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My first print ad

Blink and you'll miss it!

Since starting my shop back in the Summer of 2006, I have debated back and forward on whether it was worth paying for an ad in a print magazine.  I don't even know if there is a right answer for this.  Some folks have seen positive results while others may not.  I figured I should try it at least once so I decided to dip my big toe in the print media pool.  I purchased an ad with Bust Magazine's Product Showcase.  If you haven't seen it, it looks like this.


Looks like one of the co-op ad pages you can advertise with Etsy only I think for Bust's page, the images are larger. 

It will appear in the April/May 2010 "Men We Love" issue you will see one of my necklaces on this page. The magazine should have hit newstands today so go pick up a copy because it is a good read. Even if you don't spot my necklace. :)

This is a hot selling issue and will be distributed at SXSW and for the Spring Fling Craftacular.  I'm not sure how I would be able to track if I get any sales directly from it, but my logic is, the more places Pulp Sushi appears in, the better it can be for me overall right?

Social Pariah Recap

Had a good day at the Social Pariah Festival in Fishkill this past weekend. It was great to spend the day hanging out with some of the coolest folks in the HV. I was neighbors with the folks from Luulay, Rust Riot and TattooedGeek which is always fun. And it was nice to do a show with some of my Hudson Valley Etsy teammates, Gwen from Beyond The Picket Fence and Kim from LexieJewel. When I got home Saturday night, I compared my numbers to last year's show and was happy to see that I actually had more sales and profit. So the long day was worth it. I was pretty pooped afterward. :)  And now...PICTURES!




The booth for a shop in Beacon, Dream In Plastic. I picked up some 120 film from them.  They were neighbors too.

I was across from Rockabilly Rita and at the end of the day, we did a barter trade and this is what I came home with. A pretty flower for my hair. Skull socks and underwear.  Yeah, I still haven't outgrown skulls.   I usually don't do trades but I will make an exception at shows if I'm really digging the other's person's stuff. And Laurie Lynn is a sweetie.

Continuing to show how many awesome people are in my life, I got some awesome lip balms from Kerry at TattooedGeek. Love em!

And I cannot leave a show without some soaps, and the name of this bar is so appropriate for me.   I don't have any pictures but The Groovy Baker was there again so I got me some more caramel sauce.  Can't wait to have some. :)

2nd Annual Social Pariah Festival (Take 2)


I can't wait for tomorrow! I have been anticipating this show for months, and then had to wait an additional month after we got hit with that stupid, annoying snow storm last month. There's a lot of great events that go on in the Hudson Valley but none quite like this so it will be a treat.  Plus it is just down the road from me in Fishkill.

This is my first show of the year and I will be there with cool friends and Hudson Valley Etsy team mates.  I will try to take better pictures this year.   Every now and then it's nice to do a "non-craft" show.  It will draw in a different crowd that can still appreciate my work.  My boyfriend is also going to be setting up some of his artwork for sale.  I'm so proud of him. :)

Have a great weekend!

Flickr Favorites - Orange

Don't worry, I will not make any "Orange you..." jokes, simply enjoy this week's Flickr selections.

Flickr Favorites for 3/25/10

1. Orange Cream Soda Pop Cupcake, 2. imprinting, 3. happiness, 4. Orange You Cute close up, 5. Tiger Lily Flower Hat and Dress for Blythe, 6. orange cupcake , 7. Orange, 8. Orange (365/340), 9. Yes we are Orange! Do You Have a Problem with That? Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Things are starting to get interesting on Project Runway.  Some of my picks are still hanging in there - Seth Aaron & Maya.  Seth had one annoying moment but I think out of all of them, I have consistently liked his outfits. I'm liking Jonathan more and more too. Only 7 designers left and I'm looking forward to watching it tonight. 

Photos Inside Collection and Etsy Teams

I recently purchased my first digital scrapbook kit from It was only $1.00! How could I not want to play? It is now back to the regular price of $4.99 but still a good deal.  The kit was designed by Danielle Thompson from Thompson Family-Life.


Ok so what have I made so far? I'm very new to this whole digital scrapbooking thing. I never even put together a real scrapbook.  Heck after all these years, I'm still trying to figure out how to do all these neat things on Photoshop! My first one is pretty simple and straight forward.


I have such a funny looking face sometimes.   I was interested in this kit because I like the vintage camera theme.  Now that I have income coming in again, I can start up my camera collection. So far I just have 1 which I think is still packed in a box.

Shame on me.

I have another Etsy meeting tonight, this time with the NewNew. I think we're going to be discussing Marketing and how to brand your business, which I am very curious about learning. My friend Nordea recently took a class that she has been raving about so she is going to share her insight with everyone. Should be fun. Plus I get to see some familiar faces. It's been a while since I've seen the NewNew gang. Since I moved further north from the city, I've been less and and less involved with some of the events going on with the team. And it's not due to lack of interest, I just can't bring myself to commit as much as I use to. And I really want to get the Hudson Valley team off and running so I'm hoping everything I learned being a part of the NewNew can be applied to the HV team. We'll see! They're different dynamics to both teams so what may work for one group may not work for the other.

Red Velvet Goodness

You know it, you love it! It's my newest cupcake ring: Red Velvet



My favorite thing about red velvet cupcakes are the cream cheese frosting! Yum! I wish I could have one now but it's too early in day for it. Cupcake for breakfast? Maybe some other time.

Speaking of yummy food, Saturday night I had the most excellent dinner with some friends over in Beacon. I don't usually eat zuccini but when it's done right, look out! She also made brownies for dessert with mint ice cream which left me wanting more but I didn't want to come across as a gluttonous pig. All this talk of food! I need to stop.

Yesterday I attended my monthly meeting with the Hudson Valley Etsy Team over in Poughkeepsie. We met at Becky's house from Gemini River Rocks.  She has a gorgeous 1928 home that I would love to live in.  I wouldn't change a thing. 

Anyway, there are some other things we are working on that hopefully will be incorporated to the team blog soon so I hope you're following. :) I just gave the blog a slight makeover yesterday. We have a new team logo that I'm pretty excited about.


We totally tried to get away from the whole "New York = Big Apple" reference but it ain't happenin', but that's ok because everyone loves apples so why not embrace the apple!  I'm just glad it's not red. 

Flickr Favorites - Fake Flowers

The weather has been so nice the last couple of days, now that we have past the snow and cold rain. I'm dying for Spring to come and all that it entails. I didn't want to just do a flowers FF, I wanted to do fake flowers instead.

Flickr Favorites 03.18.2010

1. Pretty Paper Flower Eggs, 2. Weddings: Paper Flowers, 3. Paper Flowers, 4. Fabric Flowers in Vase-Tutorial Added, 5. Fabric flowers, 6. Flores em organza - organza flowers, 7. letterpress coasters meadowettes, 8. Garden bento, closeup, 9. Decor from recycled water bottles Created with fd's Flickr Toys

I finally scored some green nail polish just in time for St. Patrick's Day. It's a bit out there but I love it and everyone raved about them in the office.

I'm gonna keep this color for a while. :)

Edward Dullard

In honor of St Patrick's Day, I did not want to post some gimmicky kitschy tribute.  Instead, I wanted show off the talent of Mr. Edward Dullard from Kilkenny.  If you haven't heard of him, then you're not looking through Flickr hard enough.  I have been following him on Flickr for a few years and have favoriteted (is that a word?) many of his pictures.  His work is utterly breathtaking.  Ireland is a very beautiful country and his images capture that. Not only do his pictures capture it but he almost presents it in a heavenly light, straight out of a fairy tale.  I encourage you, if you have any kind of interest in photography, to follow this man on Flickr!




For The Birds/Für die Vögel

The birdies are back in the shop *chirp chirp*



The pewter and white necklace is a long strand necklace made with howlite stone beads. It hangs really nicely.  You can click on the images for more details at my Etsy shop.


Did you know that I am kind of a World War II buff? I have to say ever since junior High School I have been fascinated by that period.  There is so much depth to that period to absorb, lately  I've been watching a ton of movies and documentaries on it.  When flipping channels, if there is a program on the History or Military Channel, I leave it on.  One day after watching....something, I forget which progam it was, I decided that I'm going to do something I've been wanting to do for a long time now. I'm going to try to teach myself German....stop laughing, I hear you.  I always liked the language and the accent and surprisingly, how similar it is to English. So why not? I like learning new things.  If Johnny Weir can teach himself Russian, I can teach myself German.

I found a great podcast on iTunes and it's coinciding blog it goes back a few years but I think I am already doing better picking this language up than when I was trying to learn French in college. That was a disaster.  Anyhoo, I already know how to ask for a cup of coffee, which is very important to me lol!

Picture 1
From From Klebefieber at DaWanda

Germany is one of the top three countries I would like to visit (along with Japan and England), hopefully I will get there one day. Which reminds me, I need to update my DaWanda shop. =D