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Must Contain!!

In case you didn't see it on MySpace, I have some Ebay Auctions going on. Nothing I have made but still cute stuff to show off.

Speaking of spending money, I had some time to kill yesterday before my dentist appointment and I stumbled upon The Container new FAVORITE store. It's like Crate & Barrel meets Ikea. I walked out of there with an organizer for my socks/underwear drawer because I got fed up with going in there not being able to find my other sock. I also got a cute little 3-drawer box for my makeup:

It may be too small for some of you but it's just right for me! I must go back to get something to store my jewelry in. My jewelry box can't close anymore because I have so much in it. It doesn't help that I keep making stuff to sell and end up making one for myself.

Updates and escaping death

New stuff added, click above to check them out.

I almost got ran over by not one but TWO taxi cabs this morning. I was paying attention, the drivers just didn't care. When the city shuts down certain streets for the big UN summits, everyone else drives around like a madman, moreso than usual that is. Oh well, I made it to work in one piece. Now go buy something. :)

My Dream Bedroom

I'm taking a page out of Making It Lovely and put this little piece together.  It was kind of fun. I should do an entire dream house but I might get depressed at how much money all the stuff would cost. I am fixing to get that headboard....this weekend. No more headboardless beds for me!


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My weekend of gambling left much to be desired. At least I didn't LOSE that much money, you always gotta look at the bright side. I love going to Mohegan Sun, it is much, much better than Foxwoods. Foxwoods just seems cheesy to me and a bit of a downer. Plus, I finally realized that Foxwoods is just a bad luck spot for me. I don't think I'll be going back there.

Soooooooooooo I saw Heaven & Hell and Alice Cooper Friday night at Mohegan Sun (hence me being at the casino). It was a great show, not the best looking crowd but I got over it. H&H was good but Alice? W-O-W! It was the best I've seen of him yet, maybe because it was an arena show but he sounded awesome, his performance was awesome, his band was tight. Face it, he stole the night. Sabbath did their best to follow up but the sound was a bit off. Dio's voice was still amazing and I'm so glad I finally got to hear him live.

So yeah, if Alice Cooper is playing in your city you MUST see him, even if you're not familiar with his music, he puts on such an amazing theatrical show. Dead babies, monsters, executions? Now that's what I call a show!!!  The first two times I saw him, he got his head cut off, this last time he was hung. Now I just need to see him get electrocuted, maybe next time? :)

Etsy Item Of The Day #11

With my recent Etsy sales, I wanted to treat myself to something nice. Sooooo I ordered some eye shadow samples from I was just playing around with them in the bathroom and I'm in love! The colors in order (l to r) "Blackened Rose, Mmm...Brains!, Gangrene".  I am particularly fond of the Gangrene.

AND IT COMES IN A MINI-COFFIN! That alone is worth the order!!! Go check out Melissa and Xiane treats!

The latest and more!

New items added yesterday, go take a looksie. Also, Pulp Sushi now has it's own MySpace account so now my personal can remain personal. If you wish to add, click here and you will get a new friend! :)

So to my word I saw Halloween Saturday and I enjoyed it. It pretty much was what I had expected, and believe me it wasn't THAT much. I mean it doesn't restore my faith in horror movies but it was refreshing. I don't want to give anything away but if you're curious about it, it doesn't hurt to check it out. Fair warning it is pretty bloody and gruesome. I know some folks are squeemish about those things.