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Last Call for FREE July Ad Sponsors

SponsorLast call for a free ad spot on my blog for the month of July in exchnage for one of my ads for a swap! Ads will be posted tomorrow in the right column and will be up all of July.  So if you want to advertise here next month for free, send me a 150 x 150 ad to marilyn @  You can grab yourself one of my buttons here.

Today is also the last day for my 15% off Etsyversary Sale (coupon code happyjune15) & Free Shipping in the Etsy shop.   Maybe get yourself one of these necklaces?

New Necklaces

Giveaway at After Nine To Five


Ashley from After Nine To Five has a boat load of giveaways going on at her blog right now from herself and her sponsors.  There's still time to enter, you have until this Friday July 1st.

One giveaway I'm particularly excited about is for her new upcoming e-course Blog 101. I became friends with Ashley after taking the Indie Biz e-course earlier this year and her blog is one of my favorite and daily reads. She definitely has a passion not only for her business but for her blog which both seem to go hand in hand.  She is constantly coming up with new features and projects, I don't know how she does it all.

It goes beyond the basics of creating a blog and discusses how to grow your views, advertising, design, time management, and making your blog work for you + your style.

So be a dear and pay her blog a visit and check out the other neat giveaways she's offering.

I'm not on a DIET


It seems like I fall back into old eating habits on the weekend - especially when it comes to desserts, and then try to make up for it during the week.  Some things have changed when I dine out, I stick to water because truth is I never finish my glass of soda when I'm at a restaurant anyway so I'm wasting money.  I recently ordered a burger and instead of fries, I got it with a salad. That's a big step for me, and I'm staying away from creamy salad dressings too.

Here's a picture of a lunch I had this past week


My "All Fruit" lunch was good but I was hungry by 3:30 pm, I don't think I'll be doing that again.  I did come across this interesting article on how eating more nuts and fruit help with weight loss as oppose to "dieting". I don't even like to say I'm on a diet, I just say that I'm changing my eating habits.  I don't necessarily feel like I'm depriving myself from anything, it just takes me longer to think about what I want to eat and when and if I can based on how many points I've used up.   There is one thing I absolutely have to stop consuming:

So I'm only allowed 29 points a day, turns out one bottle of 20 oz Pepsi is TWENTY POINTS! And when I drink these, I don't pace myself and stretch it for a day or two, I'll drink the entire bottle in a couple of hours at my desk in the office.  Yeah, no more of that.  I try to keep my sugar drinks to one a day, I know this bottle counts as two and a half.  That's the end of that!

In a totally unrelated note, I am always proud to be a New Yorker but I am especially proud after this past Friday night when the state passed the bill allowing Gay Marriage in New York.  Now the other 44 states need to get on board and acknowledge that marriage should be a right for ALL.  I'm sure the Pride Parade in NYC today will extra special. 


Free Blog Sponsorship

This kind of happened all of the sudden but a Sponsorship swap took over my Twitter feed and I got swept up in it!  I think I'll blame Ashley from After Nine To Five, I missed the boat on her blog but it doesn't mean I can't share the same love here and offer free advertisement on my blog for the month of July.  Lee Lee from Just Because got on board and I followed suit. :)  I've learned that this blog is not meant to make me money which is why I gave up doing paid sponsorships a while back but it doesn't mean I  can't continue to share and promote other great talent.  That's where you come in.

So if you want to advertise here next month for free, send me a 150 x 150 ad to marilyn @ Ads will appear in the right column of this blog.  You'll also post dedicated to your blog or shop or whatever you wish to promote.  Remember, this is a swap so let me know if you plan to use any of my buttons.   Ads will go up July 1st.

Sale Ends Soon

Next Thursday is June 30th which means it will be the last day of my Etsyversary month, which also means the last day to take advantage of my shop's **FREE SHIPPING** and 15% off your purchase!

Grape Drop Necklace

Small Red Shell Earrings

Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Brooch

Don't wait! Check out my Etsy shop today and don't forget to use coupon code "happyjune15" for your 15% off discount.

7 Day Push - Week 2


I should have posted this earlier in the week. I survived Week 1, this week might be more of a challenge for some - Quit Procrastinating!

What have I been procrastinating on? It's actually quite simple: To check off everything on my Pulp Sushi To Do list!

It sounds lame but that's what's up. There are things I need to mail out, supplies I need to order, need to build (online and off)And there are some top secret shop things I still need to work on.  :)

I already saw my Cardiologist last week, I have my annual physical scheduled for next Monday, OH!  I do need to schedule an appointment with my Dentist who I have not seen in forever so that's something for the non-Pulp Sushi To Do list for this week.  I admit that is something I have been holding off on for waaaaay too long. 

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

DIY Tutorials 6.21

First day of Summer! Although honestly, it started to feel like Summer around these parts last month but today makes it official. Here are some fun (and sorta Summery) tutorials I've come across

Gum Paste Butterflies from Clockwork Lemon - probably my FAVORITE food blog to visit. She had made this cake for her mom and the butterflies were just a lovely touch.


Mr Potato Head hat from Wattlebird (too cute!)


Granny Square Bracelet from Speckless

If you have a tutorial you would like to share on this blog, drop me a note! Especially tutorials that are geared toward Summer (ie: Wedding DIYs, party decorations) or any other fun afternoon projects you'd like to share!