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Friday Etsy Finds - Sock Horror

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

I hope it's filled with spooks and treats and creepy crawlies.   Let's start it off with some SOCK MONTERS!  From the Etsy Dark Side Team, meet


From their shop announcement:

These walls house some of the most malevolent creatures you will ever meet.

You may not have been aware of their existence, but I am sure that you have already been prey to their fiendish schemes and unintentionally aided their ultimate objective – to raise an army against us.

I have just one question for you: do you really know where all your socks go?


These twisted little fellas are known as "Doldrites" and they live among us with the sole purpose of stealing our socks. Madame Horror has been hard at work investigating these creatures and trying to understand why they must commit such horrible acts. We need our socks!  You can follow her research at her blog and see what they are up to.

Embrace that natural light

Ever wonder where/how I exactly take pictures for my shop? Probably not. But I'm going to show you anyway...


Yesterday was such a perfectly, naturally lit day, it enabled me to take pictures like this without a flash...


And this...


No fancy spotlights and light boxes needed.  Make the most of your windows! Good thing I did this yesterday because today is just absolutely gross out. Cold, wet, clammy, damp, dark, dingy, yucky!

Oh! Why yes, these items are new! And you will find them at both Etsy and DaWanda.  Cheers!

An Ode To My Etsy Teams

I have been more and more scattered brained lately. I mentioned back on the 15th that I am now also a member of the Crafting In Color team in case you missed the cute little badge I placed on the side there.

We also have a blog too! Click to visit!

Picture 1

My first entry has been posted so I hope you would check it out!

I was also asked by Tizzalicious and AlwaysAmy if I can help out in moderating the group.  I can't say no to them! :)  So as of right now I am moderating the Flickr Group. What means exactly? I'm not sure. I'm learning this as I go along.  Basically the overall goal of the group is to just not showcase shops with rainbow necklaces and pink stuff.  We do this so that our team appearance stays consistent and professional looking with bright, colorful & bold store fronts.  Shops must meet a minimum amount of handmade items for sale (I think 20 is the magic #), all the photos must be crisp, clean & very boldly colored. When you put your name on something and say "I am a part of ....." it's a reflection on everyone in the group.  I think the people who have joined so far are a good fit, you can see that in the Flickr group and team blog.   Think you got what it takes to join? Visit Crafting In Color.

One of the things that I like about the DIY Scene group is that I have seen mentioned on their messageboards a few times how important it is to conduct ourselves online or in person a certain way. Not to come across as a bunch of dumb ass kids with too much free time on their hands.   It's really important to be taken seriously as a business person. You can still have fun of course but there are some things that just aren't appropriate whether it's going off on a tangent in the Etc. forums about Christians or how weirded out you get when your boyfriend ask you to do a certain sexual act, I mean seriously? Do we need to know this?   Anyway, they have been stepping up their appearance and promoting which I am sure is gonna pay off.  There's a lot of fun, quirky shops in that mix.

Online teams are all well and good but I am so fortunate to be part of a local group like The {NewNew}.  Besides having a good excuse to meet up with cool, like-minded people, it makes planning events all the more fun.  Can't get into Bust or Renegade? Make your own event!  And let me tell you, The Holiday Handmade Cavalcade is gonna be SO awesome! Plus everyone I've met in this ever growing team has been super nice and very helpful.  Egads I can't even wrap around my head how much has happened since joining back in March!

The lovefest has to end here as I don't think I can handle being in any more teams.  If you are starting out your Etsy shop and looking to gain more exposure, don't rule Etsy teams out, but remember that what you put into it is what you'll get out of it.

Friday Etsy Finds - Creepy Crafts

Why can't October be at least 3 months long?  And then you come across a shop like Creepy Crafts ( and you almost want to devote more than one Friday to them because their shop just has SO MUCH to choose from.

In this shop you will find a little bit of a lot.  Soaps, jewelry, hair accessories, pendants, gift tags and more.  Their soaps are particularly fun.




This shop brings the spooky but there are also very nice gothic designs for the less kitschy.  Some people like to use flowers or hearts when making accessories but there are definitely a great many who prefer skulls and the darker pleasures in life which this shop definitely provides.  Naturally, Creepy Crafts are a member of Etsy Dark Team.

Withdrawl!!!! No PR Recap!

I feel so incomplete! And it's taking it's toll on me because one of the many weird dreams I had last night involved Jeffrey Sebelia, the winner of PR Season 3. 


Better him than Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project (I'm missing that show too). A dream with him would kind of be a nightmare...


I think Jeffrey is going to be the guest judge on the next episode of Rock of Love Charm School, oh yeah, I'm watching that train wreck of a show too and you can't stop me.

I did watch Top Design and I will say this, Eddie has lost his friggin' mind.  He's starting to make me uncomfortable.  I'm cheering for Nathan actually. 30 year old Nathan.  You're gonna tell me I'm older than him? I also got a bridge I would like to sell you.  He's still great though!

New at Pulp Sushi & a Promo Opp!

Boho3 Cupcake1
Srose3 Absolute4

Can you believe it has taken me over 2 YEARS to do something cupcake related? What kind of dessert fanatic am I? So here are the latest items I added in the last few days.  I went right to work with the new beads I found at The Whole Bead Show last Friday.  I must say I think I practiced pretty good self-control when I was there. I could have easily spent every penny I owned thinking "I can make it back!" but I practiced better judgment.

All of the above are now available at Pulp Sushi's Etsy and DaWanda

And now a little something for all you sellers out there!

Advertising Opportunity: Hip Holiday Craft Fair Now Accepting Samples and Promos

The Holiday Handmade Cavalcade is a one-day shopping event showcasing handcrafted goods. It will take place at the Knitting Factory in New York City from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday December 6th, 2008.

The event is being organized by The {NewNew} Etsy team ( The group is partnering with many sponsors including Etsy & L Magazine (, and a large crowd is expected.

Anyone who RSVPs for the event online will be eligible to receive 1 of 200 complimentary, limited-edition goody bags. The group is now accepting donations for the goody bags. This will be a great way to promote your business & gain exposure around the holiday season. Click to RSVP (scroll down Events page to 12/6 event).

Types of donations accepted include samples/smaller versions of your product (soap, earrings, prints, etc) and promos (pins, buttons, magnets, etc)— however, business cards, coupons, or related items will not be included. Please send samples & promos in lots of 25 items.

Contact handmadecavalcade @ with the subject line *promos* for the address of where to send and with any questions you may have. *Donations must be received by November 21, 2008.*

Bringing new life to a piece

Ever make something where the next day you ask "What was I thinking?" Usually this happens after you're on a serious roll and you are hammering out pieces left and right but then you hit a wall and that last pieces ends up being something you're not too keen about. In my case, it's a necklace....

Sour Grapes Necklace


I had it in my shop for a while and took it down the other day.  It was one of the first beaded necklaces I've made but it never quite felt right, ya know?  So I took down the listing, took the necklace apart and came up with this...

Sour Grapes Bracelet

Sourgrp2 .

I don't have that unsettled feeling anymore.  Even if this sits in my shop for a long time, I won't mind because I'm actually 100% happy with this item now.

I'm all over the place!

A big heart-filled THANK YOU to Julia who chose Pulp Sushi as the DaWanda Spot on her blog The Spotted Sparrow. 

Picture 1

It always tickles me pink whenever anyone takes the time to mention my shop on their blog because there are SO many shops to choose from, any recognition is huge for me. :) Take a look at her DaWanda shop, her cards are AMAZING!

And yesterday, I took over Rare Bird Finds picking the Fab 5 (Etsy) Friday.

Picture 2

I know you check out Rare Bird Finds already but make sure on your next visit you go back to yesterday and see what I selected or just click below...

  • Fab 5 (Etsy!) Friday, Issue 51 - Marilyn P. Sushi
  • Multi Colour Mix Bead Necklace
  • Ready-Made Mixed Paper Scraps Art Journal
  • All In One Table Lamp
  • Amazonite, Wood, and Fiber Necklace
  • Pumpkin Season Earrings