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New at Pulp Sushi (Etsy)

More earrings have been added in the last couple of days...


This past Friday I went to a bead show in the city, can you tell? :) It was my first time attending one of these and overwhelming is actually an understatement.  How I still managed to walk out of there with money in my pocket shows that I do have some will power.

Also, can someone write me a bio...on me? I hate writing about myself. I never know what to say without sounding straight up boring and lame.

More photo updates

Once again I decided to retake some photos of some items in my shop. I have two sushi necklaces that I am just crazy about and I've received good feedback from them, but the images were...I don't know....


It wasn't fair, how could I do this to them? I previously talked about the use of natural light for shooting your items, but how about adding props?

Nothing too crazy, just something to give it a little more personality, a reflection of who you are and how your mind works.  Don't be afraid to take a step outside of the box.

Friday Etsy Finds - KillTaupe

Alas, we end this kooky, Lowbrow FEF month with KillTaupe. Jason comes from "the land of strip malls and mcmansions, better known as Metro Detroit".  Etsy kind of beat me to it by making him the featured seller March 7, 2008 but whatever, I've had this entry saved since the end of February, no lie.


I love dysfunctional craziness presented in bright, colorful ways. KillTaupe offers originals at VERY affordable prices along with prints, magnets, and stickers. All featuring manic rabbits, zombies, cracked-out cupcakes, and more!

Killtaupe3 Killtaupe2

Please save this man from going completely mad and pay him a visit. He might accept payments in Red Bulls.

Show Me Your Wall - My Aim Is True

I have admired Amber's eye for design for a while now. I hope she doesn't think I'm a stalker. I remember seeing photos of her craft room and I started day dreaming that that was MY craft room. But I digress, naturally I reached out to her to share what kind of artwork this talent shows off in her home.


The vintage print is from a thrift store but the other two are by Renee Garner of Wolfie & the Sneak. You can view her stuff here.

Speaking of stalking.....


  • Delicious Days poaches an egg. Have you seen this site? It's pretty neat.
  • Kitty Genius is back from NYC, pictures!!!
  • Door Sixteen has the hassle of redoing their bathroom but look at the fun colors considered for the tub!
  • Steven's Happy Accidents has some more wonderful vintages finds at his shop.
  • Tokyo Bunnie features an awesome Etsy seller.

  • Show Me Your Wall - RuralAbandon & Janeofalltrades

    Here's a treat!  How about a two-fer Show Walls exhibit for today.  First we will start with...


    RuralAbandon is Kelly's Etsy shop where she sells gorgeous, excellently crafted jewelry.  So what does Kelly have for us (it's a fascinating story)?

    First is a shot of one wall in my studio. The large picture is oil on paper done by Armenian artist Ashot Avagyan. I purchased 4 paintings from his studio in Sissian, Armenia. His paintings have rich textures and color and symbols found in ancient petraglyphs in the mountains near his home. The second picture in the shot is a painting done by a 6 year old child from Aparan, Armenia. This painting was part of a collection that toured the United States in the 80's during a Soviet and American Youth Art exchange.

    In the late 90's I worked for an organization that organized the exchange and we were able to decorate our offices with art from the collection. Sadly CONNECT/US-RUSSIA (the organization) closed its doors this past year and I went back to the formal farewell party and the Director let me take some of the art home with me. This was one of the pictures I had in my office when I worked there. I have a few others displayed in my house as well...I just love them!

    The second photo was purchased at the Art Market in Yerevan, Armenia. The artist is A. Vahramian and it was painted in 2003. His work is whimsical with textural details. I lived in Armenia for almost 4 years and was in heaven due to the sheer number of great artists selling affordable art.

    Learn more about Kelly at her blog Indie Insider.


    Melisa runs Jane Of All Trades where she sells really tasty goodies as well as retro, kitchy accessories.  I've been LiveJournal friends with her for a looooooooooong time and whose photography I enjoy looking at.


    It's not much, because it's a narrow wall, but I chose it because it is one artist for both pieces.  Both models are covered in milk and this wall is in my kitchen.  The artist name is Elisa Lazo de Valdez and her work can be found here:

    I really love her work and have about 5 pieces hung in my house and have to frame one or two more, still.

    Friday Etsy Finds - Rapscallion Design

    The FEF this week is another Low Brow artist that depicts their art on canvas and on clothing, Rapscallion Design based out of "Medicine Hat" Alberta, Canada - gotta love that name!

    Rapscall1 Rapscall2 Rapscall3

    I swiped this from their MySpace profile...

    Sure robots are fast and dont talk back, but wouldn't it help you sleep at night to know that your clothes were printed by hand, the hand of the person that actually designed them? Well have we got a deal for you. Our clothing is printed by hand, the hand of the person that actually designed them! Looks like you'll be able to kick that sleeping pill dependency once and for all.

    Coming soon to the Etsy shop will be jewelry and more one of a kind items.

    Flickr Faves 03.20.08

    Flickr Favorites 03.20.08

    1. redandjonny, 2. Or perhaps tea?, 3. Blue and Red - @ Shibuyan Groma, 4. Doggy Cliché, 5. Tainted Love (finished), 6. 129/365, Heart in my Mouth, 7. Miracles come in small sizes, 8. coffee break , 9. to the hop, 10. yeahhh!, 11. Lick me!, 12. Ume in Sugamo, 13. cheap thrill $$$$$, 14. blues and reds, 15. redandjonny, 16. new_shoes, 17. Untitled, 18. 4th dimension, 19. living dolls, 20. Hug-A-Cupcake, 21. Mini Steamed Cakes - 碗糕粿, 22. A Meeting of the Minds, 23. Uncle Fezter and the Fez Girls, 24. mmmmmmm donut, 25. ★ Stripeeeeeeee zebra ~ Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

    Do you know what kind of plant this is?

    I purchased this plant about a week ago and unfortunately, there wasn't a little tag in the pot to tell me the name of the plant or the care. I asked the woman at the nursery about how to care for it but silly me didn't care to ask for the name.

    Can anyone enlighten me? I thought I only needed to water once a week but I'm noticing some of the tips are turning yellow which means I'm watering too much or too little. Why are plants so difficult?!?!???!


    Dieffenbachia maculata

    Show Me Your Wall - A Fanciful Twist

    There is an ongoing art theme for today.  How exciting to have my fairy Blog Mother take part.  Here is Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist.

    Vanessa_valencias_wall_6 Vanessa_valencias_wall_5

    The wall with the four plates holds a small portion of my John Derian Collection.  LOVE HIM!

    Vanessa_valencias_wall_1_2 Vanessa_valencias_wall_3_2

    The wall With The Black Apple treasures holds the following.

    From left, top to bottom. Left column:  Top, Emily Martin Original.  Bottom, "Be Warned" Vintage Mixed Media art box, created by an artist who made these in the sixties, as part of some huge art movement.  I am told they were known to be combustible.  Now, I hope mine never explodes, eek.  I need to ask the art dealer downtown, who sold it to me more questions about it as I have forgotten.  Either way I looove it!

    2nd to Left Column:  Top, Emily Martin Original ink drawing.  Middle, Emily Martin Original painting.  Bottom, Xenia Schmidt original.

    3rd to left column:  Xenia Schmidt Original 4th to left:  Top, Sculptural heart with a hey hole and a vintage key.  I have had it for 20 years.  Don't know who made it.  Bottom, Emily Martin Original. Last column:  Xenia Schmidt Original.  Pink Felt key by ( I had lots of mustaches by them, but I gifted them all, darn :)

    Once again, if you would like to participate and show me what you got, please drop me a line at