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Be Back Soon!

As I mentioned back in my post on August 5th, I'm having surgery on Tuesday (August 24th). I don't think I'll be posting anything until I return home.  After I am discharged I plan to stay with my parents who have an apartment in Manhattan for about a week, just in case something happens and I need to get back to the hospital quick (which is also in Manhattan).   I hope to be back in my own home after Labor Day weekend.  Depending on how I'm feeling, I'll still be checking my emails, Twitter and Facebook through my Blackberry.

I met with the doctor who will be doing the operation yesterday to discuss what he's going to do. He is going to remove that part of the Aorta where the aneurysm is located and replace it with prostetic tubing.  I was born with a Bicuspid Aortic Valve but the echocardiograms show that it's working fine, however the doctor may still replace it while he's in there based on how the valve appears and feels.  Hopefully it's ok and he can just work on the aneurysm.  I won't know for sure until after I wake up to find out what he ended up doing.  Either way, it's gotta get done and I'm super anxious for it to be over with already.  I must say I felt so much better after I left his office yesterday.  He's a very nice doctor with a very nice demeanor and seems to be super-uber confident that he's gonna make me good as new.

So I'm wrapping stuff up this weekend and gonna try to relax for the rest of it.  Have a nice weekend everyone and I will be back soon!

We ♥ It - Rainbow Cake


What a treat it must be to be at a party and your host cuts the first slice of cake and you see a burst of color come out of it.  As pretty and neat it looks to have each layer a different color, I think it's pretty cool when different food coloring is stirred all together in the cake mix like in the bottom left image. Pulled from We ♥ It


We Have A Winner!

The winner of the Cupcake Thank You notecards is.....

The ninth comment was from Amber!

And with a Twitter name like that, I'm happy to see these cards and gift certificate going to a lovely home.  Amber, check your inbox for further instructions and congratulations!  You will get a set of 10 cupcake Thank You cards and a $25 gift certificate to Belle Annoucements.

Joie::The Art of Joyful Living

Jen from IndieFixx has brought us all a new online magazine we can all enjoy, it's called Joie - The Art of Joyful Living and you can check out the new issue by clicking here.


Joie is a lifestyle magazine about the art of joyful living and will cover many of the same topics as Indie Fixx: art, craft, living, design, fashion, etc., but will allow for expanded coverage and LOTS more eye candy. Each issue will be centered around a theme - the first of which is Renewal.

Want a sneak peek? Of course you do!

Picture 2

Picture 1

There is a lot more eyecandy where that came from, check out the premiere issue today!

New Earrings & Free Shipping


Check out my latest pair of earrings, Midnight Sea. Here is an instance where I make something for my shop and like it so much, I made a duplicate for myself. And while I was at it, I made a pair for my friend Michelle and for Blackbird Attic too. I was on a serious roll. So there are only four in existence! 

I also announced yesterday on Twitter and Facebook that I will be closing my shops (temporarily) next Friday, August 20th. I will be getting things together before my surgery and I plan to take it easy for a couple of weeks afterward. I hope to be open again in late September, early October.

Until next Friday, I am offering *FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING* and hope to ship out my last orders on the 20th so now is the chance to treat yourself until mid-Fall.

LAST CALL!! Cupcake Notecard Giveaway ends tomorrow night!

Pepper Update

I wanted to share how my peppers are coming along.


We had a storm recently that knocked my green pepper plant over and two peppers broke off. I only have one hanging in there. It's coming along nicely.


Red peppers looking awesome. Look at that color! They just turned red a few days ago. They grow in green like the green peppers but well turn red after a few weeks.  Overall, wheeeee! I'm happy with the progress.

**Just another reminder that there is still time to enter the Cupcake Notecard Giveaway!

Heart News

Hi everyone! No the image above does not mean I just had my heart broken. On the contrary, I have never felt more loved.   I have been delaying posting about this until I had a better understanding of what's going on.  Some of you are already aware thanks to Facebook or we are friends offline and I've told you.   

I found out two years ago that I have an aneurysm in my Aorta. It's a Thorasic Aortic Aneurysm which simply means it's an aneurysm located in the upper torso. It's been monitored until I left my last job and didn't have any insurance.  I was out of work for a year and a half so that had to be put on hold.  Once I started my current job earlier this year, I started setting up appointments again.  In the last two years, the aneurysm has grown and the doctors think it's best to have surgery now to have it repaired before it gets any worse.   My date has been set for August 24th. I should be out of it for a few weeks, can't predict when I'll be back online but ultimately it will make me stronger and less winded when climbing up a flight of stairs. 

While technically this isn't heart surgery, it's still considered open-heart surgery because of how they have to access that part of the aorta. I'm scared and I have my anxieties. Some days I have a better grip than others but I have to keep telling myself that I am getting this procedure done at the best place with best doctors possible in NYC. I'm gonna be ok. :)