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Uh oh..Gripe time!

Last month I published my first set goals for the shop, it was to gain 25 more hearts and 25 sales.  I met my Hearts goal and then some! 78 more!  Sales only 19, I shouldn't say "only" that's still pretty good. It should be 20 but I had to cancel a sale since someone didn't realize that they need PAY for the item. 

Can I vent for a second? I don't understand people who go through the trouble of Checking Out but then never pay.  It is a hassle to cancel a sale. In the past I have found that when I report it, Etsy would drag their feet to fix it.  Sometimes I would have to request it more than once.  Now I am in a weird predicament.

I sold a bracelet, buyer never paid, so I canceled and re-listed it. I am still waiting for my fees to be refunded. In the meantime, someone else purchased the same bracelet yesterday and now I am waiting a payment from them.  If you can't pay by PayPal that's fine but TELL ME when I get in contact with you that you are paying by check or money order.  Is that too much to ask?  Anyway, I will give this person a couple more days to pay or at least saying SOMETHING to me about it.  I would never purchase something on Etsy or bid on Ebay if I didn't have the funds to cover for it.

Etsy is not that complicated to figure out!!!!  The downside to running your own online business.

Bad Ass is right!!!

Even though this is technically an Etsy Find, it doesn't fit in the theme for this month and I already have stuff lined up for next month.  So this shop will get it's very own special day...TODAY!!!  I came across not too long ago and my jaw dropped.  I'm not big on decals, especially on cars, but these decals are different. 

For starters, they're beautiful and very witty.  It can add a lot to a room without overwhelming it, unless you use the Bruce Lee decal which can work in a swank Bachelor Pad.

Or perhaps you live some place that doesn't allow pets but you hate to feel alone, awwww!

Onyx Delight bracelet

Oh hello!! I feel like it's been ages since my last update. For a change I managed to pull myself away from the computer and enjoy the gorgeous weather had in NYC this weekend. I have the sunburnt arms and shoulders to show for it too! Don't worry in a few days the color will look awesome! Being Puerto Rican, I tan pretty kick-ass.

Anyway, even though I didn't technically go away it was still a great little mini-vacation. Central Park, Greenwich Village, walking along the Hudson River, rooftop decks, sailors, and Indiana Jones! Good weekend overall!

Before I went out, I did create a new bracelet that can be found in the Etsy shop. I always go back to Pink and Black combos. It's just so fun to play with! I also had some sales while I was a away so it's back to work and hammer out some new cool stuff!

Sweet Finds

I don't think I show off enough of the sweet finds I score myself on Etsy. I took this photo yesterday wearing a necklace from The Tiny Fig.

Sweet Figment necklace - SPT 05.22.08

Have you checked out the new blog from The Tiny Fig? Sweet Figmnets?  She has a contest for a $20 gift certificate so make sure you pay a visit.  It's a great read!

Speaking of contest, I usually never win anything until ONE TIME I entered for a free card from Paper Chick and I won. I'm terrible because I should have posted this when it happened. I don't know why I didn't, but here is my prize! Better late than never!


I'm saving that for someone special.

For those of you in the states, have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Friday Etsy Finds - MyVintagePage

I love doing FEF and finding new shops to showcase.  This week was particularly fun going through the great items in My Vintage Pad.


A porcelain doll kit?!?!  They also have a Vintage Ceramic Toilet Bowl Ash Tray, no kidding!

Once again it was hard for me to choose which images to display, so make sure you pay them a visit and check out all the great finds.


My Vintage Pad has items that will give your home that little something extra for fun, kitschy decor!


Show some *Bling* with your Java


You all know about Fred Flare right? Sometimes their shop comes up with the wittiest things, it drives me insane! Like this great coffee cup.  It comes in silver too if you aren't too keen on gold (like myself).


I don't know how I feel about this, I guess I shouldn't care, it happens to everyone.  I just discovered that someone who has purchased some of my pinup girl buttons is turning them around and reselling them but they're attaching them to a bow and felt heart making a brooch out of them.  Whatever right? I mean they pay their money, they can do what they want with them but I don't sell the buttons as supplies, I want people to wear them. I guess there's nothing I can do about that once they are out of my hands.

One more site to join....

Anyone else on this? I just joined last night.  I guess I need buddies on here or something... - DIY Clothing, Indie Design, and Craft Discussion Forum

It's a messageboard for crafters and DIYers to come together to show off your products, promote, annouce upcoming events, and maybe even rant a little about the business, because we all know it ain't perfect.  I received a warm welcome and gained a few hearts out of it - I added a heart or two myself.  Go pay a visit.

UPDATE: Not to mention I got a couple of sales out of it too...but I guess I did mention it. :)