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Flower Rings

More flower rings have been added to the Etsy shop


Tomorrow I have a series of doctor appointments, hopefully to get me off some of this medication. It's also for my Post-Operation meeting with my surgeon. Honestly, it's been five weeks and I'm healing pretty well. Haven't had any problems except some serious mood swings and nerve pains in my shoulder. The chest pain is expected but it's getting less and less. I might be going back to work soon but I don't know, gotta talk to the doc about that. I'm honestly so use to being at home, I don't know how I'll adjust going back to work. The pain still concerns me. Thankfully, the folks at my job have been very nice and it's not like there has been any pressure to come back.

After I go back to work though, I do plan to do something drastic with my hair. I've pretty much had dark hair all my life. Now, I want to go RED, red like this...

Pac Man Fever


That's right, we have Pac Man Fever in our abode. My boyfriend came across these old figures as he was cleaning out some stuff and I fell in love with them. They have to be displayed, look at Ms Pac Man! I love Ms Pac Man! I feel like her game had the better fruit to munch on. Remember the cartoon in the 80s? I enjoyed watching it every Saturday morning.

In tribute to Ms Pac Man,  I put this Polyvore set together in her honor....

New Items

Happy Monday everyone!  I snuck in a couple of new items in the shop over the weekend.


I was given these pretty Amethyst beads by a friend and I've just been holding on to them until I thought of something else to do with them. I already have one necklace that features them but I love the use of purple and green together. I love how this necklace came out.


Once again I stepped out of my little box to create a pair of earrings that may not look like what I usually do. I liked these so much, I made a pair for myself (which I am wearing in the photo in the listing). I am one of those folks who are skeeved out by someone wearing earrings that they are selling. I know some people don't have a problem with it but it's just some weird thing I have I guess. Anyway, I would like to start going in a more city/nightlife direction.  A little more mature looking if you will.

Get Well Gifts

I wanted to share some of the get-well goodies I got from some awesome folks. I didn't actually have the energy to photograph them until today.

First up is a necklace from MaryAnne from Wabisabi Brooklyn. MaryAnne brings new life to found items and makes amazing jewelry out of them.


A group of friends pooled together and got me this AWESOME charm from Pnut Jewelry. Rusty Pistachio founded this business and also plays guitar for the band H2O. His work is pretty bad-ass. I plan to slap a long chain on it and rock this thing.


HANDMADE SOAP! Of course! From one of my favorite people Nordea. She came by to visit me at my parent's place when i was staying there and she brought me a couple of items from Nordea's Soaperie.  I haven't start using it yet because I need to clarify with the doctors first when I can get off the anti-bacterial soap.   I can't wait to start using the Healing Salve on my scars.


I hope to add some more items to the shop either later today or tomorrow. A bunch of cute Chrysanthemum stud earrings so check back!

Happy Monday with The Dainty Squid!

Ok so I'm forcing myself to embrace today.  I continue to recover at a snails pace.  Yesterday I felt pretty crummy, the day before that I was better.  Today, so far so good.  I still continue to ache in my chest and shoulders because I have not had a decent night sleep since before the operation.  There have been nights where I couldn't even sleep in my own bed because it was too uncomfortable. I also have a cough that won't go away and you can only imagine how much my chest hurts when I cough. 

But enough negativity! I was just admiring the pouches from The Dainty Squid with a taste of Fall: 

I absolutely love her blog. I've never seen anyone embrace color and funky patterns the way Kaylah does.  I always enjoy checking out her antique finds and her kooky cats. :)


Hi everyone!

I made it home last night after being at my parents for over a week after being discharged.  I'm not 100% but slooooooowly getting better.  I was actually in the hospital longer than expected, even for heart surgery.   I was sedated for a few days because my right shoulder was doing some weird twitching during the procedure so as a precaution, they kept me under longer and had a hard time waking me up.

I did have some weird-ass dreams while I was under and when I woke up, I was high as a kite.  I was confused, couldn't remember what my address was, my cell phone number, they would ask me what year it was and I would say 2002 (!!!!!!!)  Crazy!  I was also seeing a lot of things, like I would see people walking in the room and then disappear.  I would ask others "Did you see that?" And they look at me like I was nuts.   My head is getting better thankfully.  Physically I'm moving slower, feeling weak, when I cough I can't even tell  you how painful it is and sleeping has become a struggle. I'm better off sitting up on my couch supported by some pillows and sleeping that way.  There is something funky going on with my right shoulder, I think while they were trying to find an artery they hit a couple of nerves so now my right shoulder is hurting, some moments worse than others.  Needless to say, I got some gnarly scars going on my chest and right collar bone. 

Overall, every day I am feeling just a teeny tiny bit better. I don't expect to get better over night.  I understand that my operation was pretty friggin' serious and I'm just thankful to come out of it ok and they didn't have to replace the valve, just fix the aneurysm.   I am also VERY thankful for all the messages on Facebook. My boyfriend did a great job keeping everyone in the loop.  I got a couple of cards and gifts in the mail which I plan to show off eventually, I know some pretty awesome people. :)