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Texture Jewelry

I recently added a new item to my shop : Felt Pearl Necklace


I wanted to share some other necklaces I've seen throughout Etsy where non-traditional materials have been used.

Anatomical Knitted Heart Necklace from KnitKnit.  Definitely one of the best shops on Etsy that sell felt and knitted jewelry.  She was the sweetie who taught me how to needle felt. :)

ElysemarksDouble Tier Knit Necklace from Elyse Marks.  I found this shop while putting together my Snowed In treasury.


I Like You Fabric Rosette Statement Necklace from Happy Little Lovelies.  I kinda fell in love with this shop immediately.


Ruffle Necklaces from Pretty Things By Meg, definitely pretty, love! This would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift or a "Just because...." gift in case any boyfriends happen to be reading this. :)

Theme Treasuries

The other day when I was snowed in, looking out of the window inspired me to put together this Etsy treasury - Snowed In


So what are these treasuries for anyway?

Treasury is Etsy's ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery.  Sometimes these galleries will make it to Etsy's front page where anyone who visits "" will see it. 

I try telling a little story or have a theme when putting a treasury together. I don't want to just put random items that I like together.  Plus, it's fun seeking out new shops to include, it's like a scavenger hunt. 

Another "story" treasury I recently put together was based on fairy tales - Once Upon A Time

What can I say? I was feeling girly. :) 

More than the forums and chatrooms, treasuries have become my way of discovering and meeting other Etsy sellers. It can also (indirectly) promote your own shop. What's great is that sellers you may have included in a treasury will sometimes return the favor and include you in one of theirs.  One big happy curating family.

New Flowers

It's almost 10:00 am and I am still home, why? Because it has been snowing non-stop since....I don't know. I woke up to snow, no one knew this was coming, the roads are kind of messy. Still planning to go to work but we're waiting for things to clear up a little.  I understand it's Winter and this is expected but it's been a long while since New York has had a winter this bad with this much snowfall in one season.  I guess we got spoiled.  So here I am killing time and figure why not share some more of the Large Rose necklaces I added to my shop?  Click the images for more details



I can't wait to start seeing some real flowers blooming. Although I did notice yesterday that it was starting to get darker a little later again. How many more days until Spring??

UPDATE (2 Hours Later)

I decided to stay home ha!  But there is still work to be done. I am updating all of my Etsy listings which is long overdue. Making them less "wordy". Also, I just decided to offer 15% Off in my Etsy shop using discount code SNOW15 from today until Thursday.

Is it Friday?

My oh my where has the time gone? This winter is sucking the life out of me and I'm losing track of time.  There are a couple of things in the works with Pulp Sushi but I don't want to talk about them as of yet it case it doesn't work out, but I'm excited and I can't wait to share!

I am finally trying to learn how to knit and as I suspected, I'm doing an absolutely horrible job.  I can't seem to get past the casting on part.  I really think I'm using the wrong kind of yarn or something, I should not be struggling this much.   I'll try to take pictures of my "progress" and maybe someone can see where I'm going wrong.

In the meantime, there's more freebies you can get from Puglypixel. Katrina always offers such great stuff.  For Valentine's Day!


Large Rose & Art Shows


I added this Large Plum Rose Necklace to my Etsy shop over the weekend.  My boyfriend made up a couple of flowers for me and I like how the larger flowers stand out hanging solo on a chain.  At least I like how this necklace looked on me.  I wish I could take pictures of myself modeling necklaces like I have in the past with some of my other pieces but since my surgery, I'm a little subconscious about some of my scars that are visible on my neck.  I don't want to distract anyone from the item.  Maybe I should see if any of my friends want to model for me? Anyway,  I would like to add a couple more like this in other colors.  What do you think? 

I took in a lot of great art this weekend.  A great new place opened in Poughkeepsie called Darkside Records & Gallery so we checked that out, walked out with a couple of new cds that are hard for us to find elsewhere, score!

Extra bonus is getting to see lots of cool folk and socialize.  When was the last time I hung out at a RECORD STORE for crying out loud???  They will be featuring new artwork every month so I'll definitely be making more trips back there.

Speaking of art shows, I will be part of a Valentine's Day show at Cornell St Studios for a show called "Romance In Art & Music".  My shelf in the gallery has been updated with new merchandise.

Red & Pink Galore!! What's also neat about this show is that my boyfriend is a part of it! He will have a couple of his art on display too. I'm so excited for both of us. 

He's totally gonna kill me for taking this photo ha ha!  That's him helping Renee the curator of the show putting up his stuff (not shown here).   It's definitely gonna stand out.   Valentine's Day weekend, can't wait!

What does it mean?

Where did you get the name 'Pulp Sushi' from?

I have been asked this question a few times.  It throws people off because when they think of "pulp" they might think of paper.  Or I'm selling sushi. Maybe a fan of the band Pulp??  What the hell does it mean??

Here's the story, and I may have shared this a long, long time ago but it needs revisiting.  There once was a time, quite a few years ago, where I wanted to be a Blogger who wrote snarky and funny social commentary posts on what was going on with current events, entertainment, politics, etc.  I was going to get thousands of hits a day and it was going to be my job and eventually I would have been one of the folks you saw on VH1 "I Love The _____" shows. I wanted to come up with a crazy name that was memorable and had a funky ring to it.  Maybe in flipping the channels, Pulp Fiction was on, but somehow the name Pulp Fiction popped into my head.  Of course I could not use that name but I like the ring it had, the three syllables, easy to say. Pulp What? Pulp......hmmm....

Sushi!!! Why sushi? Don't know. I had just gotten into eating sushi and really liked it.  Sushi is the type of food that you either love it or hate it. Either way, it invokes strong opinions. Pulp Sushi, I like it!

Needless to say, the blog thing didn't take off.  I just didn't care enough about all the crap that was out there.  Around the same time I started getting into making things, marble magnets, soaps, candles.  The soaps and candles were pretty bad.  That didn't last very long. Back in 2005 I had submitted a photo to be printed in a photography zine which could only be purchased in one place, you guessed it, Etsy! I started browsing and was very inspired.  Maybe I can sell my magnets here? I also started off with customized notepads too.   The marbles soon became jewelry and the rest is history. 

See? It is a pretty long-winded story to explain how I came up with this name. It still doesn't exactly mean anything but does it have to?  Just as long as you never forget it. :) 

Mix Tape

Happy Monday everyone! Turns out my Yellow Needle Felt Heart necklace was included in an Etsy newsletter this weekend. Thank you Etsy!  Etsy Newsletter 01.09.11

I noticed a lot of people adding this item on my Activity Feed and just adding my shop their favorites.  More than usual.  I asked about it on Facebook, that's when I found out.  I swear the Activity Feed is the *BEST* feature Etsy has added to their site.  I am checking it constantly and like seeing who my friends are adding too.

I used all of the extra attention to add a few more items to the shop like this necklace, this cold weather is making me think of SPRING!


We The Living

Got hit with another snow storm today, not nearly as bad as the last one, but I sure do wish I was home curled up with a book right now.


I mentioned in my 2010 year end post that one of my resolutions was to read more period books. I admit, this is pretty easy.   While I was waiting for my Bookins order to arrive, I took a break from the Gemma Doyle series and started reading We the Living by Ayn Rand.  It is fiction but very closely based on the true tale of Ayn Rand growing up in Soviet Russia during the rise its Totalitarian state during the early and mid 1920s.  It's a pretty intense read with not a lot of warm fuzzies. When I was reading John Steinbeck books, I pictured the stories in a Sepia tone.  We The Living I just picture gray gray gloomy sad cold gray.

Once I'm finished with that, I'll get to my fuzzies reading the second book of the Gemma Doyle trilogy, Rebel Angels (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy Book #2).  Can't wait! To catch you up, I discovered this story last month and wrote a post sharing this unexpected discovery.  I noticed that Book 3 is not on Bookins, I might have to do more digging, I don't know if my local library will have it. Perhaps in the next town over. Either way, the second book is pretty thick and I'm a slow reader so there's time. :)

Have a great weekend!