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New Pretties


I was back home by Friday evening after fulfilling my Thanksgiving obligations so I was able to post some items in the Etsy shop on Saturday.

I wasn't too caught up in the whole Small Business Saturday hype but I suppose I did partake in it.  I went to a craft show here in Fishkill at the historic Van Wyck Homestead Museum where my HV teammate from Maryjane's Heirlooms was selling. I walked away with an early birthday present, one of her vintage dresses *eep*.  I can't wait to wear it, but it's definitely not a winter dress and I may need to get a slip for it too but I totally love it.

Saturday night turned into a Craft Night at my place as my friend Nordea spent the night.  She was doing a two-day craft show near by at a different location and I was not going to let her drive all the way back to Manhattan just for her to drive back up again Sunday morning.  I helped her out embroidering some sachets for her shop, Nordea Soaperie


I did not do these, I just wanted to show you the super cute designs she uses, my favorite is the robot.   It was fun!


LenoreAs I mentioned on my Twitter when I posted this item, I can't believe it has taken me over 4 years to come up with an item named Lenore. It's a name I associate with things dark, morbid and romantic at the same time; the poem by Edgar Allen Poe, his story The Raven, and the comic by Roman Dirge, all things I am a fan of. It was about time something like this appeared in my Etsy shop

The poem discusses proper decorum in the wake of the death of a young woman.  Lenore's Fiance, Guy de Vere, finds it inappropriate to "mourn" the dead; rather, one should celebrate their ascension to a new world. Unlike most of Poe's poems relating to dying women, "Lenore" implies the possibility of meeting in paradise.

UPDATE: 11/24/10 This necklace has found it's forever home. I will work on making another one soon!

Happy Friday!

It's been a slow blogging week for me and I apologize for the lack of updates.   I wish I could say I was sooooooooo busy making awesome jewelry but I wasn't. Just been chugging along my daily grind. Coming home too tired from the day job to even work on anything and catch up on my favorite blogs reads.  Shame.  

I stayed at my parents last night after seeing my Cardiologist for a check up. I was hoping it would be my last visit for at least a few months but nope, she wants to see me again before Christmas. Ugh!  I did cheer up later last night when A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was on TV

It's so hard for me to be in a cranky mood when I see Snoopy.

I do have some great news!  For the second year in a row, Pulp Sushi will be one of the vendors at the Bust Magazine Holiday Craftacular


This is the first show I'll be doing since early August before my operation. My salesman skills may be a little rusty. I had a great time last year. I hope to make this an annual tradition as long as the Bust powers that be allow it.  It will be at the same location as last year and I hope that yummy food truck will be set up on the corner of 6th Avenue & 18th Street again.  I got breakfast AND lunch from that guy.  It wasn't a fancy food truck you see on the Food Channel, just a guy, with a kitchen on a wheels making regular food. Love him!

This Side Of Paradise

ParadiseIn addition to the new Chrysanthemum jewelry I added to Pulp Sushi yesterday, you can check out my latest necklace, This Side Of Paradise - which is the book I'm currently reading. Yes I am currently exploring the writing of F Scott Fitzgerald. The young ladies portrayed in this story who may not be as prim and proper as they appear when alone with a dashing young gentleman (this is in the early 1900s afterall). Could possibly wear this necklace to one of their fancy schmany parties? =)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Saturday was a fun day.  A friend was having his art opening at Dream In Plastic so I went to check that out. If I had the money, I would have purchased a piece. Really good work, I wish he had a website so I could share the link with you.  Very dark and whimsical stuff. 

Afterward I had dinner at one of my favorite places to eat in the Hudson Valley, Whistling Willie's in Cold Spring, NY.  I was a little put off by the amount of young people at this bar. Usually there's an older crowd which I like, but any annoyance of that went away once I got my burger. 


Sorry for the poor quality cellphone pic but there's no denying that that is melting cheddar cheese over bacon and a deliciously seasoned perfectly cooked medium burger patty. ***drool***  Excuse me while I go reflect on how delicious that burger was.


I recently won another giveaway hosted at Indie Handmade.  I was lucky to win a 2011 calendar from REDSTAR Ink!




This baby is coming to the office with me. I can set it up for next month because it starts with December 2010 and ends January 2012. It is incredibly sturdy with the pages being heavy recycled 80lb stock . I simply love Marcie's style.


You can check out the REDSTAR blog at

Anthropologie Art

I got the latest catalog from Anthropologie last week and I squeeked! Not so much for the outfits, but for the animals they have in some of the photos.  I just want to rip the pages out and frame them on my wall. I took some pictures of the catalog to share with you. Enjoy!












New Neckware


These are two new necklaces added to the shop yesterday. Flirty Secretary and Snow Bird.

The Snow Bird necklace may look a little familiar, because it use to look like this...


I decided to redo this piece and make the length shorter, remove the star charm, and move the Swallow Bird off to the side. I am much happier with this look.  My new kick is making shorter beaded necklaces you can wear with a cute cardigan sweater, like a sexy Librarian. :)

And last but not least, my Sunset Necklace was included in this week's Indie Junction Holiday Gift Guide.

Picture 1

Get into the Spirit!

Well that didn't take long...

My first treasury back with the Crafting In Color team: Holiday Happiness  I really wanted to do something with some Christmas Cheer!

Picture 4

Sorry for posting two treasury posts back to back. Now that I am back at work, the production line for Pulp Sushi has come to a halt hee hee! It's back to working on jewelry on the weekends again since I get home around 8:00 pm during the week.  I do have a couple of items in the works on my work table that I hope to post in the next couple of days.   Have a great weekend!

Sweet Seafoam Lovies

I'm so happy that treasuries are much easier to put together now. No more watching the clock hoping to snag spot #332 or whatever number that was. And they last a while, no more two days and *poof* gone forever. So here is another treasury I put together the other day.  Click to take a closer look!

Picture 1

I am now a member of the Crafting In Color team (again). I was one of the people to help start the group but then I left for a while, now I'm back and I'm excited. I'm glad they took me back since they're not exactly taking new members at this time.  So I'm sure I'll be making team treasuries for them soon enough. :)