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Etsy/DaWanda Update

I added a couple of items to the shops today..

Yeah I say "shops" because I have a shop set up at Etsy but I also have one with DaWanda which a lot of folks would consider the European equivalent to Etsy. Items are priced in Euros and since I'm not one to leave out the overseas market, and factor in the strength of the Euro, I need to promote that store a little more.

How was everyone's weekend? The highlight for me was checking out The Suburbia Roller Derby. Good friggin' times man!! I ended up enjoying it way more than I thought I would. Plus the DJ was playing A-W-E-S-O-M-E music. I'm already looking forward to the next bout on the 19th. I've had people in the past tell me I should try since I sorta have the build (and the aggression) for it but I'll pass. I bruise easy and I have my heart to think about. I'll just cheer on.

Friday Etsy Finds - MySugarDoll

Last chance to get naughty this month but we gotta dress the part. A great spot for this is My Sugar Doll.


Shay began designing lingere and swimwear in 2002 and experiments with different sides of girliness whether it's cutesy, punky, gothy, or even sporty. It's all the same kind of FUN!


With the Summer official here, make sure you check out her swimwear too! If you like what you see, you can keep tabs with her by adding her MySpace profile. Blue wig not for sale.

Show Me Your Wall - Ali J

I know it has a been a while since someone has showed me their wall but alas, the very talented Ali J has come to the rescue and has very generously opened her home to us and boy does she have a lot to show. I expect nothing less from this talented Illustrator. You may click on the images for a closer look.


This is the back of my door in my new studio space.  I love to close the door and see them.  The artworks from left to right are - Catherine Campbell (Frankie Magazine Poster), Candice Jean, One Peach A Day, Candice Jean , My Charlie Girl, and an artwork by a local artist.


A wall of Frankie Magazine Posters - including Belle and Boo, Kareena Zerefos, Jen Corace, Abby McCulloch and MarmeeCraft


I cannot only share illustrations or artwork - I also have jewellery on display. Here in my bedroom I have a canvas panel wrapped with handmade paper featuring a wide display of earrings purchased from a variety of etsy sellers over the past year.


I wanted to share my rather different kitchen. It is tiny, and used to be bright yellow. Using a soft mint green, chocolate brown and soft cream in paint colours I painted a rather modern and abstract pattern across the walls. Above the cutting board the wall tells you quite simply to 'eat'. A little artwork in itself. I'm proud also to say that I hand wrote the words, I think it is pretty cool.


My loungeroom. I was watching Law and Order Criminal Intent at the time. I like to watch crime on TV and sketch or draw. Especially longer episodes where you can just listen to what is happening, and you don't necessarily have to see it visually. Above the TV I have a mixed media drawing that I purchased from one of my fellow art students in college. Her name was Eloise, and I just adored her work and her ability to create atmosphere. Next to the TV cabinet is a panel tri fold screen with images from past Curvy magazines.


I love orchids, so my bathroom has a gorgeous orchid in the corner of the cabinet with some japanese inspired artwork I found at a secondhand store for $1.  It is so calm, it really relaxes me.


This is the wall of my studio space. I have a shelving unit with an owl, some little containers of buttons and one of my prints on a shelf. Then on the wall I have lots of artwork. Some are my own but others are from Abbey McCulloch, Marmeecraft, Scarlettcat, The Black Apple, Belle and Boo.


This is the postcard feature part of my wall. All postcard sized works are up here just above my desk. There are artworks of my own along with The Black Apple, Jen Corace, Bindi Booth and many others. It is so fun and lively.


Another wall of my studio space. This features a poster by Frankie Magazine drawn by Sean Morris. Then two prints of The Black Apple. I have my Blythe doll, a plush owl from Craftpaca, two plush dolls from Brown Paper Bag, and my large Matroyshka doll.


One of my charcoal drawings from my time at Art College. I just love the simplicity in the form which is echoed by the way it is display hung simple on a wall with a nail and a clip.


I'm a Star Trek junkie and not sorry to admit it. The first framed work is of Star Trek Voyager, my favourite of the entire series. The main picture is of all four Star Trek captains. I also have signed cast photographs that I just treasure, just to the left of this picture.


A close up of the tri fold photo screen featuring pages from past issues of Curvy Magazine.


Last of all my bright pink feature wall of my bedroom.  It is more of a scarlett red in colour.  I have a vintage bag hanging up that was my mothers, then I have a little artwork from Kendra Binney.  That was the first item I ever purchased off of Etsy and it also taught me to double check measurements before purchasing!  I hope to own a bigger work of hers in the future.

If you would like to show off the artwork in your home, please drop me a line at pulpsushi [@]

Flickr Favorites...on a Tuesday!

Flickr Favorites 06.23.08

1. berry season has arrived, 2. Chausseestra├če / Berlin, 3. AD Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, 4. Pink Flamingos Krew , 5. my bedroom, 6. color me, 7. Water Drop #23, 8. 5: peg leg, 9. Gypsophila elegans, 10. Green Chubby, 11. Blue Funk IV [the making of], 12. Mr Men, 13. Inevitable, 14. DSC09746, 15. Azerbaijan, 16. new set, 17. Noche a C├│rdoba - Spain, 18. Cupcake in a Cup, 19. The Yellow Umbrella, 20. tooooo cute, 21. BeBo in the sushi hat!, 22. YOU BRUTE - YOU BRUTE!, 23. Pink hood, ornament, 24. We're Here, 25. *JoY RiDe* Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Why not??

I am VERY excited to have received a book in the mail yesterday for a Venus review. I flipped though it and it looks super fun. I can't wait to dive in and get lost in the project How To's.

New at Pulp Sushi (Etsy Shop)

Six new items have been added to the Etsy shop today.  I absolutely love my new stash.  

So how was your weekend?  The weather here is just strange, one minute the sun is out and the next you hear thunder and the sky is dark, then the sun is out again, then rain.  You just can't predict the weather anymore. I'm staying in, maybe being on the computer is not such a good idea? Hmmm...

Friday Etsy Finds - Cheesecake Burlesque

So you think it takes a special kind of person to get up on stage and wear fringe and pasties and dance around? Sure but that person could also be YOU in the comfort of your own home, or for an audience of one whether it's your significant other or your reflection in the mirror.   Here's a shop for the burlesque queen in you,


God Bless America!!! This shop has pasties a-plenty! Different colors and styles. Also available are scarfs, shirts, and panties - flashy and suttle.

Cheese1 Cheese3

There's something for everyone and every occassion! You can have a triple "E" cup or a minus "A" and still feel empowered and sexy with our pasties.

You can also check out The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue to see the pasties in action!

Make It Work

To quote the lovely Mr. Tim Gunn

I am in an incredibly cheery mood today, which is very out of character for me believe it or not. I guess the day off I had yesterday was much needed. Plus when I got home, in my mailbox were some super cool crazy happy fun time supplies I had ordered and the ideas are just spinning. I can't wait to sit down and actually MAKE stuff, probably tomorrow night as making things is a Friday night ritual for me. I may have to start a day early because I can't contain myself.

In the meantime, here's a photo I took in Central Park over the weekend..


Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns
Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi
Back from the museum, it was a wonderful trip. The Met is SO friggin' huge, we didn't even get a chance to explore the 2nd floor!! I was able to take a couple of photos which you can check out on my Flickr. We'll go back again soon and go straight to the second floor.

We went to see the Superheroes: Fashion & Fantasy exhibit. I was a bit disappointed with that. Good thing the rest of the museum is pretty awesome.