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Marilyn P. Sushi

Marilyn P. Sushi
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Monday was a rough day for me. So what does the bf do? Gives me a late Valentine's Day present. I just couldn't contain myself, I started crying like a baby. I was so moved, I can't really begin to describe it. He's the best. And look at her? That's me!!!! And I like the top, I gotta find one that looks like it.


It is so crazy cliche but I need this right now.  Things took a downturn QUICK at this new *temporary* job. I have to keep telling myself that this is only a temp gig and even if they were to offer me the position, I don't think I would accept it.   This is not a job for one person.  The person before me said this, they didn't listen to her, why would they listen to me? So I'm looking again. I'm not leaving until I either find something else (with benefits because that's what I need!!!), or they get rid of me, or I win the Lotto. But I don't play Lotto so there ya have it!

I at least hope this weekend is a success.

Hudson Valley Social Pariah Festival 2009


Here it is! My first show of the year!

The First Annual Hudson Valley Social Pariah Festival to benefit The Pitch for Kids Fund will take place at The Holiday Inn, Rt.9, Fishkill, NY. Saturday, Feb. 28th, 2009 from 2-10 pm. Five dollars admission.  The show is 18+. 

This is not your typical craft show.  It will be showcasing local artist, musicians, and vendors and I'm really excited to be a part of this event and all the proceeds go to charity.  Make sure you click the MySpace to see who else is going to be there!

New Neckware

I recently added these two necklaces but didn't get a chance to blog about it. They are available in both the Etsy and DaWanda shops.


Nesting BIrds

This is the second necklace I have made.  I made the first for the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade and it sold so I never got a chance to post it.


Mona Lisa Smile

Happy President's Day

Here in the US, today is President's Day which means schools, offices, banks, and the post office are closed and I get to stay home! I wanted to look for some fun President's Day related items to showcase and surely I was not disappointed.



George Washington Ring from You Are My Sunshine

But it is our 16th President who seems to have become a pop-culture icon in the last few years.  It's sexy to dig Lincoln.

Abe1 Abe2

Shirt and tote bag from Nontrendy


Necklace from Sweetheart Sinner


Here's another necklace from Schmutzerland

Or maybe you want to splurge a little and purchase this bracelet from Tarina Tarantino


Be Your Own Valentine


I said it last year and I will say it again, I love all of you who come and pay me a visit here at Pulp Sushi.   I hope all of you receive some extra special love today, whether it's from a significant other, friend, family member, or a random act of kindness from a stranger.

Be kind to yourself too.  Did you know that the theme this month at The {NewNew} team blog is "Be Your Own Valentine"?


Great ideas on how to show a little extra love to yourself, whether it's buying a pretty necklace or making yourself some yummy Chocolate Pudding Cakes. Check it out!

I was looking through Etsy's Gift Guide for "My Funny Valentine" and there's some really cute items I wanted to share..


Card from Cracked Designs


Necklace from Pretty Girl Things

Notebook from ScribbleNation


Photo print from The Eye

Despite the vibe you may get from these picks, I'm actually in good spirits today. Cheers! 

Yelp Me!

Picture 3

Meet my latest addiction (besides checking Facebook), it's  A website that allows you to write reviews to just about any place your heart desires.  My profile is and I'm looking for new friends. :)  The real shock is my boyfriend is on this too and he Yelps more than me!  Oh yeah that's a new word too....I'm gonna yelp about this tonight! We're dorks.

Canary Spring

Canary Spring
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Good morning everyone and Happy Saturday! A new necklace was added to the shop today, Canary Spring. I am SO done with this cold weather and snow and ice and muckity muck.

I never realized just how much free time I had when I was working at Newsweek. Now that I am not there anymore, I can say that's where I worked. Anyway, I spent a lot of time during the day doing Etsy/DaWanda business whether it's posting on the forums, MySpace, blogging, etc. What a plus! When I left in August I had nothing but time to promote the shops 24/7 but even that didn't roll in enough money to support myself completely. Now that I am working again at a new place, I have just about NO time to do those thing, which is ok, I like to work and be busy, it makes the day go quicker.

So what did I do? I got a new toy. I love playing with it and it is so nice to check email in the morning on the way to work or coming home. I'm loving it, I am. I can't believe it!