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Beacon Riverfest

This past Saturday was the 1st Annual Beacon Riverfest and it was a fun way to spend the day. I think for the organizers, it was a success. There was a pretty good turnout, good music and the food vendors were pretty awesome. I would have had one of everything if I could. Unfortunately, not a lot of folks came to shop. I knew that was a possibility. I had some sales so I am not one to complain for a little extra money in my pocket. I'm pretty sure this will be an annual event in Beacon but I am not so sure if I will sell there again. Next time I'll go, lay out a blanket and enjoy the music while snacking on some tasty treats.




Cranberry Cluster


New necklace posted in the Etsy shop, Cranberry Cluster. I think after pink, burgundy is probably my favorite color to work with. The chain is really nice too, very light, you hardly feel it on you.

I also wanted to give my Facebook page a quick plug: for updates. That probably gets updated more than my blog (which is in sync with) but I post shop updates and links to shows I will be doing so feel to like me!

Oh! A quick pepper update, I watered my plants after I written my post and the leaves "woke up" again.  I guess since it's been so hot I have to water them more frequently than my regular plants.  Still not sure if I need to repot them. They're growing fast!

Pepper Help?

Once again I need some help. Do I need to repot my peppers? I just got them Memorial Day Weekend. This is how big they were (see the two in the center)

Took a more updated picture of them today (see below).


The leaves look a little sad and I'm worried I am either watering them too much or not enough but I noticed peppers starting to appear on one of them!


Should I just leave them alone and keep doing what I'm doing?

Summer Challenge Prompt #1

Ok I said I wasn't going to post again until next week but I lied. The first prompt was posted at Cute Stew and thankfully, it's related to something I love, COFFEE! So I jumped on it.

Now the whole purpose of this challenge is to support local businesses, not chain places.  I think I have it kind of easy so I will probably blog about places near my home in Fishkill, NY as well checking out spots near my job in Manhattan which can totally feel like two different worlds.  Today I went to Orchard House Cafe on 1st Avenue in the shadow of the Queensboro bridge.



Iced Vanilla Latte with the driest Lemon Loaf on the East Coast. My drink was ok at least.


Someone needs to fix that one crooked picture.

I do love coffee shops and I have the Yelp Reviews to prove it. Nothing against Starbucks and DD, but they don't need any plugs from me. Orchard House is ok but the food menu leaves much to be desired. =/


Late Summer Leaf Necklace


New necklace added to Etsy and DaWanda. Isn't it pretty? Sometimes you don't know how something is going to look until you just put it all together.

I am going to go prepare for the Beacon Riverfest this Saturday.  It is a free concert being held on the waterfront and I will be there selling my Pulp Sushi goods with my friend and HVNY teammate Gwen from Beyond The PIcket Fence.  It's gonna be a day full of good food, music, scenery and hopefully good weather.  There's a threat of thunderstorm, hopefully it will miss us.  Either way, a recap will come next week. Have a good weekend!

We ♥ It - Coffee

As I mentioned last week, I am moving my We ♥ It posts to Wedsnesdays, first installment: COFFEE!  I'm the type of person that still drinks hot coffee even when it's 90 degrees outside, even though I do like to indulge on an iced java but that's for later in the day. In the AM, I need a hot jolt!


I tried getting into drinking tea but it just isn't happening. The only time I'm ok drinking tea is when I am sicking and my throat is hurting. I am very fortunate to work in a place that has a *free* coffee bar and every day I get my usual. It's a coffee with skim milk and a shot of sugar-free vanilla, kept hot all morning in my chic UPS mug...yes, UPS, but it's still a cool looking mug, dig it? 


Cool Kids Support Local


Ok so it's been a few years since I've been referred to as a kid, but it's not gonna stop me from participating in this Summer Challenge from the adorable blog Cute Stew.

It's true, sometimes I go more for convenience rather than helping support the little guy although ever since I started selling my own jewelry, I have become more aware about supporting local businesses. This challenge will give me an extra push and Melly Kay is always looking for more folks to participate.

New Earrings


Still recouperating from my boyfriend's birthday weekend. It was a good time and I have a sunburn to show for it and some yummy leftover cupcakes.   I wish I was eating one right now.

Sunday I posted some new pairs of earrings in the shop. The Butterfly earrings are a bit different from what I usually make but I wanted to trying something different that is long and dangly and pow! I have had these butterflies for a while and kept running blank on ideas of what to do with them until the idea of earrings came up, duh!

We ♥ It - Candy

I'd like to leave you something sweet for the weekend. Who doesn't like a good piece of candy?  My sweet tooth is on 24/7.


I think I will start doing We ♥ It Wednesdays, they're fun to put together and I'll start linking back to my profile in case you want to explore. I really want to thank Katrina from Pugly Pixel for igniting my digi-design kick. :)  I still love Flickr and will break out the favorites too when I can. 

Today is my boyfriend's birthday and this weekend I had a whole big thing planned for him but the place I had reserved got shut down by the city! Who plans for that?!!? So Plan B it is! Mike is Mr. Privacy so I won't go into details of the goings on but it'll be good times, good food and good friends. Have a nice weekend everyone!