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Color by numbers

I have so much to share, I don't know where to begin, I'll just number it:

1)You can now read the piece I have written for on Ali J ( I really enjoyed getting to know her and enjoy looking at her wonderful art. Click the image to read:

2)I went to see Type O Negative and Lordi Monday night, I could not have picked a better show to go to at Halloween time. They were both so incredibly good I can't stand it. It is not often I go to concerts anymore (I use to go all the time) but as I get older, the back starts to hurt after a couple of hours standing around and I generally don't like to be in large crowds, especially if it's other pathetic types who use concerts as an excuse to get high/drunk and act like a jerk and try to ruin it for everyone else. But I got over that and it turned out to be a fun show.

3)Naturally I took off yesterday and ended up doing an insane amount of shopping...the guilt hasn't set in yet.

4)Don't forget to check out the Indie Collective Holiday Guide! I'm even mentioned in the Blog Buzz! Sweet.

5)Last and certainly not the least, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Let the Holiday Shopping Begin!!!

GOOD NEWS! The Indie Collective 2007 Holiday Gift Guide is out! Guess who has a spot under "Accessories"?

Yup! There's me featuring my pinup girls, how exciting!!! So why not click this cute little button below and start browsing all the great listings?

And what perfect timing! Have you checked out It is a website devoted to folks looking to pledge to make handmade item purchases for the holidays and always really. Click below to find out more and to check out others who have taken the pledge and view their shops.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Seriously, there are SO many great shops to support. I'm going to do my best to do my part although there are some people in my life where it might be kind of difficult to shop for outside of a big name store, it's a shame.

Last but not least, you don't need to do all of your shopping online. A whole bunch of neat craft fairs are coming up and I'm happy to say that Pulp Sushi is a sponsor for the 1st Annual Handmade Parade brought to you by the Norfolk Craft Mafia. No I won't be there selling (maybe next year) but I wanna get the word out if you are in the area of Norfolk, VA the weekend of November 10th, this is worth checking out as a lot of very cool folks will be there. Click this flier for a list of vendors...


I check my site tracker pretty regularly so I can see where others are coming from. For the life of me, I still do not understand this...

Do you see it? I wrote about *that* on my old blog and I even went and deleted any previous mentions of it in Typepad. At least I think I did, is there something I missed? It's driving me nuts!!!!! Sure I love the show but come on now!!!

Don't you DARE mention said name as a comment or you will be SHUNNED from my website!

Shop Updates and a new top!


I'm pretty excited, I'm coming back from my hiatus (not that I was planning to take one, it just happened) and I'm working on a piece for them for an artist who I've grown to like really quickly. I love her story and her art is too cute but I'm still not saying WHO until it's published, but I'm pretty stoked about it.

I'm also stoked about my latest purchase from Etsy, it's a shirt from Narnell Clothing & Apparel. I'm going to a concert next Monday and I'm planning on wearing this, it's just TOO CUTE!

Happy Monday!

Kissinggrn2 The birdies are back! I just added this necklace today, go see!

You know how those Chinese take-out containers are soooo popular now? They come in funky colors and patterns, I have a couple at home I was saving for Christmas. I was thinking about maybe doing something with those in the shop. Kind of like a grab bag of magnets (5), earrings, bracelet, buttons and charge $18-20 for it. A "Pulp Sushi Take Out!" box if you will. I gotta think about it some more.

I can't believe I stayed up and watched the entire playoff game. I'm a New Yorker, what do I care if the Red Sox win? Well I figure if a NY team can't make it to the World Series, my second favorite city might as well.


Oh Target, why do you tempt me so with your FREE SHIPPING on orders $50 or more on women's apparel and accessories....with your Isaac Mizrahis and Hollywould Collection.  You know I'm weak for shoes:


and more shoes


Lately I've been looking for NON-BLACK shoes, it's not as easy as it sounds.  Oh, the polkadots don't count either.  The holidays are fast approaching and I must not be so selfish in thinking of what I want. Oh wait, my birthday is in December too.


I'm just confuzzled!

Baby_cheEarlier this month was the 40th anniversary of the death of Ernesto Guevara, or "Che".  Who???? That guy on the shirt!!! OOOOH!!! Yes, I refuse to believe that all the teenagers and young folk who wear a shirt, carry a bag, wear a patch of his face actually KNOW who he is.   

I read the BEST editorial today in the local paper, here are some excerpts from it:

For someone responsible for so many deaths, it’s ironic Guevara got his nickname by calling those around him pal or “che.” But even more ironic are hipsters who proudly wear Che T-shirts as if privy to some political knowledge average Americans are too stupid to grasp.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Che’s death, I propose donating a copy of “Economics for Dummies” to every caviar-communist and hipster/artist sporting a Che Guevara T-shirt. Maybe if they understood the simple basics of how free markets promote human dignity much more effectively than imposing an egalitarian society through violence, they’d think twice before getting behind another totalitarian sociopath.

If you're interested in reading the whole piece, click here, it's the piece called "Che What?"

Then I read another article about China threatening the US over the Dalai Lama's visit and it makes my head spin.  Issues like these make me wish I could stop the world and jump off.  China has failed SO many times in making HH out to be some trouble-making, nutjob...that would be Che. Dalai Lama=Good Guy, Che Guevara=not so good.  Or to geek it up a notch if you're into X-Men......Dalai Lama is Professor Xavier while Che is Magneto....only Che is dead so there goes that.

So in the interest of making a quick buck, I added some stuff to the Etsy Shop.

Etsy Item Of The Day #12

I just love when I come across an item that is generally used for one purpose but someone geniously discovers a new use for it.  Kind of  like Etsy Item #10.  This time....

Recearring A Recycled Record EARRING Holder by RetroGrandma. Not interested in a Snow White record? That's ok, she also has Madonna, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Strawberry Shortcake.   She doesn't just use them for earring holders (although I feel like this is a GREAT idea), she also used them for purses.  She also has other vintage treasures to have fun with.

feEbay time!

Blkear Oh what's this? More Ebay Auctions? You don't say! I timed my auctions poorly last time where they ended 8:30 on a Monday morning. So my "watchers" didn't get a chance for that last minute SWOOP!

I had to leave negative feedback for someone for the very first time in my Ebay history (nine years). I don't feel bad. They were new and had 0 feedback. Don't bid unless you understand how Ebay works. Probably some dumb kid thinking they were playing some dumb online video game. I blame everything on dumb kids.

I've been coming across some wonderful, lovely, awesome handmade items by others that I just can't keep hush about but they deserve a proper entry and not as an afterthought. Coming soon!