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New at Pulp Sushi - Flowers (and maybe a cute dog)

Sleeping Beauty Bracelet - This is my second bracelet using this name, I just love the ring to it and fairytale feel. 

Flower hair pin sets are back!!


Pastel Parade

Urbangarden3Urban Garden

Pinklemon3Pink Lemonade

I stopped by to visit Karen at Karmabee in Kingston, NY on Saturday and it looks like there's someone new working in the shop, meet Angie.

Photo5Yes Karen got a new dog.  It was Angie's first day in the shop.  Unfortunately she won't make much of a guard dog because she is just TOO sweet and friendly.


And then we all took her for her first walk around the new neighborhod.  It was such a gorgeous day, we walked down to the Rondout Creek. That's Karen walking with Mike.

I wish Karen & Angie much success in their new life together. :) 

Pretties For Your Wrist - Let's Talk Bracelets!

Have you noticed that bracelets seem to be coming back BIG TIME? I'm not just saying that because I have some available in my Etsy shop *ahem* :)  I've been looking for more bracelets to wear as the warmer weather approaches and the sleeves start to get smaller.  My watch is really the only thing I wear but it would be nice to flare it up with something bold...

Pardon My French is part of Kate Spade's Fall 2012 collection - still pretty but with a lot of attitude.

I recently added these Vintage Wavy Bracelets to my Etsy favorites from Ismoyo (she has more color sets available).  This reminds me of bracelets I use to wear when I was little. These particular colors would work with a few of my outfits.


Slap Band Watches from Winky also kind of remind me when I was young and Swatches first came out.  My first Swatch Watch looked very similiar.

Last is this great set of Wheat Bangle bracelets from The Green Glass Door.  Her whole Etsy shop is full of beautiful craftmanship.

I have been trying to work on a new kind of funky bracelet. I have the vision in my head but I can't quite execute it, does that happen to happen to anyone else?  Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

My morning walk to work

I haven't been sharing any pictures from my afternoon lunch walks because I haven't been taking them (whoops!) but the other day I stayed in the city and was able to take my usual route to the office from my parents building. It was a nice morning and I wasn't rushing so I took some snapshots while waiting to cross the street.

St Patrick's Cathedral - I always admired this view, contrast between older & modern structures #nyc #midtown #newyork

I walk past St Patrick's Cathedral and I always look up at this view, Old with New.

30 Rock - Before it gets crazy with visitors #newyork #midtown #nyc #rockefellercenter

Rockefeller Center is pretty nice to walk through at 7:30 in the morning before the place is crawling with tourist. I am SO glad I do not work in any of these buildings.   The ice rinks turns into an outdoor restaurant for the warmer weather.

AM walk to work - 6th Ave #nyc #newyork #midtown

I'm waiting to cross Sixth Avenue, if I just pan to the left you would see Radio City Music Hall - which is pretty ugly when it's not lit so I didn't bother taking a picture of that.

This walk also gave me a chance to break in my new shoes from Rocket Dog, Costa Summer Break. So far they're holding up pretty good.


I anticipate wearing these out by the end of the Summer.

Who Do You Blog For?

There has been so much REAL TALK among some of my favorite blogs lately that it's infectious.  Back in March I participated in Blog Positivity Week and shared why I like to update this here blog o' mine.    I recently read the blog post "On Owning It" by Amy from A Is For Ampersand and I encourage everyone to read it, bloggers new and old(er).  While I like blogs that are visually appealing, some substance of the person would be nice too.  There are times when looking over my Bloglovin' page, I end up marking posts as "read" and not clicking to read them because I'm seeing the same type of posts over and over again from various blogs.


I like blogs that are encouraging, empowering, and gives you something to think about, not just all fluff. Don't get me wrong, I like fluffy posts with pretty pictures too. But I also like when I read a post where the person shares something personal and thinking they're the only ones to feel that way and come to find out they're not alone.  I think we  get caught up with the face we like to portray on our blogs because it seems like everyone else is just so darn happy in their beautiful homes and awesome wardrobe and amazing weekend getaway photos.  I've been living in my apartment for almost four years and it still looks like I'm moving in.

Even I have thought "I wish I can be more like who I am on my blog." Not that this is all fake, it's just one aspect of me, maybe 30-40% of Marilyn.   You probably won't see the angry person who loses her temper and says stupid, mean, ugly things to others. Or see the unhappy office zombie going through the motions. I really don't want to share my whining and complaining but I may have to sometimes for my own sanity.  Pulp Sushi (the blog & Etsy shop) is something I'm super proud of and is what keeps me going even with the stress that can bring. I have enough grey hairs I dye over every few weeks, I don't need my blog to add to that.  :)  This blog is a form of therapy for me because it helps me tap into that person I strive to be.

New at Pulp Sushi

Oh happy day! My camera was shipped back to me from Canon and they were able to fix whatever the funk was wrong with it.  So I was able to add more items to Etsy over the weekend and not have to use my iPhone!  It feels like it's been a while since I shared some new items on here.


Sailor Jerry Candy Jade Bracelet


"Cherry Rose Red" Lily Flower Stud Earrings - this is such a cool color, it was so hard to find the right way to describe it.


Harmony Sunshine - the yellow beads are found vintage and have an interesting finish to them that is hard to capture on camera. It's almost a frosty finish but painted. 

DIY Tutorial - 04.20

I have to say this has been one of the most hectic week's at the day job in my life. My brain has been fried with the amount of data entry I've been doing the last few days.   So it's nice to take a mental break and scout some more fun DIY Tutorials from the web to share here....

Screen shot 2012-04-16 at 10.10.18 PM

Screen print a t-shirt from Calico Skies - although I think I would like this a little more with a Yankees "NY" in the heart. :)

Screen shot 2012-04-16 at 10.09.41 PM

Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub from Everyday Is A Holiday - one of my super sweet sponsors this month. Check out Jenny's for an over-indulgence of pretties.

Screen shot 2012-04-16 at 10.09.15 PM
Pretty Fabric Flowers from Stelabird - When Stela posted a picture of these flowers in her storefront window, I immediately sent her an Etsy convo asking if she's going to do a tutorial on them because they're just so cute! Ta-da!

Tomorrow is Record Store Day!  Will you be participating? I'll probably swing by my local record shop and see what's new, I never walk out of there without free music.  Have a nice weekend!

Blog Ad Swap in May?

Since April was so fun, I am putting out a call again for blog ad swaps for the month of May.  Would you like to swap blog ads with  me?

Blog Ad Swap Rules

#1 Ads must be linked to a blog
#2 You must link back, this is a Swap afterall 
#3 Ad must be up for the entire month of May
#4 Ad size is 125 x 100 - see those buttons on the right? That's where it's going.

If we are currently exchanging ads then you don't have to do anything, you're not going anywhere. :)

I do not have any requirements for a giveaway or guest post but if you want to contribute I will not turn you down. :)

So if this is something you would be interested in, leave a comment here or shoot me at email at and we can get this going! Deadline to swap is April 28th.

My Bust Craftacular Recap

I wanted to start off the bat with sharing my purchases from this past week's Craftacular.

Sideshow Soap
Sideshow Soap Co was the only vendor listed that I was planning to purchase from. I've been following them on Facebook and I'm always on the look for awesome handmade soap to try. So far I am not disappointed. And Jessica is SO sweet!  

Hair Bows From DollsvilleNYC

Speaking of sweet, across from me was Laura from DollsvilleNYC. Not only was I admiring her bright red hair, but her beautifully crafted hair accessories. I purchased three cute little bows and a CD of her band.

Dollsville Hair Clip

I was so excited to spend the day with Judy working our booth. I think our stuff looked great together, really colorful!

JSWMetalworks & Pulp Sushi

I started the day off right with a large coffee (who am I kidding, that's every day).

Got My Fuel For The Craftacular

So it was a good day for Pulp Sushi! I was pretty happy at the end of the day but I think that going forward, the only way I can do a Bust Craftacular is if I share the space with another vendor, it's the only way I can enjoy any real profit with their high vendor fee but they do get people in the door.

Bust Spring Craftacular #newyork

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