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Always time for flowers

Just because the weather is getting more chilly doesn't mean the flowers need to go away. Here are some of my latest items added to the shops....

Are you getting your shop ready for the holidays yet? It may still be too early to want to think about it but it'll be here before you know it. I've been making more clunky necklaces so I need to stock up on some larger boxes.

I'm getting ready for the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade in December, which is the day before the Bust Craftacular....that I actually applied for. If by some miracle I get in, I might be in alittle over my head but I don't think that would be a bad place to be in. Just gotta work even harder on the inventory.

But before the holiday rush (or if you want to get it done EARLY) here is my next event with The {NewNew}...

Wasabi & Skulls

It's an odd combo but I brought back the Mr. Loveskull earrings, just in time for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.


Here is a necklace I made a while ago but finally got a chance to list, it was foolish of me to wait so long. I really like it, plus it is pink and green!


My boyfriend totally came up with the name, Wasabi Flower. I am very bad at naming things. If it were that easy, I would just name everything "-color- necklace" and that's it.

Like I mentioned in the last entry, I have been trying to get more involved with the Hudson Valley Etsy Team.  I gave the team blog a little cosmetic makeover.  


It is still a fairly new blog but more entries are in the works so I hope you will follow and check back.  

Almost Fall

Autumn is not quite here yet. I still took advantage of the beautiful weekend we just had.


This is the view from my little porch.  My new place to take product photos, like my latest necklace: Pumpkin Spice


I just can't seem to replicate natural light to save my life.  Anyway, this is a longer strand necklace - no clasp required, reflecting the warm colors of Fall. 

I attended my first meeting with the Hudson Valley Etsy Team this past weekend. I'm really excited to have joined them and looking forward to seeing this group grow.  It is still a fairly new team so I'm excited to see it grow.

PR Recap - PAPER!

I always enjoy the non-traditional material challenges.  It's great to see how the designers react, they always freak out at first.  The right person won this week.


How adorable is this coat? I would totally wear this, if it wasn't made out of newspaper. Irinia owned this challenge, and others were making fun during the show. I'm glad she showed them. Is anyone else getting tired of Nicolas? If he spent less time talking smack about everyone and more on coming up with a nice outfit, I wouldn't think he sucked so much.  Better that Jimmy went home though. He's a liar and a crybaby (cried within the first 15 minutes of the first episode if you recall). I won't miss him.

FHC Recap

Despite the so-so weather we had, I would say the Fall Handmade Cavalcade show was a success.  The foot traffic was interesting, they almost came in waves.  Not as many as last year but I think the weather deterred some people from coming up.  Still quiet a bit of shopping was done.


I really love how we once again managed to transform a woodshop into a little shopping bazaar. It always blows people away.


There were a whole lot of babies! Babies, babies, babies!


What in the world was I thinking wearing my hair out? Humidity killed it, despite that, it was a good day for Pulp Sushi.  Of course I treated myself to some items from BlondeChick and Beyond The Picket Fence.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Saturday was also the "soft opening" for a new store in Beacon, Clay, Wood & Cotton or as some of us have started to call it, "CWAC" as in "Quack".


After FHC, some of the vendors came by to celebrate and congratulate Jon & Kristy from Beacon Bookmarks on their new adventure. 



There are still more items that will be added to the store. I need to go back and take some more pictures, preferably during the day. It's a lovely space of a storefront.

Handmade Cavalcade!

This Saturday is the day!

We will be taking part with the city of Beacon's Second Saturday festivities. Our first Fall show last year was a lot of fun so I am super excited.  View the list of vendors from the {NewNew} and the Hudson Valley Etsy Team here.   And there will be yummy treats from local sweets dealer, The Groovy Baker.

You know what else is going on in Beacon this Saturday? The grand opening of

Picture 3 

Fellow {NewNew} folks Kristy from Beacon Bookmarks and Kristen from Cakehouse are opening a storefront on Main Street in Beacon.  So if you're walking to the Cavalcade from the train, you must make a pit stop here, it's on the way!

Sneak Peek

A couple of items that will debut at the Handmade Cavalcade this weekend.


As you can see, I'm starting to get Halloween on the brain. :)  It's been a little bit of a challenge getting back into the jewelry-making frame of mind after a move. You are so overwhelmed at the amount of stuff you need to unpack that you can't think about doing anything else but that. I'm also late sending out my newsletter too (sorry!)  So I was able to break away and make some new items.  With the Fall and Winter coming, that means BIG events are afoot! 

I finally find a use for those hematite stars!

Day at the flea market

Our first full weekend in Fishkill and we wanted to take it easy.  We headed over to Stormville Flea Market just to browse around and pay a visit to Michelle at Luulay booth.   The market is not new to us, we've been checking it out for years, him longer than me.  I did score some cute beads for $1.00 and some yummy fudge. 

There were mermaids


Cute little elves that made funny noises


And some creepy stuff


Sorry! Excuse me!