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PR Recap

Took a break from packing (or not packing....I'm procrastinating) to watch some PR.  Still getting use to them being in LA and not recognizing any of the streets. 

Another pregnancy challenge, they have done this before right? Or am I losing it? Ra'mon talking about not playing it safe, I think everyone did except for Malvin but honestly, I didn't think his outfit was that bad...minus the feathers.

PR2 -a

I think the wrong person went home this week. Back to back fail for Mitchell.

I loved the winning dress. I knew Shirin was going to win once I saw the choice of lining for her jacket. 

PR2 -b

Another outfit I liked was Louise of course, I'm really liking her style.  Maybe this dress could have been alittle bit longer. Great color!




Well it's the big weekend for my move and hopefully will have internet access again early next week.  I am really looking forward to moving to a new town, new stores, new scenery, EVERYTHING NEW!  I needed a change. I hope to share more once I get settled in, check out the local Farmer's Market, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. and bring my camera with me when I go out (b/c the one on my phone is pretty crappy).  I would like to incorporate more non-business entries here since it will be a little slow on the shop front.  Hope I'll still keep your interest. :) 

In the meantime, I finally got to take better pictures of this necklace.  I really hated the last photos I took. 


LuckYou Handmade

I read about this new Etsy shop on SFgirlbybay, from South Africa. I was so taken aback by her beautiful brooches, I wanted to share them here.

Picture 8

Picture 9

You can also check out Sarah's cute blog by visiting

Today is my eight year (Yes, 8)  anniversary with my boyfriend. We're going out tonight for some SUSHI at the best sushi spot in the area.  Sad that it will probably be our last time going there.  I don't anticipate us spending much time in Westchester after we leave.  I'm sure we'll find one where we are moving to. :)

This Week

Just a heads up that this week I will be doing a lot of packing.  I will be moving next weekend and the updates may be a little scarce.  I will be leaving Tarrytown and heading further up north New York state to Fishkill, NY


I will be about 15 minutes away from Beacon, NY (home of the Fall Handmade Cavalcade *ahem*) and about 1,000 hours from New York City.  Okay I exaggerate.  I will still commute to Manhattan every day for work, we're talking maybe an 80 train ride.  Am I crazy? Yes.  But then again, I know folks who endure 2+ hour bus rides from Pennsylvania to NYC every day.

I will leave my shop open but there won't be as many updates, probably not until after the Beacon show.  I do have one piece I would like to show that I have recently added.


Another beautiful brass Dragonfly necklace with really light mint green hand-beading.   Available now also at DaWanda and 1000Markets

PR Recap!!!

Like many people, I needed a PR fix BAD.  That poor imitation Bravo put out, The Fashion Show, only lasted 2 episodes in my home.  Nothing against Isaac Mizrahi. Its just that everyone else on that show sucked.  I wasn't too keen on their voting/judging process.  And who is Kelly Rowland to say anything anyway??? But enough about that junk.

I was worried about the show moving to Lifetime, I don't know anyone who watches this channel.  Isn't this the channel of over the top made for TV dramas about domestic violence and how to talk to your teen daughter? Or am I thinking of the Oxygen Channel?

So the show seems exactly the same except it's in Los Angeles. My early favorites so far are Louise Black, Christopher Straub, and Shirin Askari.  Christopher won the first challenge creating a "Red Carpet" look.

Project+Runway+Season+6+Episode+1+Christopher+Straub+0 copy

Not exactly my favorite of the bunch but I can appreciate what he was going for (MTV Awards red carpet, not The Oscars).  While I think it's great that he has had no formal training whatsoever, let's hope he doesn't have to remind us of that every week.  It's a natural talent!

I'm so glad that Ari Fish chick got booted.  I don't know if I could handle any more of her too-far-out-there ideas.


Yeah, ok.

I miss Stella.

Overall, I think we're off to a good start! But poor Johnny, my  man needs to get a grip.  Seeing tears within the first 15 minutes of the show, wow.

Did anyone catch the PR All-Star Challenge before? Korto was definitely robbed.  She is go great! I would love to own one of her dresses.

P.S. I am not digging the PR website on

Less than a month away!

Doesn't this flier just put you in the mood for some hot apple cider on a nice crisp day? Meanwhile I have my A/C crankin' as I type this but I can dream yes?

Looking forward to doing another fun Handmade Cavalcade in Beacon, NY.  An easy train ride up the Hudson River and a nice way to spend the day away from the city.  We will also have members of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team representin'.  Last year's show was so much fun, I expect nothing less this this year.

I plan to feature some of the vendors for this show in the next coming weeks.

New necklaces

A little something different from the bold and the bugs.  Let's keep it pretty.



Etsy // DaWanda

Some more pictures have been posted from Rust Riot, you can check them out here:

I did a trade with the gals from Retro Shreds and wound up with two pretty flowers for my hair.  I just LOVED their dresses, I hope one day to have one made for me. :)

Rust Riot Recap

Like I mentioned yesterday, Sunday was a great time. The weather held out, the food was yummy, and I was in great company.

Here's a shot of me and my help.

It was a great setup and I had some excellent neighbors ( & Suburbia Roller Derby)

So what about the cars?  Flames always work for me. :)

If there could be a Pulp Sushi car, this would be it.  And I would keep the flamingo on it.


Can't wait to do it again next year!


Had a wonderful time at Rust Riot yesterday. I'm still recovering. I will post a full report tomorrow. In the meantime...

I saw this on and had to share.   I can only imagine how they taste but it would be so hard to bite into one of these beauties.  It definitely puts me in the mood for Fall, the season of changes, and change is always good no matter how you look at it.

Rust Riot

Tomorrow is my next event!

It is gonna be a good time and a fun way to spend the day. I will be in good company and overall it should be a pretty entertaining day. I hope I can get away from my booth for a little bit to take some pictures.