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Yesterday at The Flea

Wanted to post about my experience at the Brooklyn Flea yesterday.  We got up early, left on time and was doing pretty good on time travel wise. Then we hit this unexpected traffic and sat there for 20 minutes at a snails pace. Not sure why. But eventually we get there.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone else I was selling with was already set up.  Like I mentioned previously I shared a tent with Alexandra Ferguson and WarpeDesign


IMG_8322 IMG_8319

We had a good time and were neighbors with Jantar, and Nordea's Soaperie


It makes the day so much nicer when you are with good company.  Especially when sales are S.L.O.W.  It wasn't just for me, it was all of us.  It didn't seem like folks where in the Handmade mood yesterday.  There was definitely a lot of foot traffic. A lot of folks came by, checked out our stuff, tried on some items, took business cards, left positive feedback, but not too many sales. 

While it was great to be outside and snack on some yummy flea market food and chat it up with friends, to only come out of it only making your booth fee back after the hassle we had to get there, I felt a bit frustrated.   A lot of my friends either live in Brooklyn or a lot closer to these spots than I do.   I'm not in the position to do these markets weekly and build some kind of following of customers who know where to find me on a regular basis. And it's a pain to drive to. Manhattan only has two highways to get through the island and reach Brooklyn - and they both suck.  Being that I just got my license and don't have a car, I still rely on my boyfriend to drive me to these markets.  While he enjoys keeping me company and checking things out, it takes it toll on him too.

I am more successful at one time shows that are promoted like events like the Cavalcade, not at weekly markets.  It is hard when other sellers who sell at these markets regularly say "You should do it! Your stuff will do well here!" and that doesn't end up being the case.  Plus I was next to a woman selling vintage jewelry for $5-10.

I've sold a few times in these markets and the only one I still have good feelings about is Artist & Fleas. I've only done it once and when I did, I didn't make that much of a profit but am wiling to try it again (July!).  So I have to question is it worth continuing to put in the cost of gas and travel to do these markets if I am barely breaking even?  

Brooklyn Flea tomorrow

Just another friendly reminder that tomorrow I will be at the...

Here is a neat slideshow from their website of what to expect...

I will be there selling with the following {NewNew} folks: Alexandra Ferguson, WarpeDesign, Jantar, and Nordea's Soaperie.

Say you're not in New York, ok, are you in Philadelphia? A bunch of The {NewNew} designers will be at Art Star Craft Bazaar!  Looks like it's gonna be a good time.  Maybe I'll apply next time. :)

Picture 2

Last, here's some new items that have been added


My Love Bird set and Charming London necklace.   It's not too often I put together a set, actually, I think this is my first one (???).   Have a great weekend everyone! Check back on Monday for a special announcement! :)

Time for a change

In chains!  I just received some new chains that I ordered.  Looking to try something a little different with my  necklaces and see how it works. I'm using different sizes and styles.  You can compare the older (larger links) with the new.



Not that there's anything wrong with the older chains, they are still great.  Just thought I'd try something a little different.

New Neckware

Greetings! I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend (in the States that is).  I spent a few days away just enjoying some time away from my noisy neighbors. Still taking care of business though. My work is never done.  I posted some new necklaces that I'm super happy about...


Hard Candy because I revised my old Hot Pink beaded necklace.  I wanted to do more to it and give it a better chain.


Garden of Zen is just a pretty pretty pretty piece using more jade beads that I just love.  It wears really nicely too.

Getting things ready for The Brooklyn Flea this Saturday.  It will be my first time doing this market and I think it's gonna be a fun day.    I'm also looking into doing another market in Rosendale, NY, I just gotta get my paperwork in. Stay tuned!

The latest @ Pulp Sushi

Black1Pirate4 Pink1 

A whole lot of fun stuff is going on at the shops this week.  Behold my new Gumball Rings and my Walk The Plank necklace.  That sword is badass! I gasped when I saw it. Ever come across something and knew EXACTLY what you wanted to do with it? I love when that happens.  Makes the work much easier and smoother to do. Click the images for a larger view or visit any of the three shops for more details. 

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I will not be around too much.  Monday is a holiday which means no shipping.  I am anxiously awaiting to receive some supplies I have ordered.  Oh! Sunday I'm going to this HUGE flea market and gonna keep an eye out for some funky finds. Sometimes I'm not so lucky.  Here's hoping that changes.   I've been to this a few times before and able to find a few cool things.  I'm also gonna scope it out as a possible vendor.   It's tricky with flea markets sometimes.

Color me SEDUCED!

After I joined 1000Markets, I wanted to get an idea of how their checkout system works (awesome btw if you have an account with So I made my first purchase. It was soap, naturally.


I purchased a bar of Black Raspberry Vanilla soap (can we say YUM?) from The Soap Seduction, sexy.  When my package arrived, I squeaked and squealed.


Who isn't a sucker for nice packaging and presentation? Look, a free soap dish!  I can't wait to start using it!

Good weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry if I seem extra perky this morning but I think I slept for 12 hours last night after I came home from my mini-vacation to Brooklyn ha ha!  Dog sitting was a success and no one got hurt.  Saturday I spent the day at McCarren Park selling at Artist & Fleas


A very big THANK YOU to Nordea from Nordea's Soaperie for allowing me to share her space (and tent!) and for the overall wonderful company. She had me smiling all day.  Plus I got to smell her soaps all day. :)


There she is! She was asked by a couple of film students if they can shoot a segment with her. She can't say no to the camera, she's a natural.

I was next to another member of The {NewNew}, Better Than Jam


By the end of the day I couldn't resist it any longer and purchased one of her dresses...


I wore it out to dinner later than night.   Sales were ok. I sold a few items but the overall experience of selling in this market was a lot of fun and I plan to be back in July. 

On Sunday I checked out the Park Slope 5th Avenue Street Fair, also in Brooklyn.  Tried to visit all the {NewNew} folks selling at this fair too.   I caught up with Kimm from Kimmchi and Maryanne from Wabisabi Brooklyn.


Free mini cupcake with purchase? That's insane!!  I ate some really unhealthy but really tasty street fair food and survived.

Well it's back to work for me. New necklace was added today...


Black Lightning is listed at Etsy, 1000Markets, and DaWanda.


London Fog Necklace

London2 London3

I came across this Big Ben pendant and knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it. I was very giddy when I put this necklace together.  It is available at Etsy, DaWanda, and 1000Markets.

As I mentioned previously, I will be dogsitting this weekend in Brooklyn but Saturday will be very a busy day. I will be at the Artist & Fleas Market in McCarren Park from 10 am to 6 pm. I will be sharing a tent with fellow NewNew teammate, Nordea's Soaperie so if you are in the Williamsburg area, swing on by, say hello! Check out all of the sellers who will be there and the Farmer's Market next door. :)

Sunday in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn there's going to be their annual Fifth Avenue Street Fair where a bunch of other NewNew sellers will be so I'm hoping to check that out. Maybe buy some Funnel Cake...mmmm...Funnel Cake.

New earrings

Cherrymocha2 Pinkbird2

Two pairs of earrings were added the other day to the shops.

Oh! I haven't shared my big news (unless you're on my Twitter and Facebook) but last Friday I passed my road test and finally got my drivers license!   When i will actually have a car of my own? Who knows.  But that's a big step! I'm very happy about it. :)

This weekend I will be heading back down to Brooklyn. Not only to sell in McCarren Park as part of the Artists & Fleas market, but to also dog sit this little guy...

Picture 2

So I'll be hanging out in Brooklyn all weekend. He's as serious as he looks.

Spring Handmade Cavalcade - The Day After

Actually two days after since I only did the Saturday date. I totally regret not signing up for both dates now.  Saturday was so much fun and we had a great turnout.


One of the few photos I took during the day to show the customers.  I loved the space, The Bell House is pretty awesome and everyone was happy. You can't fail at an event hosted by The {NewNew}. We also had the folks from Etsy and Yelp (our major sponsors) there and a lovely charity table for Bread & Life.





Here was a shot of my booth before the day really got started. Always a work in progress. It was Mother's Day weekend but it seemed most of my customers were buying for themselves. I'm happy for every sale I have but I was especially happy to see my Spice Of Life necklace sell, it's one of my more expensive pieces (considering my price range).


I really enjoy selling in person. Even when people just stop to look at my items without buying, it still makes me feel good to see people taking the time out to even look. Sometimes they will compliment but still not buy. That makes me happy too. :)

Doing it all again next Saturday! Artist & Fleas - where I'll be sharing a tent with Nordea's Soaperie - - whose soap I picked up for Mom's Day. :) We'll be at McCarren Park, Williamburg, Brooklyn, NY.  Fingers crossed we'll have nice weather. After the Brooklyn Indie Market, I don't want to work in any more cold, damp, wet conditions.