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Spooky Window Displays in West Village

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I am going to try my best to forget that this was the view outside my window Saturday afternoon....

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 12.05.37 PM

So yes, HALLOWEEN! The coolest day in the world! You know it. I know it. Everyone in this room knows it.   Something I wish I could do every year is be at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.  It is SO much fun and so flippin' crazy! It puts just about everything else to shame. Unfortunately I can't be there this year but I was in the area a couple of weekends away just walking about and enjoying the cute side streets and boutique windows.

Ralph Lauren has probably the coolest displays this year in his windows on Bleecker St. based on Sweeney Todd.

Sorry for the reflection in this one, it was a weird time of the day - MEAT PIES!

This one is not Sweeney Todd related but I couldn't resist, look at that furry guy!

The West Village is still one of my favorite areas to walk around in no matter how lame the city gets overall. There are still little pockets of coolness to check out. So I hope everyone has a fun Halloween, lots of treats! Be kind if you play any tricks. :) 

What I Love:: The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt

I've read a graphic novel or two in my day, but never have I read a Scrapbook Novel before.  Introducing The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: A Novel in Pictures ...


This story takes place in the early 1920s and the entire book is pieced together as a scrapbook by Frankie Pratt, a young woman who dreams of becoming a writer but must forgo a scholarship to Vassar (a school which happens to be less than 30 minutes away from me) to help her widowed mother. But when a mysterious Captain James sweeps her off her feet, her mother finds a way to protect Frankie from the less-than-noble intentions of her unsuitable beau.  We follow her to Paris only to see things for her come full circle.


Author Caroline Preston rummaged through her mother's collection of diaries, letters, clippings, dresses and other weird souvenirs. She soon developed her own collection of vintage greeting cards, scrapbooks and whatever else she could find during her trips to the Antique shop.   After fifteen years as an archivist, I decided I wanted to turn some of the stories I'd uncovered in letters and diaries into novels.

I am not one for scrapbooks but I really enjoyed taking my time looking through each page. It makes for a fun read and adds to a compelling story, my only problem was it was too short!  I wanted more!

New Direction in Etsy Promotion?

I've been on Etsy since 2006.  I've added many shops and items to my Favorites list over the years.  It would come up on the Etsy forums occassionally if one should send a convo to the person who favorites their item? For the most part, the answer is usually "No, it's considered spam!"  Now I've never done this when someone adds my shop or one of my items to their favorites because it's never been done to me so I just left it alone.

Recently, I've received these "Thank you for adding _______ to your favorites...." convos and even going so far as to offer me a discount code to their shop.  This has happened twice in the last week.  It has got me thinking:

Is this the new method Etsy shops are trying to be found by potential customers?

Let's face it, a lot of Etsy sellers are not happy about the changes in tagging, relevancy, and paying for Search Ads. September was an abysmal month for many of us. I had ZERO sales in September. So is this what I have to do? To remind people who marked one of my items a favorite "Hey! Don't forget about me! Here's a discount to my shop!" (??)  Does the mindset of the Etsy seller need to change and start doing what was previously considered spam?  Are Twitter, blogs and Facebook not enough anymore?  I actually had a dream the other day where I was actually wondering "Should I start a Tumblr account?" I'm even dreaming about this now!!! Which I totally ended up doing:

Any other Etsy sellers seen an increase in getting messages like this?  I'm just still trying to figure out if it would be worth it and something I should revisit?

What I Love - DCL's New China

Decorative Country Living has just added some new China to their beautiful online store.  So precious!

Designed by Keith Brymer Jones and made from crisp white porcelain, the lovely simple designs look great in any setting - vintage or contemporary. Each piece is stamped with a simple word in old fashioned type writer lettering and the mugs are a most pleasing "bucket" shape, that are perfect for warming you hands round.



I'm in love with these mugs, and I am now in the mood for some serious hot chocolate!

WINNER: Big Ass Book of Craft 2

Screen shot 2011-10-13 at 10.53.58 AM

Woohoo! The winner of a free copy of Mark Montano's new book Big Ass Book of Craft 2 is....

Debbie from On The Refrigerator Door!  Congratulations Debbie, you will be receving an email from me shortly.  Enjoy your new book and have lots of fun with it!   Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope to have more giveaways to share soon. If you would like me to host a giveaway for you please email me at marilyn @

When one door closes, kick another one open! =D

Last week I griped a little about how I am unable to do this year's Bust Holiday Craftacular.  I'm over it because since then, I've learned about another holiday show being held the weekend of December 17 & 18 in the same venue that is A LOT kinder to my wallet, I mean very kind.  So I applied and got in! =D  Going to the city the weekend before Christmas is pretty darn crazy but Pulp Sushi has a lot of great last minute gift items at super-dee-duper prices.  I'm excited! I will also be there with my friend's Nordea's Soaperie and Gnorasaurus so just being in their company is gonna be awesome. 

So I'm feeling a little better now about my Holiday sales.  Like a lot of Etsy sellers, my shop was affected once all the changes started and even though around this time last year I started to think I shouldn't be doing shows anymore, I'm having a change of heart as that may be the direction I will have to go in order to continue to promote my business.

No Bust Holiday Craftacular :(

I'm sad to say that I decided not to apply to this year's Bust Holiday Craftacular.  I've done them the last two Decembers and their last Spring show. Unfortunately, they made some changes that I don't exactly agree with. 

1) They changed the location. I don't know their reasons why, but the previous location at the Pavilion on 18th St in Manhattan was a pretty awesome setup.  Everyone got an 8 foot table.   Now they want to have it as the same location as the Spring show which I think is smaller and vendors are only getting 6 feet of table.  Here's a shot of the new location and you can see I had the worst spot in the house!

It was very uncomfortable.  When people entered, the tend to go towards the right and work their way around which meant I was the last vendor they saw on their way out the door. By that time, they don't want to look at any more jewelry.  Plus I was pretty crammed in.   I was pretty miserable that day.

2) It's now TWO days instead of one.  $500 to do both days, $300 for one day.  When it was one day, it was $250 and you got more space.  You want me to pay more for less?  It doesn't take a  genius to figure this out.

Watch the news people!  A lot of us are struggling financially! I'm going to be honest, the last two Bust Holiday shows I did, I did NOT make over $300.  My price points are in the lower end because I want to be fair in my pricing, maybe this is my own fault.  I was looking forward to applying and hopefully doing this show until they announced the changes. I don't even think I plan on checking it out as a customer.

I will be doing the Hudson Valley Etsy Team's 2nd Annual Holiday show in Beacon, NY that same weekend which will be less stress, closer to home, and I get to spend the day with my friends.    That should be a fun day.