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What's that?

Wow it is really bright outside.  I'm seeing shadows being cast from trees, people walking around wearing big dark glasses, oh wait, they're sunglasses which means the sun is finally out! It has been so long old friend! And just in time too, I'm going to a BBQ later this afternoon, actually it's being dubbed a "Pie Party" by the fire pit but I know there will be burgers involved.

I totally missed this but my submission to Heart Handmade was posted the other day.

Picture 2

Have you recently scored a handmade item that you're just crazy to tell everyone about? Drop Marichelle a line and she'll share it everyone.

Here are two of my latest necklaces added to

London3 Beetle1

Here was my attempt to take pictures using an art desk lamp. What do you think?

Oh! Don't forget, *FREE SHIPPING* ends next week!!!


I know I totally shouldn't be writing a blog entry right now, but it is the only way I can think of looking busy at work when there is absolutely no work to do. I know it will not always be this way but when it is, it kills me. Especially when you're working in a cubicle that doesn't have that much privacy.  I like to work, I just don't like feeling like my time is spent wasting away.

So yeah, this temporary assignment I am working on is ok. It is pretty easy money, although I wish it was just a little bit more money but I shouldn't complain. Some people can't even say they have that right now. I try to be thankful for the position I am in and look on the bright side but it sometimes can require more work than I feel like putting in. I'm still struggling, thinking about looking for a 2nd job, something part-time - even though finding a 1st job has not been going so great. Hoping my three upcoming show dates will help things out a little.   There will be a Fall Handmade Cavalcade in September which I am working on but more details on that will come later.

The weather in New York has been ridiculous this month. It has been the wettest June in NY history I think. The sun has barely shown itself and I think it's affecting my mood, S.A.D if you will. I have made some new items that I need to photograph for the shops but the natural light I am so dependant on has been non-existent. I need a backup plan.

So I was browsing online looking for something to daydream about to pass the time....


My dream bedroom growing up (still is). I can lay here and read all day.


I am not even a beach person but right now, I'll take it! Preferably a private one.


A piece of carrot cake makes everything much better.

That is all for now.

I'm back!

Yes I'm really back from an extra long weekend away from the computer, away from neighbors, just AWAY! I didn't go too far. Just apartment-sat for my parents while they were on their trip to Puerto Rico.   Let's see, there was a trip to the Intrepid Museum..


I have eaten many breakfast sandwiches on the pier next to this ship, finally got to get on it.

Also checked out The Big Apple BBQ Block Party...


Yeah, about that...Well, the lines were just way too long.  So me and the bf got a couple of $2.00 hot dogs, sat on a bench and enjoyed the live music.   It was still a good time.  Overall, it was a weekend of a lot of serious unhealthy and decadent eating and a freebie order of a dozen wings! W00t!   Which reminds me, I gotta update my Yelp account, it's been a while since I've reviewed anything. I have a bunch of places bookmarked.

Oh yes, I have new items in the shop, like this necklace


You can check it out on Etsy, DaWanda, and 1000 Markets.   I'm in an insect kind of mood so expect to see buggy bugs soon. :)

It's all about Chipmunks!

Growing up a city girl, the only chipmunks I've ever seen were in animation form...

 CartoonChip and Dale Alvin-and-the-chipmunks

Now that I moved to the 'burbs and started walking the trails, they're all I see and they are just so super cute. I just want to pick them up and put them in my pocket.

I know Owls and Deers (even the Octopus hee hee!) are the cool indie animals but dang it, Chipmunks need some love too.


A vase from Laura Walls Taylor.


Cute Acrylic art from Kmwatkins.


Chipmunk Sidekick Bandit toy from Violastudios.


Pair of hairpins from Posh Totty Designz


Chipmunk with bandaged ear by Poor Dog Farm. The rumor is that this Chipmunk, (much to the love of Van Gogh) cut off his ear and gave it to a prostitute Chipmunk....  (from the item description).

EYE Like it!


I was thinking about KnitKnit's eyeball earrings recently and thinking just how cool yet creepy they are.  Why are eyeballs so creepy anyway? We need them! To see!!! They're very important. We should respect our eyes a little more. So lets celebrate those googly wonky windows to the soul....


Ok so this print from SirMitchell might be a little disturbing to some.  I think it's kinda cute.


Brown Eye Ghoul hair pin from Cute and Creepy Inc.


Pattern from These Lovely Hands

Ok so maybe this post has taken a turn towards the warped side.  Don't want to scare anyone away from coming back. So I will leave you with something super cute.


Tease the Wafting Wildflower from Fluffly Flower


Pulp Sushi spotted in Brownstoner

In The {NewNew} tent Yup, that's me, working hard, or hardly working. Seated beside my lovely assistant. :)

Just a quickie update. I started a long term temporary assignment so I am working 9 to 5 again.  It will be for a few months.  I will still update the blog regularly, maybe not every day, but a few times a week.

June is Free Shipping month!


Later this month (June 26) will mark THREE YEARS since I first opened my shop on Etsy.   To celebrate, I'm once again offering FREE SHIPPING to everyone, everywhere, for the entire month only at

What was the first item I sold? It was four weeks after I opened the shop...


My Brown Sugar notepad. I sold a few notepads and marble magnet sets in the beginning before I transitioned to jewelry.  For many years I tried to find my creative outlet. I tried many things, fashion design, music, drawing, photography then the craft bug bit me and took me in a totally different direction.  Making jewelry? Never saw it coming. :)