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Quirky Handmade Holiday Bizaare Tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a wonderfulThanksgiving! Mine was fantastic. My mom's meal was DEE-LICIOUS!!!! The boyfriend and I had a nice time.  I have plenty of leftovers to enjoy for lunch today too. Getting hungry again just thinking about it. :)

Anyway, I have to admit I feel kind of bad now for not posting a "What I am thankful for..." entry like so many others did yesterday.  It honestly slipped my mind.  But you know what? Today is my blog's 2nd Year Anniversary!!! Two years ago today, I posted my first entry here on Typepad.  I love writing this blog and want to take it as far as I possibly can.  I love interacting with other bloggers and the folks who stop by to visit. I've found new blogs to be a fan of because of comments left here.  So I am thankful for YOU! I have made such great friends through this blog, Pulp Sushi is definitely my favorite of all the blogs I've written and is going NOWHERE!


So....The real holiday shopping begins today! Well, avoid the tacky malls and shop HANDMADE this season! Tomorrow I will be up in Rhinebeck, NY vending at...


I'm really excited about this show and Rhinebeck is such a pretty town. It's my first craft show without the NewNew name on it although there will be other members of the team there. I have been working on pieces that have not been posted online yet. Consider them show exclusives, hee hee!  I will post about it  next week.

Also next weekend, don't forget city folk!


Next Saturday!


New Ways To Promote

It almost seems like it happened overnight, but Own The Hour has taken off quite rapidly since it started a couple of weeks ago.

Picture 2
For only FIFTY cents, you reserve a slot displaying one of your items for the hour. Good luck trying to nab a spot, they are filling up quickly.  I know one person who got a sale directly as a result.  The site is still in the beta stage so more features will be coming soon.

OwnTheHour purchases advertising on Facebook, Twitter, through Google, and other direct advertising partners that directly targets DIY and Craft related websites to attract sellers and Shopping, Gift, and Consumer based sites targeting keywords relating to handmade, unique gifts, and art to attract buyers.

Another place to up for promotion grabs is the new forum on Scoutie Girl.  Jan set this up so everyone can post their sales, events, contest, giveaways, directly on the website and it is super easy to sign up.   This is a very well visited site so you would be a fool to not take advantage.


Well it's the day before Thanksgiving which many of us I believe celebrate. Have safe travels if you're hitting the road. Enjoy your turkey or tofurkey if you will. :)  I will be spending it with my parents. Thanksgiving is probably the one day you can drive into Manhattan and find decent parking so I think we're good.

Getting Ready!

Pinkcloud1 Purpdice1 Gold1

Oh hi! Here are some new items I will be adding to Pulp Sushi this week.  I love those little cloud earrings!  Too cute.

Sales continue to flow steady but haven't had that *rush* that the holidays usually brings, what I was expecting.   Times are rough I guess, not just in the States but everywhere.  I see some shops doing well, they must have made a deal with the devil.


I'm kidding of course. 

I'm really looking forward to my two big holiday shows coming up. That will certainly pick up the online slack.  Getting everything ready for The Quirky Handmade Holiday Bazaar this Saturday.  It's in it's second year and I have a good feeling about it. It's in Rhinebeck, NY which is a super cute town. Even if sales are slow, it'll be nice to be up there again. Plus, I'd like to gain more experience selling my items in person. It really does boost your confidence to see people stopping to look and take interest, even if they don't purchase.  

You know what I have not shown in a while? Some Flickr Favorites!  Enjoy!

Flickr Favorites 11.19.2008

Sale @ The Fabled Needle & Modish Giveaway


I have to mention this wonderful sale that Liette from The Fabled Needle is currently having.  BOGO! You can't go wrong with that especially when beautiful prints and paper goods are involved.   Treat yourself or another little princess in your life with a nice piece of art. :)

Sticking to the theme of getting stuff for FREE, Modish is having Giveaway #2 this month and my "Love Gun" necklace is a part of this batch so you best head on over and check it out!


Get Organized With Google

I don't want to sound like a commercial but I really mean it when I say that I love using Google.  Not only is it a good search engine but it is a very useful tool to run your business.  It is my one-stop spot when I am working on my DaWanda shop.  Some sellers from the States are unsure how to price their items in Euros or how to convert their measurements.

I wanted to give you a little peek of my setup and the great tools that are available for those of us who deal with international customers.

I know I got a lot going on here.  So lets take a closer look...


In the first column I have my Currency and Measurement converters.  This is what I use to make my prices and indicate measurements of my pieces in MM or CM.  Plus it helps me in case I'm interested in purchasing something from another country.


This is the center column. I started using Google Translator to post some of my items in French on DaWanda. I don't know how accurate it is and it's been a few years since I studied the language but I like to think it helps a little. Below that I have a World Clock just so I know not to expect to hear from a customer certain times of the day.

I am 100% content with this system I have developed.  Of course there are a ton of other tools available like "To Do" lists, maps and more. I hope I have shed some light on how to bring some order and organization to your business. Have a good weekend!



Have you seen this delightful card from What a great image and different take on the hoildays.

This card features a photograph of a wine glass and holiday ornament on the front and is blank inside.  What makes this card so special is that it is printed on 100% recycled cover stock (50% of which is recycled from post-consumer waste), is processed chlorine free, and the energy used in the printing process is 100% wind-powered via renewable energy credits.  Accompanying this card is a 100% post-consumer recycled envelope in natural white with a smooth finish.

These contemporary fine art cards are suitable to be used for holiday greetings and party invitations and are available for sale via Etsy at

Another happy giveaway winner

Why didn't I start participating in giveaways sooner? Nothing feels better than getting a convo from someone who won a big giveaway including one of your items.  How sweet of them to take the time to personally thank me.  This happened with the Modish giveaway last month. This morning I received an Etsy convo from Jingle whose blog is Just Jingle. She won one of the Scoutie Girl giveaways this month which included a necklace from me.

Picture 4

*squeek!* How sweet of her. I'm actually quite jealous of the other prizes she won too.  Make sure you pay her a visit.


Added a new pair of earrings and a necklace to Etsy and DaWanda today.

Wine3 Parkave2

The necklace is like a charm bracelet for your neck.  I had a lot of fun putting this one together.  Sometimes it's fun to just mix things up a little.

Cute cards up for grabs

Picture 3 Yesterday was devoted to the BIM recap but I definitely wanted to post about the neat giveaway going on at at The {NewNew} blog this week.  

They are greeting cards from Wai Sze, and they're very pretty.   You can win these by posting about the giveaway then come back to the NewNew blog and leave a comment with the link to where you mentioned it.  It's quite easy actually.

Folks are always looking for things to blog about right? :)

Recovery  I went to bed around 10:30 (!!!) last night, got a full eight hours of sleep but still woke up feeling groggy.  I feel better on less hours of sleep I think.

I had a a good time yesterday but it was a very long and chilly day.  It was an interesting experience to set up shop on the sidewalk for passersby.  My sales were ok, not as good as I had hoped but I can't complain. My goal is to always at least make back the booth fee which I'm happy to say I did with a little extra.  Overall a great experience.

I would love to do the Brooklyn Indie Market again but I think next time I would like to try it inside the tent instead of the sidewalk kiosks.  Anyway, on to some photos shall we? (click for larger view)


That's me on the left setting up my half of the kiosk with Lisa from Fubabee.  It was a cute space with shelves and electricity inside.  We definitely utilized all the shelf space and it allowed people to step inside for a closer look.


Lisa came up with the idea of posting fliers for the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade event next month.


I hope Sushette wasn't cold, I should have given her a scarf.


Our sidewalk neighbors. The guy selling the hats is from Rocks & Salt and we previously met over the summer at a friend's barbecue, small world.

Inside the tent were the rest of the NewNew team participating...


IMG_6811 IMG_6826

Good times! There are even MORE photos in my Flickr album.

Ok time to unpack everything.