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Happy New Year!

Whether 2008 was a good year, bad year or in between, I hope the new year will bring all of us lots of prosperity! 

Have you made your resolution yet for 2009?  I keep going back and forward on the issue.  I have *goals* for 2009 (ie: new car, new home, new job...I hope). I also want to continue to making Pulp Sushi the best it can be.....and getting back on the yoga wagon. That's it! Wait...and explore more creative outlets and photographing again other than just shooting for the shops. Now that's it. :)

Colorful Flickr Favorites

I was in the mood.   Last set for 2008!

Flickr Favorites 12.28.2008

1. Not a creature was stirring ...., 2. capuccino, 3. Outra série com uma fêmea de Estrelinha-ametista, Beija-flor-mosca (Rio Grande do Sul), Besourinho-ametista, Besouro-zumbidor ou Tesourinha (Calliphlox amethystina) - Picaflor amatista - Another series with a female of an Amethyst Woodstar - 19-12-2008 -, 4. hongtzu, the japanese mum, 5. love these..., 6. Rudoph Glow Pens, 7. Untitled, 8. Cluck, 9. Heart shaped, 10. kitchen table, 11. Fluo 80s Retro Swirl Ring :), 12. Christmas Belle, 13. A Kiss, 14. So Good To Be In Pink!, 15. Cup.cakes., 16. afternoon coffee, 17. Elmo hiding, 18. the pups, 19. Vintage Ballerina Fake Cupcake, 20. pucker up!, 21. A pile of cakes., 22. Candy Vial Necklace, 23. Four Lovely Ladies, 24. Hey Mickey..., 25. Untitled

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Christmas Recovery

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Mine was pretty good, got some neat stuff that I am very happy with but  I won't bore you with the details. Instead, I will share some photos of my adorable nieces.


That's me giving my older niece her first jewelry making kit (among other things). I'm super jealous of her long hair.


Baby niece is happy with her new Care Bear.

I love my nieces. They're so super cute and full of character and personality.   They both have crazy curly like me, poor things lol!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy birthday peanuts gang

What a day! There is a snow storm coming, Christmas is six days away, and I already received a phone call this morning from my parents, both of them singing "Happy Birthday", how cute. :)

I am 33 years old today and not ashamed to admit it!  I wish I could say I don't feel a day over 23 but I would be lying big time.  10 years ago I was able to hang out at a bar until closing (4 am in NYC) and can sorta kinda tolerate the hangover the next morning.  10 years ago I had more tolerance than I do now. 10 years ago I was VERY immature in many ways although I thought I wasn't.  But I was always going to stay cool and hip and continue to go to concerts every week and kick ass!

Today, I only go to shows if I know it will be over by midnight because my back starts to hurt if I'm standing for too long.  I prefer to go to concerts with seats.  I'm lucky if I go to 3 concerts in a YEAR now.  I can't relate to the young folk. I hate the way younger people dress because I say "I remember when people dressed like that 20 years ago!!"  I don't think tight jeans on men are hot anymore. I don't know any of the bands the kids listen to.  I think newer bands suck and the bands I grew up listening to are now on VH1 Classics. I was at the supermarket the other day and Sweet Child O' Mine was playing over the loudspeaker!!! What??? I don't know of any other social networking sites outside of MySpace and Facebook and I don't wanna know! I became *that* person but thats ok.

This is not a "Oh no I'm old!" freak out post because I'm not old or freaking.  It is just something I accept and seriously, the 30s are so much better than the 20s because you're smart enough now to actually enjoy your time and what you do with it.  The 20s are just an extention of the teen years and I'm not just saying that to make up for being in my 30s, just look at the behavior of a lot of "young" adults and you'll see I'm right but go ahead, do your thing!   No offense to any 20 something readers out there. One day you will see what I mean! *insert evil laugh here*

So let's see what today has in store for me, in the meantime, here's a birthday cupcake for you!  Thanks for reading! :)


More new necklaces

Brass1 Cherry1
Shroomstar2 Loveskull3

More necklaces added to Pulp Sushi and DaWanda there's still more to come!

Looks like all this snow everyone else has been getting has finally hit New York! Yay! Oh...wait, I just looked outside and it's already all gone.  Oh well.  They say  it might come again this Friday, just in time for my birthday!!!  I'm suppose to go to a holiday party this Friday but I might just get snowed in.  That's ok, I'll stay in and maybe watch The Exorcist, which in the Pulp Sushi household, is an annual holiday tradition, seriously.

Alright, I have procrastinated enough! My taxes are due this Monday so I need to get cracking!

New @ Pulp Sushi and a Bust Recap

Butterfly3 Locket3 Grapebead2

Here are some new necklaces you will find at the Pulp Sushi Etsy and DaWanda shops.  Like the green background? I thought I'd give the yellow a break.

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for shipping items to arrive in time for Christmas is this Wednesday, December 17th!

And now, on to my Bust Craftacular report!!!!


Right off the bat, here's what I purchased.  If you check this out on Flickr, I made notes of what is from whom.  My goal overall was to get some shirts and a scarf, and I accomplished that.


I wanted to give extra special props to the folks at Maryink, Chris & Mary.  I seem to have a history with them and not know it. I purchased a shirt from them back at Renegade 2006, a year later I purchased a tote bag which I still use the heck out of.  The very same bag I happened to have with me yesterday.  Well, when I stopped by their table to scope out some shirts and scarves, they were happy to see me with a bag so not only did they give me a lovely discount for the two items purchased, they also gave me a FREE tote bag! It doesn't get any better than that! There is a really neat Handmade Portrait feature of them on Etsy you can check out.

Ok enough about my Maryink love affair, on to the rest of the show.  I actually got there earlier than I did last year which worked out because I didn't have to wait on a long line to get in.  I was a bit put off having to pay $2.00 to get in (seriously??), on top of the very expensive booth fee for the vendors, I'm not quite sure what the $2 was for but whatever, I got a free issue of the magazine out of it.  It didn't stop people from going, it was pretty packed.


Although not as packed as last year, I wonder what that was about.  I spent a good two hours wandering around checking out stuff, chatting it up with my {NewNew} teammates as well as some other vendors. Had a Amy Sedaris sighting and STELLA from Project Runway was selling her letha goods. I didn't approach her table, she was on her cellphone looking annoyed.

I took a bunch more photos which you can check out in my Flickr set.  It was a good time and it made me wish I had another show to do before the year end but I can wait until Spring time.

Time to spend some $$$

Today I'm going to...

Picture 7

I went last year for the first and was a bit overwhelmed at how massive this show was so I think I am better prepared mentally this time around. There will be quite a few folks from The {NewNew} selling so I will be stopping by to say hello if they aren't too swamped with customers that is. I will bring my camera and take plenty of snapshots because I'll actually have the freedom to do so!

Besides browsing and visiting friends, I have prepared a list of vendors that I will be looking for and will most like drop some cash on. It is an awkward time of the year because I want to take advantage of all the sales going on but at the same time, by birthday is creeping up along with Christmas and I don't know who is getting me what for when so I have to refrain from spending too much.  We'll see what I come home with!

Goodbye Bettie Page

50s pin-up queen Bettie Page dies

When I first heard about Bettie Page suffering from a heart attack and placed on life support last week, I knew it was only a matter of days before her passing.  This morning, this link was sent to me and the tears came pouring out.  I knew it was coming, and I was already preparing in my head what I exactly I wanted to say about this wonderful woman on my blog.


I learned about who Bettie Page was 11 years ago after watching a documentary about her. I've seen her image for many years before but never knew the woman behind her beautiful smile.  I fell in love with her. I joined her fan club, The Bettie Scouts of America, I had to own as many Bettie Page items as possible, but had to stop because there was just too many.


For a short while I ran a tribute website to Bettie Page too.  If my hair wasn't so curly, I would have rocked the Bettie Bang look too but I couldn't.  To this day I still carry a Bettie Page pocket mirror in my purse. It's old, it's beat up looking, the corners are peeling off but I will not get rid of it.  It would infuriate me when friends would ask "Was she a porn star?" Sure they didn't know any better but there was more to her than just bondage photos.   She was christen so many titles, Queen Of Pinups, Queen of Curves, she truly was royalty to me.


After she went into seclusion, she had no idea the resurgence that occurred with her image starting in the 80s.  She resurfaced again a few years ago when she attended a party at the Playboy Mansion and photos started appearing on the internet.   This was a big deal because no one had seen her for years.


In the E! True Hollywood Story about her, she was interviewed in a shadow because she did not want her fans to see her as she currently looked, she just wanted them to remember her as she once was.  Seeing this photo just warmed my heart.  One, she still looked beautiful, two, she still had the bangs, and three she wearing a flannel shirt to the Playboy Mansion!!! :)

After hitting some bumps in her life, professionally and personally, I take comfort knowing that within the last few years she was able to witness just how much of an impact she has left on SO many people all over the world.   When I first started writing this post, I had tears in my eyes and I had to stop a once or twice just to compose myself.   Now as I look back on all these photos of her throughout the internet and remembering how excited I was learning about this wonderful woman, I feel joy and celebrate the life she lived and the impact she had on me.

I love you Bettie! I'll always carry you with me, not just as a mirror, but in my heart.