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We ♥ It

Instead of a Flickr Favorites this week, I wanted to explore the world of We ♥ It to find some pretty visuals and I was not disappointed. Click for larger view.


Have a nice weekend everyone! I probably won't update until the middle of next week. Monday is a holiday and weather permitting, I'm going to try to be out and about.

Happy Hump Day

Hey what's this? A new necklace snuck into the shop when I was not looking...


Here is an example of a necklace that previously looked like something else - my apologies for not having a "before" photo to share.  I mentioned yesterday about making a necklace that I absolutely loved. Sometimes though, I admit to creating something and then look at it, tilt my head and say "Meh....." It was a bit much, sometimes it's better to scale back and I'm happy I did with this White Shell Long Strand Necklace

Let's talk about Dresses!


So happy to put my Scarlet Love Bird in the mail yesterday. I put a lot of work into beading this necklace and was very pleased with how it came out. I especially love the diamond shaped rose bead I included. I was *thisclose* to keeping it for myself. I hope it's new owner will love it.

While reading one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, I was happy to read that they are having a a 'pop up' dress shop at Red Velvet Art starting tomorrow.



Yes please! I think dresses have become my latest obsession. Right now I only have thirteen dresses, this one being the latest I purchased from ScarlettVintage.

Another thing on my "To Do" list for this week is to work on my closet and re-organize it, maybe purge some stuff. I'm thinking about donating some of my older work clothes. I've grown to really dislike slacks and dress pants. They're so unflattering on me. I still love jeans, will always love jeans. All I want to wear to work are dresses, and whenever I do I get quite a few compliments. Most of the women at my job dress business casual which is a look I've grown quite bored of.  I want to stand out.  I'm lucky to work in a place that is a little flexible with the dress code and I don't have to subject myself to suits, but dresses are a happy alternative.

Flower Rings

Do you know what today is? Today is the first day of my week off! Sure it means nothing to you but I'm just giddy. My plan is to take it easy and not think about waking up early, rushing to catch the train, data entry until my eyes bug out, rushing to catch the train home, dinner at 8 pm, wash, rinse, repeat.

First order of business: New rings!


These rings are fun to wear because the size of the flower is big enough to catch one's attention but it's not too crazy.  My boyfriend cast these and painted them.  I'm always grateful for his assistance.   The teal flower is just one solid color, I like how it came out.

Dig the green nails? I didn't want to wait until St. Patrick's Day to do them up again. :)


The teal flower sold within 10 minutes of me posting it. I think that's the fastest turnaround time ever for me. I may have to work on another one because it is a pretty awesome color. Thank you!!!

Small Changes & New Items

Happy Hump Day! I wanted to begin this entry with some new necklaces I added to the shop.

Nckls copy
Long Strand Blue Dream & Yellow Felt Heart

I don't consider myself much of a "trend" follower but I am currently really liking the long-strand necklaces I see being worn so you may see even more those popping up in the shop. 

I made a couple of changes around here.  First, I got rid of the Sponsorship space, it just wasn't taking off and I am not the type to push it every month.  Second, in it's place, I installed a Formspring form.  I just set up an account and thought it would be fun. Sometimes my mind draws a blank on what I want to say so here's a tool that may help.  You're free to ask anything about anything (even anonymously!) and I'll try not to sugarcoat my answers. :)

As some questions start to come in, I'll post them along with my answers here. Let's have some fun!

Speaking of fun, I was having a little TOO much fun playing around with Photoshop. Here's me modeling a new dresses from Charlotte Russe.



Recently I spent a Saturday working at Clay, Wood & Cotton while Kristy and Kristen were on the road doing Renegade Austin. How sweet of them to trust me with the shop for a day. It helps that I am already familiar with a lot of the designers if anyone had a question, I had some sort of a clue.  While I didn't have my camera with me, I did take some pictures of the shop during another visit I wanted to share (click for a larger view).







Ever walk into a shop and just think "Awwww!" everything is just so nice to look to at. Maybe it's the smell of soaps for sale from Meow Meow Tweets that bring an air of relaxation to the space. It was a nice way to spend my Saturday.

RIP Ronnie James Dio

I'm gonna delay the post I had originally scheduled today to post about another great talent loss. Its only been a month since I posted about Pete Steele now here I am again paying tribute to a true Metal God.

I was so sad when it was confirmed yesterday that Ronnie James Dio lost his battle to stomach cancer yesterday morning. He was 67. His voice has to be one of my favorite singing voices ever to listen to and if you ask anyone about him, the first thing they'll comment on is the powerful, larger than life voice coming out of this little man. His interviews were some of the best. He was so articulate, intelligent, funny and poetic.

I am lucky I got to see him when he reunited with Black Sabbath (as Heaven & Hell) and yeah, hearing that voice live left me smiling the whole show. I'm just thankful for the catalog of great music Mr Dio has left us. I hope he has found his place in his Metal Throne holding a gigantic sword surrounded by fire-breathing dragons and happy little frogs.



Container Garden

I do not have a garden, I know one day I will have a yard where I can go nuts and grow my own food.  Been wanting to do this for a couple of reasons, 1) It's cheap! 2) You know exactly where it's coming from and 3) It seems fun and gratifying to eat the food you've grown.  Then I came across this link:

66 Things You Can Grow At Home: In Containers, Without A Garden

We have a little deck just outside our livingroom, it's open and ground level, not very big (or private) but it's good enough.  We can't BBQ on it but it's a nice little space to sit.  I don't have the greenest thumb and in the past I have posted questions here on the blog on how to care for some of my plants.  Like a proud mom, I must show off my pictures of my babies.


I've had this plant since October 2006. I started calling her Big Mama because the vines got too big.  So Big Mama has had two babies.


That Bamboo plant has lasted a good while too. I'd like to get more of those, preferably a bigger one.


My two Succulents. I just got the one the left on Mother's Day. A gift to myself. :)

This is pretty amazing because growing up, we didn't have REAL plants, my mom didn't know how to care for them.  So we had fake plants, fake, dirty, dust-accumulating plants.  No way dude.  When my parents came to visit me on Easter, it was their first time seeing my plants....they asked if they were real lol! They were impressed.

So yeah, I would like to try to grow some food, nothing too crazy but one or two just to see if I can.  In addition to that, I have a blank canvas I can decorate for the rest of the Spring and Summer.  I hope we can stay once our lease is up but in order for that to happen, the landlord is gonna have to make some changes I won't go into.  In the meantime, here's some inspiration for my container garden...

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