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A Monday ME Entry

Chaosconcept Wow! It is not often I get a decent lunch from my work cafeteria anymore.  Today I am having smothered chicken with spinach and it's damn friggin' good! Question, what makes a chicken smothered?  Is it just the act of drowning it in gravy?  The spinach is awesome. I only got into spinach maybe less than a year ago. I can't believe I've deprived myself of it.  Now if only I could get my boyfriend into eating it. I have to give him credit, he has turned me on to eating foods I would never have eaten before as well as being more health-conscious of what I eat (although yoga helps that too). I'm still bad every now and then, like tonight I plan to have left over buffalo pizza for dinner. Yup.

Have you visited The Chaos Concept?  It looks like Oscar made an appearance, you go boy!  I did some work on a couple of octopus plates yesterday and *hopefully* I can debut their new look soon. I am just waiting to see how they dry, oh yes, there was some moistness involved in their makeover.

Friday Etsy Finds - Sunnybuick

This week's FEF was introduced to me by a long time LiveJournal friend who frequents the land of Etsy, not to mention she finds some great stuff. But enough about her, let's get to this week's find!!!!


I'm sure I mentioned this in the SwallowKisses entry but I'll say it again, I love, love, LOVE me some tattoo art!!!  If I had the funds, I would be covered and some of those pieces would be artwork by Sunny Buick.  I would also ask her to do the tattoo, as she is also a wonderful tattoo artist.

Sbuick3 Sbuick1

In her Etsy shop you can find original paintings, prints, dolls and buttons.  She is a published artist and a contributing writer to several art and tattoo magazines.  She currently lives in Paris but don't let the concern of International Shipping deter you as it is very affordable.  You can check out more of her art and tattoo work on her website,


WHAT?????  Ricky????

I think I'm going to cry now.  It's not that I think he's a bad person, he just needs to develop some thick skin if he plans on becoming some big time designer, I don't care what his resume looks like.

When they said what the challenge was going to be last night on Project Runway, I yelled at my television "BORING!!!!!!" The whole episode was product placement for Levi's 501 so the designers  had to construct an outfit using all Levi's denim.   Once again, my favorite did not disappoint me:


But Rami did not win either, but Ricky did! RICKY!!! Ok, his outfit wasn't bad but Rami's and Christian's were better. It turns out the challenge wasn't so boring afterall. I wish they had this challenge when Kevin was still there. He would have rocked it! But yes, Ricky won the challenge and as a result, this will be available (for a limited time only) at Levi's website....


I think I'll pass. This outfit is not meant for curvy gals.

My Take on Heath Ledger

I gotta level with you here, the only Heath Ledger film I've seen was 10 Things I Hate About You. I never cared to see any of his other films and I'm not going to start now.  I have been looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight.  So I'm not going to make it seem like he's one of my favorite actors or something.  Sure I was still shocked when I heard about his death. Any time you hear about a celebrity death it's a bit of a shock, even when it's expected like Anna Nicole Smith.  Hell, the AP is already prepping Britney Spear's obituary. It would be so tragic if it turns out it was accidental, which they are speculating, I hope it was an accident. I feel horrible for the little girl who has lost her father.


MY Etsy Update

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I mentioned my own Etsy shop (it was only last week) but it is time for another update. I added some more Little Lady Keychains...

A couple of neat Valentine's Day gift ideas...

Or maybe you're not into the lovey dovey stuff, everyone loves pirates!!!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and stayed warm!!! Have some Hot Cocoa for me!

Friday Etsy Finds - Needlings

It is time to end your week with some more cuteness.  This week I wanted the FEF to be more kid friendly (which is very out of character for me but I'm in a good mood).   What can be more safe that plushies?


These adorable little creatures are created and handstitched by Heather from (Hamilton, Ontario).  Each one comes with a name tag and story so you can get to know them a little better and love them just a little more.  You can even wear them!


You can follow Heather and her blog

PR Bullets


I do not have much to say about last night's episode. I *get* the whole avant-garde couture but at the same time I don't get it. 

Another of my favorites, Kit, was eliminated but I understand why. She didn't fully embrace the challenge and someone with her creativity could have gone crazy-nuts with it but she didn't for whatever reason.

Why is Ricky still there?

I felt sorry for Sweet Pea.  She was soooo excited to be paired up with Rami but it turned into a nightmare, tears included.  I liked her ready-to-wear dress. I may think she's a flake but I still believe she makes the clothes I would most likely to wear.

Rami is still my favorite, even though he's thick-headed.

I refuse to comment on Christian.  I just don't like him but he makes good television, I'll give him that.

Chris is kind of growing on me. I guess since he was given a second chance, he's not screwing around this time.  Wouldn't it be something if he actually wins this thing???

Polyvore Anyone?

Today has been one of those days where you ask, "Why did I get out of bed????" But now it is lunch time and thanks to Miss Cedar of Indulgences, I found a new site to play with.  I put these outfits together myself...

The second set was suppose to be called "Geek Chic" but it turned into some Smurfette outfit, but I still like it. Go add me as a contact!

I need to get more hats and dresses in my wardrobe.  Fashion on the brain has me prepped for Project Runway tonight! Look forward to more Polyvore sets every week. :)

In With The NEW!

Like the sign says! A bunch of new items have been added to the shop.  If you are into funky, kitschy necklaces, you better go check it out! There is still more to be added. I'm just happy to be back into the swing of things.


That is just a small sample.  I also added this cute little item....


Her name is Susie and she wants to come home with you. She even wore her special blue eyeshadow for you.  More of these will be added to the shop shortly.