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Yay or Nay?

The other day I posted a poll on my LiveJournal about an idea that was floating around my head and I'd like to get as many people's HONEST opinion as possible.

You can check it out here:

Please don't feel like you're hurting my feelings if you think it's too over the top. I am feeling completely 100% neutral about it. Yes, I have been thinking about trying to make more brooches with a quirky spin to it, maybe just not this?

How do you say 'Sushi' in Spanish anyway?

I currently work in an office where many languages are spoken.   I am recruiting for jobs in other countries and the resumes I receive are from people who speak several different languages fluently.  I was born and raised in the States but my parents came here from Puerto Rico.  I wasn't the best student in my Spanish classes because the Spanish they taught was from Spain and it is not the same dialect as what I am familiar with.

Growing up, my parents spoke to my brother and I in Spanish while we responded in English.  Speaking Spanish was never really encouraged in my house.  My Spanish is ok, I don't speak it much and when I do, sometimes it flows and other times I'm stumbling over my words.  I always tend to surprise my friends when they hear me speak it.  Sometimes I surprise myself but I still  have a lot to learn.

I've been trying on my own to understand it better (spanish television is really a challenge).  My reading is better than I thought it would be.  I wanted to share some beautiful Spanish blogs you may want to visit.

Picture 1

Minipupu is bilingual which helps. :) And they also have an Etsy shop with whimsical art.

Picture 5

Pop Fantastic


The above image may look familiar.  I use it as my Etsy & Twitter avatar and it's suppose to be me, about to chow down on a nice piece of sushi.   And even though she knows I am super grateful for this image, I wanted to take this opportunity to give her proper credit.  My lovely friend Susan Canaday Henry drew this for me a couple of years ago and I still love her.  Susan is a lovely and talent woman who I met through mutual friends.  It was her ability to make some awesome drinks and a mutual love for Duran Duran that kept us friends....and there's more to it.   

Susan is a very talented artist living in NYC.

Picture 6

I love her style.  I totally dig the retro feel to her work.  Makes me think of my childhood watching Tex Avery cartoons. :)

Picture 8

You can see more of her lovely work at and read her blog at

She is also the proud owner of my Creamsicle Key necklace, I have a picture of her wearing it with a big smile on face. I would post it, but I won't embarrass her. :)

Egyptian Scarab

I hate bugs but this is awesome!

Hee hee!  This is exactly what I was going for when I made my new Egyptian Scarab necklace.  The above is a comment someone left for this photo on Flickr.   Even though it is the middle of July - although it doesn't quite feel it today, I'm starting to think of Fall, my favorite time of the year. This necklace makes me think of Fall...maybe not to you, but that's ok, as long as you think it's awesome.


Say goodbye to Oscar

Yes, it's true. I have decided over the weekend that the Oscar necklaces still available in my shop will be the last. 

I have marked these three necklaces down which is pretty much a steal!

Truth is, I don't want to make octopus necklaces anymore. I still want to make Octopus stuff. You may see him again reincarnated as something else (stay tuned). I am actually gonna try to work on something tonight.

Artist & Fleas Saturday was ok. The weather was nicer than expected however it was windy all day which was murder for all of the vendors fighting to keep their tents standing and their merch from tipping over. I lost count of how many times I had to re-setup my display to the point where I had to put away my Sushette head and lay most of my items flat. I was hating the way my table was looking and packed up a little early. The park seemed kinda dead.  Not to say it wasn't a good time. I had a nice time spending the day with Nordea once again and I got to go home with a few of her lovely soaps in exchange with one of my necklaces. I don't trade often, but I needed me some soap.

I've also decided that it is a lot of hassle for me to sell at these Brooklyn markets. The hassle in travelling in contrast to the amount of money I take home at the end of the day just doesn't seem worth it. I wouldn't mind selling at a weekly market if I was closer to one.  Only if there will be another Handmade Cavalcade will I make the trip down there again. It sucks but you gotta come to decisions like this sometimes when you realize something is not working out for you.

East Of Eden

P3014981 To say that my brain has been frazzled lately is an understatement.   Half of the time I don't even know what day of the week is it any more. 

I am in the middle of co-coordinating another Handmade Cavalcade for the Fall. I am in charge of getting sponsors. You'd think it would be easy since The {NewNew} is so awesome, but it is still a lot of work.  Between this and other stressors I will spare you the details from, I have found an escape, be it a temporary one.  A nice mental break from my worries.

Last Summer I was on a serious Gabriel Garcia Marquez kick.  This Summer, I wanted to re-discover the classics.  Excuse me, I'm not re-discovering since I never read them in the first place.   My first choice is East Of Eden.  Thanks to Bookins, I received a pretty jacked up copy - still only the cost of shipping so I can't complain on the condition. 

Every morning and every night I allow my mind to go back in time and read about much more simpler (???) time.   Maybe not so simple if you know the story, yikes!  Drama!!! So far I am really enjoying it and I think these 600 pages will go by fast. 

Coming Soon!!! Project Runway Recaps!!!

Picture 4

Picture me, if you will, bouncing up and down in my chair as I type this, stopping occasionally to flap my hands excitingly. My last Project Runway entry was back on October 16, 2008. It has been way too long if you ask me.  I just came across the new PR website on the Lifetime Channel website.   I wonder if we will notice a difference between this show and what was shown on Bravo? I totally gave up on The Fashion Show btw. I think I watched 2 episodes and realized that I just didn't care.   But soon I will be able to bring back my PR blog entry tags and throwing out my 2 cents.  What I like, who I hate. I can't wait!!!

Handmade Highway

Picture 2

I wanted to share with everyone a new way to bring more business your shops.  The Handmade Highway was made for customers, sellers, and retail buyers of handmade goods.  If you are looking for consignment, wholesale, bulk discounts, blog features or custom orders, HH will serve as your one stop place for bloggers and other businesses to find you.  I joined the other day and am already impressed in the amount of work Lori is putting into this. 

The goal of HH is to merge the breadth of the handmade community onto one road so everyone knows right where to find us.

Allow me to plug my little page here hee hee!