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Flickr Favorites

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Here's a pop of color for ya!

Flickr Favorites 04.29.2009

1. j-maple (TtV365-127), 2. Grab a cat by the tail., 3. plastic rainbow, 4. Yozakura#7, 5. il_430xN.64608241, 6. YES, 7. New Etsy Totebag, 8. Indonesian pose doll, 9. Serendipity of clan Tynker Up Close and Personal 2009 Arizona Renaissance Festival, 10. Bridget, 11. KiTsCh CaMeO ApPEaRaNcE, 12. Star Wars Speakeasy., 13. Finial (TtV365-66), 14. camelia, 15. red couch, 16. red couch, 17. A biscuit to rule your heart., 18. Cupcake Soap (Passionfruit Guava WHipped CP), 19. 2009.02.05 :: 03, 20. Three Happy Hearts, 21. How much mushroom, 22. Heart Brooch, 23. Kiss Me - Cake Ring, 24. Sweet Melody, 25. # tombo de cores Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Happy Hump Day!

Getting through another week and I wanted to share some more necklaces that have been added to the shop recently, two of them today...


Shoot For the Stars

Is it a corny play on words? I don't care! I love it!


Sherbert Season

I love all of my necklaces but I really love this one, so much that I had to model it.


Oscar with Cherry Blossom

Perfect for April!

All items also available at the DaWanda shop.  Well I gotta get back and work on some more items. The Spring Handmade Cavalcade is next Saturday! May is gonna be busy busy busy!

I'm Still Alive


Friday morning I wrote a tweet saying Don't feel so good. Gonna lay down for a bit and I was out of it for the rest of the day. Turns out I had some nasty stomach bug that totally kicked my ass Friday. I'll spare you the details.  I was able to leave the house Saturday and enjoy some derby action but barely. I still did not have a lot of energy.   By Sunday I was truly able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we had in New York. Just my luck, the first really nice weekend we've had in a while and my stomach decides it's time to clean itself out and I'm at it's mercy. 

So here's a quickie post, things will be back to normal by tomorrow.

AND YES I will announce the winner to the GIVEAWAY tomorrow instead of today. Too much to catch up with.

New Necklaces & Icing!

Gunberry3 Hrtlock3

The heart & key necklace can be found in Etsy and DaWanda<---which I am participating in the 11% OFF Spring Special....11%, what an odd number, not my idea.  The strawberry and gun necklace has already sold before I got a chance to post it but I wanted to show it off anyway. Maybe I'll make another one?

I added another event  to the calendar. I will be selling at Artist & Fleas in McCarren Park in Brooklyn on May 16th. I'm sharing a tent with Nordea from Nordea's Soaperie.   Outdoor events scare me because of the weather. A&F has been around for a few years and will be launching their outdoor market next month on top of their regular market and Vintage Market.   May is gonna be quite busy with the in-person selling.  I've been spending a lot of time in Brooklyn lately, geez! Unfortunately, that seems to be the DIY hotspot in NYC. It is pretty non-existant outside of that which can be frustrating. I know there is a need for it.

Have you checked out Indie Icing? You should....

Picture 2

I am just smitten by the lovely things they said about Pulp Sushi and there is a special offer for IC readers.

**Don't forget to check out the GIVEAWAY I posted about yesterday!



Yes! I am having my very first giveaway! 

Would you like to own this necklace from Pulp Sushi? Read on!

This is a silver plated ball chain necklace with a hollow star pendant, it's light weight and 18 inches long.  This item is not available in my shops.  Other little *surprises* will be included with the prize. :)

TO WIN: Simply leave a comment in this post and tell me what you like about this item, or what you have in your closet that this necklace would look great with, or mention this giveaway on your Twitter or blog and leave me a link so I can check it out.  I'm pretty flexible. :)

You have until Sunday, April 26, 11:59 pm to enter.   Winner will be announced on Monday April 27th so make sure you leave an email so I can reach you!

Flair For Your Hair

I've been wanting to wear more cuteness in my hair lately, maybe to distract how messed up it's been looking. A cute flower will class up any do right? So consider this a Friday Etsy Finds entry + 1 DaWanda item. :)


How pretty are these Silk Roses from Brook Owens? She also has a lot of felt flower headbands too.  Speaking of felt...


These Juicy Raspberry Hair Clips from Friendly Banter are too cute. She makes them in many colors too.


How about a knitted flower from NYCrochet made with recycled yarn?  Also a fellow {NewNew} team member.


All of the hair pieces from Jammerdesignz are fun and daring. Also a member of the Crafting In Color Etsy Team.


Taking one from DaWanda, here is a pretty bouquet. I love the color and the photo looks like something out of a bridal magazine.

New This Week at Pulp Sushi

For someone who is unemployed, I sure am friggin' busy during the day.  I swear the days go faster now than when I was working. How does that happen?  Trying to keep your Etsy/DaWanda shops updated can be very time consuming. Then again if you're too lazy to post updates on your blog, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Stylehive, Kaboodle, various Ning groups, on top of looking for a job, then I guess you'd have more time to nap on the couch and flip channels.  My tv is not even on during the day! Crazy!

So what's new? Let me show you!


Love Gun earrings.  Any gun items in my shop I name it Love Gun thanks to KISS.  The colors in this pair are so fun!


Royal Buck necklace. I've been holding on to this pendant for a while trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it.  Did I want to go bead crazy like I did with my Frog & Fish? Nah, I kept it simple because it's so pretty, didn't want to draw attention away from it.


It's a Cupcake Ring! I'm very excited to have found a way to replicate this charm so now I will be able to offer it in other fun colors. Stay tuned for that!

This evening I'm heading to the city to help out with some Spring Handmade Cavalcade planning and prepping. Not quite sure what I'm going to be doing just yet but I'm sure it will involve some folding and glueing and cutting. 

Speaking of The {NewNew}, today on the blog you will find a post from yours truly.  This month's theme is Earth Day and how to find new uses for old items but it's also about enjoying the Earth and nature itself, which is where my entry comes in.  Make sure you go take a peek, especially if you're in the NY area!

Picture 2

BIM recap and new goodies

I was so looking forward to selling at the Brooklyn Indie Market again this past Saturday, unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and it was a washout.  Thankfully I was in a huge tent that kept everything dry but it kept a lot of folks indoors most of the day so I didn't have many sales. Maybe being a holiday weekend was a factor too? 

At least I was in very good company with sellers like Wabisabi, LuCrafts, and Nine Cakes (yum!!).  I was starting to think that me and BIM just aren't meant to be but NO I would love to do it again. I love the idea behind this market and it is in a great location that is pretty easy to get to where I live (it took us under an hour to get there).  I hope I can do more dates in the Summer after I move (lease is up at the end of June).  My first time there was COLD, this time was wet and a little chilly.  Maybe a 3rd time will be the charm?

Naturally the sun starts to come out as everyone is packing up, thanks for showing up Sun! *shakes fist*  I did try on a bunch of cool hats from Rocks & Salt and got some delish cupcakes out of the day. We stayed in the city that night so later on in the  evening, the boyfriend and I tried a burger place in the city that lived up to the hype. :)

With BIM behind me, it is now time to prepare for the next show, the Spring Handmade Cavalcade with The {NewNew} team which means it will wreak of awesomeness.   Lots more stuff to make!! 

I added two new items in the Etsy and DaWanda shop today, why don't you take a looksie?

Spice3 Midnightcherry4