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Random Thoughts bulletized!

  • Why does the the work day get slower the later it gets? The mornings seem to fly by!
  • I'm getting a little tired of looking at my PINK website.  Nothing wrong with pink, but I think it's time for a change.
  • Why can't people pay for an item as soon as they purchase it???? Learn how to shop online people!!!
  • I cancelled my VOX account. I keep forgetting that I have one.  One less website to worry about.
  • I really need to starting bringing in my own lunch to work.
  • Next year I must make the Christmas shopping progress less painful. I say this every year and it does get better I guess.
  • Although I am still waiting for one item to be shipped for my mom.  I'm getting worried. I should have received it by now, grrrr!
  • I desperately need a new pair of glasses. I don't have eye coverage so I gotta look for deals, but I want really snazzy glasses because I'm a snazzy gal.

New York Christmas

Well that sale went well, especially if you live in Canada! Even though the free shipping offer is over, doesn't mean you still can't take advantage of the regularly priced LOW shipping cost. The shipping deadlines are fast approaching!

So I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I am thankful to say that I did. I was in good company, had good food, and caught up on some much needed rest. I didn't go to my yoga class last week so I hope I'm not too rusty when I go this evening.

One of these days, I have to bring my camera with me to work and take pictures of what I see when I walk through the streets of Midtown. I see the tree at Rockefeller ready to be lit, the big department stores getting their window displays ready, even some office buildings go BIG with the decoration (see this image I found on Flickr). I'm usually a Scrooge but this year I'm feeling a bit jolly.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I am not stepping foot out of the house today except for maybe some groceries. You will not see me on the news tonight trampling over others at the Shopping Mall. Nope. Not me! I am offering FREE SHIPPING from today until Monday. Definitely take advantage, especially International buyers!! Ok, that's enough for now. :)

Mucha Lucha!

Lucha1More buttons added to my Etsy shop.  I'm especially excited because the latest are Lucha Libre buttons which lately I've developed an odd fascination for.   The whole culture of Mexican wrestling aka Lucha Libre is very different than the "sports entertainment" we have here.  I find it more fun and interesting and the masks are just COOL! Plus, masked wrestlers have to leave their masks on at all times, even when they go to the supermarket, even after they retire and take on a regular job.  I've seen pictures of priest and politicians still wearing their mask.  Crazy!!

Also, the artwork is by my boyfriend Senor Muerto!  If Vanessa can have Mr. Lovee, I can have Senor Muerto. :)  I hope to feature more items showing off his talents.  It's long overdue.

Late Sunday Stroll

This color is the reason why the Fall is my favorite time of the year. This tree is next to my apartment.


This angle is funny because it wasn't that chilly out yet it looks like my face is wrapped in my scarf.

A Black Apple for my tree

I usually don't bother when Emily from The Black Apple has a shop update because usually all of her new items (ie: dolls, original pieces, pins) will sell out in lightning speed. That changed when I found out she was going to sell just a small handful of these....


God dammit I had to have one. She annouced she'd have an update at 2:00 today. So I sat at my computer 1:58 pm hitting the refresh button until that sucker popped up and I snatched. Didn't even look at the price. It could have been $768 for all I knew. It wasn't thankfully and I scored one. Yay! I can't wait to have it on my tree!

In other news, I glued WAY too many marbles last night that my head is still spinning. I think I should start wearing a mask, or at least a bandanna around my face to filter out the fumes. I'll be adding those maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Ginger Lea

Ginger Lea
Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi

I am sooooooooo drained. I'm so tired. I wish I could just stop everything and rest. Maybe sleep for a day or two and restore my body. I feel like I'm falling apart and my yoga practice might be making me feel worse instead of better.  Yes that is possible. I may have to take it down a notch.

I'm worried that I might have TOO much in my Etsy shop. I'm up to five pages and I'm thinking no one will look past Page 2. I was going to take a break in January but I'm thinking I might push that up sooner.

I guess I'm feeling a little frustrated that I'm struggling to keep up with everyone. It is so easy to get lost in the shuffle. I think the gloomy weather today has gotten to me. Or maybe it's this time of the year that brings out the worst in me.

I did add new magnets today. I'm using different kinds of magnets this time, they're smaller and a helluva lot stronger.


Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi

I just decided to do this over my lunch break because, why not?


I'm offering free shipping (and low shipping outside of the U.S. & Canada) on all Kissing Swallow Bird necklaces so check it!  I really hope to clean out my inventory by the time I take my little break in January so there will be deals a plenty!

*Not meant to be a typo, it is now an actual word! Aqua Teen says so. I love ATHF.

On a sidenote, I am wearing a lovely brooch by Amanda Bel on my new black Corduroy blazer and it just looks SO cute! I wish I took a picture of it, maybe later.

Shout out to Indiepublic!

Awww Indiepublic!!!!

What a great community to be a part of. I joined Indiepublic back in August of this year after reading about it on Etsy. It's a very helpful, non-catty (can you believe it?!?!?!), online community. I try to help out others as much as I can since I received so much from others. Not that I'm some super expert on the art of selling crafty treats. I still don't understand the whole tax stuff but lets not talk about that right now, my right eye will start twitching.

Today is a "Friday" for me. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow. The only thing I have planned at the moment is to step out in the morning for coffee, breakfast, and a NY Times. Bring it all home and just veg out. Reading the NY Times is a treat for me, I don't read it every day or else I would be in the poorhouse. I don't even want to watch television because daytime TV sucks.  I don't watch soaps, don't care for talk shows, court shows, all the Law & Order reruns.  Oh if only TMC or AMC would show some nice classics during the day and not A Few Good Men for the gagillionth time.

This morning on the way to work, I finished reading the cutest novel,

Look, I have a serious weakness for some Chick-Lit alright? The last couple of books I've read have been so-so but this one was fun.  It's a thriller-humor-chicklit-fluff. Just perfect!!

Did we have an Autumn? It's FREEZING outside right now!!