soon, just to see what it is like but I think I want my first time to be with someone else who may be more experienced and have them willing to let me use a corner of their booth to show my little things. I am getting more confident in the stuff I do but I don't know, I think this event might be TOO big for me to handle on my own. I've never even been to a Bust event! I've been to Renegade and that's pretty cool. I guess you've been to one you've been to them all?

Right now I am wrapping up some items I am sending out to this CUTE online boutique that I plan to consign with.  It will be my first consignment so we'll see how that will work out.  I'm looking to branch out of my Etsy bubble a bit. First DaWanda now this consignment, the next logical step would be to take it to the streets I suppose.

I'm all over the place, stay with me!

click me to see more!

Yeah, I hammered a couple more necklaces out. Even though I was thinking about retiring the notepads, I've been in the mood to make some more. They make great stocking stuffers no?

Summer colds = suck!

I'm fighting REALLY hard to not get full-blown sick. The weather has been sooo wacky lately between the autumn like weather and 90 degree sticky humidity, my body is freaking out! So I have a bit of a sniffle and an itchy throat and it's right at the border of Is it a cold or is it allergies? I could never tell.

A friend posted something about this on MySpace and I'm a bit shocked, Owen Wilson tried to commite suicide. Actually scratch that, I'm not shocked. He's a horrible actor, I never liked him or his ugly nose but he's still got a pretty good career right? I mean it's not like he's on the D-List by any means. I know there is usually more to it than success.  Unfortunately, if he thought he had it hard before, it's only going to get worse now that he's going to be put under a microscrope by all the entertainment rags and be made the butt of jokes for late night television.

More shop updates

Here's the latest batch, click the thumbnail for the item description...
Let me just say that I LOVE the octopus necklace. He's so awesome! There's more to come but I don't want to post everything in one shot, plus I'm lazy. I am excited about one pendant I put together using different charms. It's got a "Day of the Dead" kind of feel to it. I did get more kissing birds but I'm waiting for the ball chains to arrive in the mail. My first necklace was snatched up in no time thanks to one of my LiveJournal friends.

Spreading the word

Yup! I have been a Pulp Sushi Networking Machine! When I moved into my new place, I also decided to take this crafting business a little more seriously, if I hope to make ANY spare change out of it. I have been all over the internet looking for places to join, to promote, to network. While it is fun, it's A LOT of work. I mentioned previously that this is like a second part-time job for me. A second job that makes less than minimum wage might I add. Anyway, I am happy to report that thanks to someone in the Indiepublic group, I have been introduced to DaWanda. I set up a shop there yesterday and by last night I made two sales!!!

Dawanda_logo_250 I'm still very new to the site and still trying to figure out my way around it. DaWanda is like Etsy only based in Berlin, Germany. I'm pretty sure the site itself is still relatively new too but there are some pretty cute items. So here's my link for that: Some of you sellers may want to look into this too. 

I've also submitted links to: and because you can only rely on Google SO much.

The Perfect Jeans

I have to share my excitement with everyone.

Yesterday I was on a mission to find the perfect pair of jeans. Like most clothes, this can be a challenge...too tight here, too loose there, just not flattering. I refuse to have a "muffin top". I had a list of places to check out and they all flopped except for one. The very last place I went to right before giving up, Henry Lehr in Nolita. This is now my new FAVORITE store! I was the only one in the shop and the two guys working there were very helpful. I couldn't believe it, I wanted to hug them both. I don't actually have my new pair of jeans in my possession yet as they were a bit long. One of the guys is the taylor so he's gonna take up the length a little. They will be ready on Monday. It is the most money I've ever spent on a pair of jeans but it's damn friggin' worth it!

In business-related news, my pretty bird necklace was snatched up so quickly! So in turn, I got a few more yesterday in some different colors and I hope to add to them to the shop soon.  I think tonight I'll be working on some more magnets in the meantime.  I've come to accept that even though crafting is a hobby, I take it seriously enough to consider a part-time gig right now.  I know me, I'm totally into this 500% but I'll hit a wall soon and take a break from it.  However, the holidays are fast approaching and I know last year that was a really busy time for me so I better be ready for it.


Megan from Fleeting Moments ordered some prints from my shop not too long ago and today she emailed me showing them on display in her meditation room.  First I must say that I'm jealous I don't have enough space for a meditation room, and second I am beyond flattered and humbled.  Check out these gorgeous photos of her room...

Peace3 Peace2 Peace

Etsy Update

I'm like Crazy Eddie and gone INSAAAAANE!!!

Let me guess, some of you are too young to know to who Crazy Eddie is, whatever.  This also applies to the marble grab bag as well.  Yup, I'm ready to stink up my place with some Bond 527.

Here's something else I made last night, just to take a stab at creating some rockin' earrings.  Depending on how these do, maybe I'll make some more in other colors.

That is IT!

Gallery_william_zabka_1 My latest passionate hate is this...

Guys (and girls) wearing their stupid collars turned up.  When did I wake up into a Karate Kid movie??? I know some folks are loving this whole Retro 80s Fashion fad but I am <b><u>hating</u></b> it so much!!!! I want to be put in a coma until it passes.   There is a man, a grown man, at my job who dresses like this now.  He's old enough to have dressed like this the FIRST time around.  He's trying to look like William Zabka, you know William Zabka, he was the village in a bunch of 80s teen movies, like <b>Just One of the Guys</b><---one of my favorites. But enough is enough! I bet Zabka doesn't even dress like that anymore!

Om Face pendant

  Om Face pendant 
  Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi

My niece was born healthy and as cute as a little pea Friday afternoon. I already love being an aunt, but I'm sure I'll love being an aunt of two little girls even more.   Maybe when they get a little older I can show them the ways of the DIY lifestyle.

Speaking of which, I added some pendants and barrettes to the Etsy Shop today so stop on by,  browse, pick up something nice. It is "Back to School" season after all.   Correct me if I'm wrong but when I was younger,  I don't remember retailers getting on the BTS announcements in the middle of JULY!