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Fresh from the oven!

Well, not quite.  I wanted to share some cupcake charms you will soon see in the shop.  The mold looks familiar because I have used these charms before which I have purchased online. I didn't want to keep buying them.  The difference here is my boyfriend made a mold out of the charm, mixed up some liquid plastic, poured it in the mold and wha-la!


Now we can make as many cupcakes as we want and paint them whatever colors we like.  He has a steadier hand than me so he is also in charge of the painting.

29 Jan 2010

I wanted to have a zombie cupcake and a more normal looking cupcake.  Cupcakes never get old if you ask me.

Flickr Favorites - Valentine Colors

I love this time of the year because you start to see pink and red everywhere for Valentine's Day. That's today's Flickr Favorite inspiration. For some reason, the Target store photo seems to be my favorite.

Flickr Favorites 01.27.2010

1. Pink, 2. Pink and red balloons printed with hearts, 3. red and pink living room, 4. Red and pinks, 5. Red on pink admired, 6. Pink & Red, 7. Pink and red, 8. ♥Thinkin' Pink & Red♥, 9. Pink & Red at Target Created with fd's Flickr Toys

I was surprised this morning to wake up to SNOW! I wouldn't have minded so much if I was staying in for the day and not have to get to the train station to catch the 7:44!  This is the first winter where I've become quite fed up with the snow, no mas!


Clean! Need to be clean!!!

My latest Monday night to do activity is watching Hoarders on A&E.  It's horrible! It's exploiting other people's illnesses, but it's like a car-wreck, you HAVE to watch! It troubles me that there are enough people living like this for them to base a weekly television program on it. 

I'm not a neat freak but I do like order and organization. Did you know there is a Flickr Group called Organization Is For Squares? Look how pretty...





Cube shelves seem to be quite popular. I love them too. Too bad I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that maybe we should get something like this but he's against it. I don't get it. =/

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Ain't no party like a {NewNew} party!

Trying to catch up from the weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday in the city and away from my computer.  The {NewNew} had a after-holiday madness celebration where everyone got together to eat, drink, sing karaoke and merry.



All I can say is "Wow!" There are more to seen on my Flickr page.

Sunday was the day to catch up with some things and work on taking photos of items to add to the shop, here's what's new...

Queen of Hearts earrings, they're big, bold and PINK!


Purple Hearts bracelet, it's fuzzy. :)

Project Runway Recap

I felt good after last night's episode. How refreshing to see a challenge that was actually a CHALLENGE!  Take a potato sack and make it chic fabulousness! It's great how they included the models as the clients and they got to pick the designer they wanted to work with.  I have to say I was floored with the outcome from (most) of the designers, I was really impressed and excited.




None of these are the winning outfit but they are still nice aren't they? It's a potato sack! Amazing!

Anthony, not as annoying this week except for the high-pitch scream he let out when the model chose him for the challenge. I'm sure any dogs that were near by were freaking out at that moment.

Apple Silhouette Tags


I simply could not overlook the adorableness that is Mr. Rabbit, Sir.  The shop has been advertising here for a bit and I wanted to show everyone probably my favorite item, these super cute apple tags.  They have more one-of-a-kind vintage gift tags, glassine bags, kraft bags, ribbons, baker's twine, merchandise tags, and more. The shop belongs to Katrina from Pugly Pixel so of course you're in for some pretties.


Meet my very first blog sponsor, NomadCraftsEtc from just outside of Albuqerque, New Mexico.  Doesn't their ad remind you of donuts or is it just me? I always have dessert on my mind, I'm like Homer Simpson.


NomadCrafts are the husband and wife team that creates beautiful handcrafted glass beads.  Their eye-catching work is full of life and color.


They have an amazing extensive catalog of work that it took me a while to find which photos I wanted to share here.


If you're looking for some one of a kind pieces to add to your jewely, visit them at or become a fan of theirs on Facebook and keep up with their latest work.

New earrings for a new week & more

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. For some of you, the long weekend may still be going on as today is a holiday in the states. Not for me. I am in the office today but I am not complaining (now). I'm just happy to have a gig, even if it's a little slow.

I wanted to share some new pairs of earrings I added to the shop yesterday. Click the images for more details.



As you can see, I've been putting a lot of my flat stone beads to use. :)

Saturday was such a nice day, I just had to go out for a bit just to enjoy the day. For once, it wasn't too cold, it was dry, and the sun was out.   So we went for a walk around our neighbor town of Beacon.

Taken for my 365 project.

Project Runway Recap


I needed an extra day to let it soak in.  They are really back in New York! I don't know how it can be explained but what a difference a city background makes. There is actually an amusing review on MSNBC.  This cast already seems more interesting than the last one. 

I thought Ping Wu was kinda quirky and out there. Ari in Season 6 tried to play that weirdo, spacey part, it wasn't amusing and she was out in the first episode. Not Ping Wu! I wanna see what she does next, even if it's god-awful.

Picture 3

I did NOT appreciate all the crying from Janeane Marie, seriously, it was 10:01 and she was already crying about the possibility of going to Bryant Park.  No lie! Check my tweet!  And then I think there were two more times she brought out the tears. Whatever.  You know who else I don't care for, Anthony.  Sure his interviews are funny but in the workroom and for elimination, tone it down a little bit.  I hope his overreacting isn't going to be on display every week. I have low-tolerance for that.

The first challenge was straight forward, show us who you are as a designer.  I have to say I wasn't exactly wow'ed by any outfits butcan appreciate some of the work. I think it's too early to pick favorites but I did find myself myself drawn to Seth Aaron

Picture 1

and Maya - even though they did not show much about Maya, I just had a hunch about her.

Picture 2
I can't wait to see more from both of them.