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Alrighty now!

So how was YOUR weekend?

I have been at my parents since Thursday night. I finally came home Sunday afternoon.  We lost power up where I live Thursday night and it didn't come back on until Saturday.  My boyfriend came down to city Friday to also crash at my parents where it was nice and warm.  An unexpected weekend in the city so we took advantage.  Saturday we spent the day downtown in SoHo, checked out a bunch of art galleries.

There is me all by my lonesome.

I was bundled up pretty good. Saturday was actually quite beautiful outside.

27 Feb 2010

Such a huge contrast from the day before.  Just so you can see just how much snow we got...


This is outside our patio...what patio?


Our car buried under all of the snow fall.  Poor Mike had to dig himself out.

As we were driving home from the train station, I got to see all of the trees that came down as a result of the storm Friday. It looked like a tornado hit the area.   Because of the storm and all of the power outages, the Social Pariah Festival has been postponed until the 27th of March.    

I'm now going to work on uploading some rings I was going to save for the show but I don't want to wait another month.  Plus I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on and update my newsletter for March. 

Happy Friday!

Are you tired of reading complaints about the snow on your Twitter/Facebook/Blog feeds? Too bad, here is one more! =P  Yes we are faced with another snow storm here in New York which started yesterday morning. I'm *DONE* with snow for this year ya hear me???

Thankfully, I was able to make to it my new job alright. Oh that's right! This was my first week at my new job.  Not much to report, just a lot of training and getting situation.  My workspace is pretty bare, haven't made my space pretty yet but I am working on it.  I also face a window with a great view.


Pardon the cameraphone quality.  The sun has not been out since being here but I can't wait to enjoy that too. 


I think The Peach Pit is quickly become one of my favorite Etsy shops. Lately I've been all about inspirational art especially as I feel like things are looking up for me. Although I'm sure a year ago when I was in a dark dark place, if I had known about this shop then, it would have made me feel happy.

Thankfully, this storm should be over tomorrow morning just in time for me to set up shop at The Social Pariah Festival, if last year was any indication, this will be another great way to spend the day. Been looking forward to this for a long time. Hope I can get better pictures this time. Last year was kind of a bust. I'll be there with some members of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team so double-awesome!

Cute Flickr

This week's Flickr Favorites is my attempt to put together the cutest Flickr Favorites in the universe. How did I do? I think I can hear some of you squealing.

My creation

1. Black Apple Doll, 2. Oh hai thar!, 3. New Red Cushion! *Mr Muffles**, 4. 。◕‿◕。, 5. Dogs Allowed!, 6. ♥ Cute Little Icecream Softie ♥, 7. Monkey Juice..., 8. Pink Bonnet, 9. pucker up!, 10. Small flower, 11. the pups, 12. Gizmo in His Barbie Car II, 13., 14. yoghurt boys brother, 15. 365 Toy Project: 96/365, 16. Here comes cuppie! Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Lisa sParks

Do you know who I'm loving? Lisa sParks from the ever so charming blog, Curious Girl.  I follow her on Flickr and I simply love her photos.  They conjure up a feeling of a subtle kind of happiness. The feeling of getting carried away in a daydream before you snap out of it.



*I need to get one of these tiny Buddhas*

Picture 6

Fruit Loops are probably my most favorite cereal EVER! However, the Target brand Fruit Loops taste exactly like the FL's I had growing up, because it doesn't quite taste the same anymore. Am I the only one that thinks this? 

Picture 6

Yes please! =D

Check out more of her shots on her Flickr.

New Felt Goodies

I can't stop needle felting!  The last time I was at Craft Night I was working on some more beads.  It feels great to use materials you used from scratch.  Here are some more items I added to the shop.


Remember my Wicked Necklace? Here is my Wicked Bracelet


Berry Felt earrings

Ok so no felt in the the last pair of earrings, they are glass beads, Cherry Blossom Cascade

Yesterday I played Hostess for the Hudson Valley Etsy Team at my apartment, it was a nice time and very good discussions were had. It's always good to be in a network and share ideas and brainstorm with others. I'm really excited to be a part of this group. Heh! You can totally see my messy workstation in the back.


Like the new look? It is not a super drastic change but I felt like changing my blog just a pinch, and give it a new name too. If you care to update your links to "Hello Sushi Girl" that would be great, or just leave it as Pulp Sushi. Your choice. :)

La Photo Cabine

You can thank Katrina from Pugly Pixel for my latest obsession: La Photo Cabine


Love!!! Now  I have protested for a long time against the use of digital cameras and photoshopping and all that hi-tech stuff...stuff that I have come to embrace and rely on quite frankly.  I am just thankful that there are cool things like this website to bring the old dirty look to images back.  So yeah, expect to see more of these. :)

Happy Friday!!!

Yes indeed, it is a happy Friday for a few reasons:

1) It's Friday

2) My Federal tax return was deposited into my checking account

3) Today is my last day working as a Temp.

4) Tonight, I'm going to rock out by seeing The Supersuckers


Back when I was younger, I'm talking LAST CENTURY! I would go see bands live a lot. Punk, hardcore, ska, rock, metal, I've seen a lot.  Now I'm old and the thought of standing in a club for more than 2 hours makes my back hurt. Give me a cup of coffee and a couch! However every now and then I make the attempt when it's a band I really like and who put a smile on my face. The Supersuckers are one of those bands because they love to rock and have been doing it for hundreds of years.  Satan bless 'em!

No PR Recap this week but next week is looking promising - hardware store!!!

Flickr Favorites - Bright Green

The shade of green that I am so drawn to.  And where can I get that nail polish?

Flickr Favorites - Feb 18

1. Frozen in Time! Happy New Year! - EXPLORED, 2. Lime Blossom Fairy Handspun Tencel Yarn, 3. Our lime green wall in our bedroom, 4. Mini Cooper S R56 Lime Green, 5. Vintage Anchor Lime Green Mug, 6. My new wildly awesome bright lime green 5.75" high heels that are so incredibly MEEEEEE 244/365 & Twitter 243/365 [31.08.2009], 7. lime green, 8. Menta (Risqué), 9. lime green cuppies, 10. lime green couch on curb - treo_082609_001_web, 11. Fresh Fruit and Lime Green Wall, 12. thankful {22/365} Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Maybe my love of monsters might have something to do with it.