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Show Me Your Wall - Paper Chick

Meet Vanessa aka Paper Chick. A fellow New Yorker and a paper genius. She has a wonderful Etsy shop selling cards and stationery.

1. Gorjuss prints...found her wonderful designs on her work

2. Jack Vetriano Prints----I love his work so this I ordered online

3. The Iron work scroll---found it in a garage sale and I cleaned it up and painted it myself

4. The Biddell Dancers---I ordered this online as well (not that interesting of a story I know )

5. Abstract Painting: ---was searching Hi and Lo for an abstract piece and happened to find this at an estate sale in long island.

6. Statues Painting---Bought this which I love at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

7. Happiness & Longevity---Big fan of Japanese art and symbols found these at Bed Bath and Beyond and had to snatch them up

New at Pulp Sushi (Etsy)

Check out the newness this week at Pulp Sushi.

Are those sushi earrings? Why yes they are! I also added a couple more "Mod" earrings with anchor charms.

I think it was last month I mentioned that I need to make more earrings because I had too many necklaces. Now I feel like I have a TON of earrings, but they're so fun to make!  I did make one pair which the following day I was looking at them and I'm not too crazy about.  Does that ever happen to you? You feel like you're on a roll knocking things out 1, 2, 3 but then the later stuff you make you're not as happy with as you were when you first sat down?  Oh well.

Friday Etsy Finds - Shrinkle

I first came across Shrinkle on MySpace and thought Really cute! But I'm not in the demographic... Yes I consider myself an old fuddy-duddy but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate fun, bright, and youthful pieces. Trashy clothes for classy ho's!! C'mon you know you love it!!!

I began designing clothes under the name Shrinkle back in 2002 while I was a journalism student at Cal State Hayward. After graduation, I ditched the idea of ever pursuing a career in journalism when I realized I couldn't pry myself from my sewing machine long enough to apply for a "real" job.

You know what I also enjoy seeing? When people take their shops seriously and what I mean by that is presentation. I love how these pieces are presented. It's not just a girl standing in her bedroom. You can see time and thought was put into this and I respect that in an up and coming business/designer.

You can stay in the know by checking out her MySpace page and LiveJournal.

How to make a bottlecap magnet

Check out my tutorial at The {NewNew} Etsy Team Blog on how to make bottlecap magnets. I might be shooting myself in the foot posting this. These are a pretty popular shop item but it's my contribution to the Earth Day theme the blog has kept this month. Ya know, recycle, reuse, all that crap! :)  Seriously though, I have been wanting to post a "How To.." for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity.  While you're there, check out the other great entries posted by other team members. has already picked up a couple of the stories so woohoo go team!!

Look at that fruit salad for $3.99!!!

Show Me Your Wall - Madebygirl

How wonderful! Today's walls are shared to us by Jennifer Ramos, Designer & Owner of Made By Girl. She makes colorful, gorgeous cards and posters featuring her designs. One of her prints available she displays in her kitchen:


Recently she posted on her blog a little art project she was working on for her home, here's the final result:


The frames were purchased at a very afforable price at Michael's.  She recently posted more pictures of her beautiful home at her blog which you must must must see!

Want to Show Me Your Wall? Drop me at line at pulpsushi @ gmail dot com

New at Pulp Sushi (Etsy)

Happy Monday everyone!!! Why the heck am I so chipper? It's because I took off today AND tomorrow. I'm treating myself to a four-day weekend.  I'm spreading my cheer to you through the cyberweb.  So I've been working on new stuff for my Etsy shop as well as my consignor, Hey Pretty Cupcake/Cutie Pie Boutique.

New this week with me, first up, some earrings...

A couple more Glamour Skull Brooches and Victorian Rings

And last but not the least, my Wicked Witch Necklace!


Friday Etsy Finds - Fluxproductions

It's time go with someone a little more local for this week's FEF.  Plus I'm always excited to showcase male Etsy sellers (it's not just girls fun), but I digress....Check out Flux Productions, a designer from Brooklyn, NY (Fort Greene).

Flux1 Flux2

Ryan studied art Pratt Insititute and Cooper Union in NY and began using clothing as his canvas and he went from there. He used organic cotton for a light airy comfortable feel.  He makes for the fellas too!

Flux is a small company which emphasizes care and craft rather than mass production. Every piece is printed by hand in my Fort Greene studio and each piece is unique.

Flux Flux1

Flickr Faves 04.17.08

Flickr Faves 04.17.08

1. Gong Xi Fa Cai!, 2. Interpol, 3. Vintage Blonde, 4. DSC03059 - with Jesus in Pink - Why Jesus in Pink ?, 5. Pez Kandi, 6. Tulips, 7. Charles Street, 8. Tahiti.2004-12-08.0134, 9. punk ducks, 10. are you experienced?, 11. Untitled, 12. : 10 Things : Making My Own Rolls, 13. Cherry's Bar 2 Hirosaki Japan, 14. Pink and glass bricks, 15. pink orange, 16. Countess from Hohensyburg, 17. ., 18. Crazy Cat., 19. Liz McGrath Portrait, 20. 365 Toy Project: 85/365, 21. Hello?, 22. toronto skyline at sunset 2, 23. Tricolor, 24. Changed the bedding...again!, 25. Shelf Created with fd's Flickr Toys.