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I am a weiner! I mean Winner!!!

Or maybe I am both. I won the set from Blue Stitch Books from the NewNew blog post last Monday!  There is another giveaway this week for a beautiful necklace from Third Floor Designs.

Picture 12

If you are on the prowl for giveaways, don't just wait for the big sites to do their monthlies, as great as they are and all. I love the Modish giveaways but egads they get THOUSANDS of comments! Why not visit The {NewNew} Team blog every Monday for a better chance to win a great item.

New Week! New Stuff!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was humid and gross. My hair was wrapped in a bandanna most of the time.  The curse of natural curly hair, BRING ON THE WINTER!!!

Here's some shop updates...

Check them out at the Etsy and DaWanda shops.

I saw on the other day the mention of a new online marketplace to sell handmade online, Folksy. It's based in the UK and still in the beta stage. Just something to look into. :)

Picture 11

Pulp Sushi got a mention as part of the Monday Fabulous Etsy Finds at Corner Lot Creations so make sure you go pay Cherie a visit!

Final updates for the week

Wow! What a difference a day makes. My Paris necklace was picked up by Cuteable!

Picture 7

By the end of the day the necklace sold so thank you for including me! :) I'm glad it found a happy home.

Ok I lied, I'm only adding five necklaces. Three yesterday, and two more today



You know the drill, Etsy and DaWanda. Have a great weekend!

New necklaces and Sweet Figments!

I actually have SIX new necklaces to add to the shops but here's three for now....




Added this morning to Etsy and DaWanda.

Do I want to talk about Project Runway? I just don't have the energy. I'm just about done. I spoiled myself by viewing the Bryant Park collections from the final SIX contestants. That's right, Joe and Suede still got to show a collection this year but as we know now, they are not up for the grand PR prize. I'm rooting for Korto or Leanne. I like Jarell but I still think he's too all over the place for me. Needs a little more focus. Ok, that's all I'm going to say on the matter this week. I promise more for next!

Check it out, i'm the Feature Meme at Sweet Figments, what an honor!

Picture 5

I was asked to give five tips to prepare your business for the Holidays. Now that Pulp Sushi is approaching it's 3rd Holiday Madness period, I might a clue or two. :)

Pumpkin Pie Bracelet

More beads! More fun! Like the Six Flags commercial. I've really grown fond of mix-matching beads. You never know what you'll come up with. You can find this bracelet at both Etsy and DaWanda.

A new Oscar necklace is up.  The item was relisted even though it did not sell on Etsy, it sold at the Cavalcade but I made a new one and tweaked it a little.  This one has more beads on it. 

To follow up my post from a couple of days ago, it now looks like I will be vending at two events in November.  I will now also be at the Quirky Handmade Holiday Bazaar in Rhinebeck, NY on Saturday November 29th. I'm excited! This will be my first show without the NewNew name behind it so I'll be going solo.  Only a few other vendors are listed at this point but it will be an exclusively Etsy sellers show with around 25 vendors, and it's indoors! You can't go wrong with that. 

And just in a nick of time too, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new table! It's suppose to come today, along with some supplies I had ordered, business cards.  I'm keeping the delivery guy busy!


The NewNew giveaway was posted late yesterday so I did not get a chance to include it in yesterday's post so I'll do it today not only because I'm a good team member, but because I want this week's prize!

Picture 2

It is a set of 4 Gocco print notecards and matching notebook from Blue Stitch Books. So this post is my entry submission for this week's contest but don't let that deter you from joining in on the fun. I won't get mad if you win, I promise. Blue Stitch was one of my neighbors at the Handmade Cavalcade a couple of weeks ago, what a sweetie!

New at Pulp Sushi and some more giveaways

Alright lets get right to it because there's a few things going on.  I added a new pair of earrings and a lovely necklace to the shops today....

Vinyard1 Pinkflwr2

Both are available at Etsy and DaWanda.

How about that giveaway? No not me (yet, it's coming!) but from the fantastic artist,  Magic Jelly

Picture 1

She is giving away one of her pretty Gocco prints and is looking for shoe stories, I know you have some! :)

Tonight is my monthly meeting with The {NewNew}, I missed it last month. I'm sure our upcoming HOLIDAY show will be the big topic of discussion as well as our upcoming Brooklyn Indie Market date. A lot of the sellers will be selling at the annual Atlantic Antic next month. I won't be there but I'm kicking myself now for not signing up for it. There's always next year! I did just apply to a show in Rhinebeck, NY that will be held the Saturday right after Thanksgiving *fingers crossed!* Here in the states, the weekend of Thanksgiving is probably the biggest shopping weekend of the year so I hope I can benefit from that.

PR 2 Cent Recap

I didn't post a recap last week because it was September 11th and I had a lot of negative thoughts towards Kenley that I thought would have been inappropriate to post at that time.   So I'll do it today!

Kenley has become a Hemorrhoid.

Seriously, wtf??? I was liking her early on but she just went downhill.  She's now showing us the truly immature, stubborn, snob that she is and has shown everyone just how ugly she really is on the inside.  I mean, laughing at someone else during the judges evaluations is totally inappropriate, she's done this twice.   Then to make comments like "I don't care what the judges have to say!", and totally dismiss Tim Gunn's suggestions, how RUDE!  WHY are you there? Aren't you trying to win? Don't you want to learn and grow as a designer??? The whole point of this show is to get out of your comfort zone and create something you wouldn't normally do and make it work! I don't know how this happened but I've grown to really dislike her and I was saying some very nasty things to my television every time she opened her mouth last night, but I will not repeat them here....because I am a lady.

Moving on....

The challenge was to design an outfit create a makeover for a recent college graduate.  They brought their mother's too for that extra annoyance input.  Poor Joe, it went over his head and he got eliminated for it.  This person recently graduated and is an aspiring Graphic Designer, she didn't have a job yet so they agreed to come up with a look for job interviewing....


I don't know where to begin. The fit is bad, the blouse was sloppy, and what may be appropriate to wear on a business job interview may not work for a creative position. I worked in Human Resoucres in publishing for almost eight years and I've seen it. The lines are even blurred for Advertising jobs too. This outfit was all wrong.


The winning outfit is from Jerell. I can't remember the client's background but it's ok. I can't exactly remember his client's story.  I would have picked Korto's outfit instead but I digress. Korto was one of my early picks and I have consistently liked her. I didn't like all of her outfits but I like her and am rooting for her. I hope she makes it to Bryant Park, unlike other tired, played out, Bettie-bang, wanna-be pinup poseur dummies!!! *breathe*