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Project WTF?!?!!?

Project Runway last night was much better than last week. I really liked the challenge of creating an outfit inspired by New York nightlife. It was very interesting to see what everyone chose as inspiration. Now come the claws.

Terri was ROBBED!!!! I got your back girl, you should have won the challenge last night.


Believe me when I say this outfit looked HOT on the runway.  Terri was inspired by a tagged up box (tagged meaning it had graffiti on it).  From the way the judges were raving about it, I was sure it was going to win and it should have. Wrong!  Look what won instead...


What? Oh Kenley, I have been loving your work so far..all two of them, but you really disappointed me with this one. I guess I'm in the minority again. I just don't like it.  Joe hit it right on the head when he thought this fabric was more South Beach than NYC.

At least the right dress got booted.


Just God awful.

Red, White, and Black!

The other day I was walking down the street and I saw a lady wearing the prettiest red, white, and black flower dress. I wanted that dress, but I digress. Lately I've been noticing a lot of red, white, and black on people, in shop windows, online. It really is a cool color combination other than with The White Stripes - I'm sorry they just annoy me! Anyway, let's look at some pretties...


Earrings from RedaretheRoses


Handmade pendant from Earth Expressions


Original Collage art from Amelia Mae


An adorable dress from Malam, who happens to be a previous Friday Etsy Find.

Flare Up Your Home & Treasuries

I get the emails from Fred Flare and I always mean to post about them but I get caught up doing something else. I cannot continue without showing these off:



Super cute Owl Plaques created by Art School Dropout.

They come in more fun colors and they're only 20 bucks! Not bad if you ask me!

I got into two treasuries yesterday, both put together by fellow {NewNew} team members so that makes it EXTRA awesome!

Picture 4

Purple and brown, I'm diggin' this color combination!!

Picture 5

Two of my items made this treasury, Oscar and the Miss Tea Earrings. How's that for a treat?

My latest book review for The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry is now posted on, you can check it out by clicking the graphic below...

I had WAY too much fun with this book and I was so looking forward to reading it from the moment I heard it was coming out.

Friday Etsy Finds - Simply Tempted

The final Soapy FEF for July goes to What can I say I have a hankering for soaps that make me hungry! Strawberry, Chocolate, Cupcake, Mango, it doesn't end!


This shop has to get an award for one of the best shop introductions...

Natural ingredients await you by the plenty… Rich butters such as shea and mango, the finest oils, fresh goat’s milk, and Dead Sea salts all work together in unison to gently soften your skin back to the days before tanning beds, crazy ex boyfriends, and the monthly shock of your American Express bill.


Don't you want to dip your finger for a lick into this jar of CHOCOLATE EXFOLIATING BODY WASH? Oh I'm sorry! I  don't want to get into trouble encouraging people to eat soap.  I should post a disclaimer or something...


MUST EAT!!!! Ok, I'm okay! Anyway, Simply Tempted also sells candles, candle melts, items for your dog, samples, and hand soap.  Pay a visit and have some fun!

PR 2 Cent Recap

Wow! We're only in the second episode of the seasons and the tears were a flowin'! I should have been crying too, I was not into this episode at all. I get it people, be green! Yadda yadda! How about not charging an arm and a leg for these "green" products and then I wouldn't be so jaded on the matter. Of course I think we need to be more concerned about the environment and do our part but it's almost overload. I think the last issue of ReadyMade Magazine mentions the concern of this only being a passing fad.

Back to the show!!! Not one of my favorites. This time they had the models go out and buy all the "green" material. Of course they didn't know what they were doing and that's understandable. You can't hate them for it.  Interesting that Suede won...


Just goes to show what I know, I thought the judges were gonna hate it. When I think of a cocktail dress, I don't think of Suede's dress, I think of something more like this made by Kenley...


I'm glad Stella was able to redeem herself a little bit but she's still got a long way to go. She lucked out in this challenge but you can't "leather out" every look. Strangely enough, the jokes Blayne was making about her were actually pretty funny.

Time for another Flickr Favorite set

Flickr Faves 07.17.08

1. los 20s 4, 2. 365 Toy Project: 155/365, 3. Night Market, 4. Allsorts Red, 5. Puddle, 6. pig-a-boo?, 7. Guess Where Berlin, 8. see you soon!, 9. Red Legs and Joy Mary Janes, 10. 1963 Geneva steel kitchen, 11. Untitled, 12. Scary Red, 13. First flowers of spring from the front yard, 14. ..مايـجــرح القــلــب إلا غيـبـتـك عــنــّــي, 15. cuteness, 16. colour your life, 17. Yeah, you like my skorts?, 18. Afternoon cup, 19. L A PARK, 20. Kabuki Mannequin, 21. Prince Charming and er Princess Charlotte, 22. Laura Ashley catalog, 23. City and County Building, 24. Untitled, 25. Happy fruit and veg cupcake toppers! Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

New at Pulp Sushi

Just added today to the Etsy shop and DaWanda shop.

I had a pretty nice weekend despite the sticky weather. Saturday I spent the afternoon in Beacon, NY with Kristen from Cakehouse and Kristy & John from Beacon Bookmarks. We are in the process of planning a craft show in Beacon in mid-September. There are TONS of cool craft shows in the city, especially in the city, but not enough outside. It'll be my first show if we can pull it off. *fingers crossed!*

Later that evening I headed back down for some roller derby action. I tried to take some pictures but they came out terrible so no visuals for you. Sorry, maybe next month.

Sunday, while everyone was going to see Batman, I went to see Hellboy hoping to have the theater to myself, no luck. Have I mentioned that I rather go see my dentist for a root canal than go to the movies?  It's a long rant and I will spare you the details.  I just have a low tolerance for people who lack a consideration for others.  Fortunately in this case, the people who were in the theater weren't that bad and I did enjoy the movie.