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Blog: July In Instagram

July went by TOO fast but I feel like it was a busy month with a lot going on. Looking forward to August and taking an extended vacation later in the month.  I need a break from a lot of things.  Anyway, time for Instagram pictures! Remember you can follow me on Instagram @pulpsushi

My creation

1. Happy July 2012! #nofilter, 2. Happy 4th of July! Remember the reason for the season #toys #captainamerica #redskull #marvel, 3. Anyone else crochet while tanning?, 4. New Necklace From Renee Loughlin Designs, 5. I think Oscar may have something to say about this #toys, 6. Happy doggie!, 7. New #glasses from #Coastal - second pair within a month!, 8. Birthday flowers for Mom, 9. Catholic Guilt #religion #statue #old #spirituality, 10. Fifth Avenue #newyork #nyc #manhattan, 11. It's Final Frontier Eddie #toys #ironmaiden #heavymetal #actionfigure, 12. Trying something new #knitting #needles #wool, 13. Nighty night! #comics #darkhorse #lobsterjohnson, 14. Thai Basil Chicken - the spiciest dish I've ever had #newyork #HellsKitchen #NYC #food, 15. View outside my parents livingroom - 10th Ave #HellsKitchen #newyork #nyc, 16. The Whitney Museum #newyork #nyc #art #red #Polkadot #abstract, 17. Freedom Tower #newyork #NYC #downtown #skyscrapers, 18. Yayoi Kusama #art #WhitneyMuseum #newyork #nyc, 19. Latest addition to our #Taschen library #books #horror #cinema #movies, 20. It's not perfect, but it's also not a scarf!  #knitting #wool #gloves, 21. Am I really gonna try to make a stripe blanket?!?! #crochet #crafty #stormcrafting, 22. Back from bead show, not wasting any time #jewelry #pulpsushi #Etsy Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Inspiration Through Design Seeds

Are you familiar with Design Seeds?  I recently learned about this site through an HV teammate who has a series on our team blog "Inspiration Wednesdays" - they create color palettes based on a particular image and you go ahead and make something inspired by the color palette.  

Here is my latest item


And this was the palette posted last week

Screen shot 2012-07-28 at 11.10.23 AM

So I didn't use ALL of the colors but this is a great tool if you're stuck in a creative rut.  Here are some other palettes that I really like

So many stunning images - check it out! 

DIY Tutorials: 7.27

I promised myself that I would get at least ONE diy tutorial post on the blog this month. I can't believe August is already next week!   Here are some fun tutorials I wanted to share from my web browsings.


Paper Flowers from Red Brick Magazine


Rag Quilt from Wonder Forest

Crochet Office Supplies from Camille Styles (how brilliant is this???)

Will you be watching the Olymipcs? I've been excited for them which is pretty odd but it's fun.  Enjoy your weekend!

NYC Weekend Recap

I had a pretty nice weekend in the city with my boyfriend.  Busy busy!   No time to do anything business related but that still won't stop me from sharing some pictures...

Thursday I met up with Mike right after work and headed to my parents apartment to drop off our bags. They went away to Las Vegas so we had a free place in midtown to stay to ourselves.  We headed out to dinner at a nearby Asian Fusion place. I had Thai Basil Chicken which was spicey!!!!!

Thai Basil Chicken - the spiciest dish I've ever had #newyork #HellsKitchen #NYC #food

Friday we went to The Whitney Museum, I'm lucky to get free admission +1 through my day job.  It rained all day but it didn't stop the long line outside, ugh!  We made it in, the big exhibit going on featured the work of Yayoi Kusama - pretty kooky!

The Whitney Museum #newyork #nyc #art #red #Polkadot #abstract

Yayoi Kusama #art #WhitneyMuseum #newyork #nyc

Saturday was a much nicer day, this is the view outside my parents livingroom....

View outside my parents livingroom - 10th Ave #HellsKitchen #newyork #nyc

We headed down to SoHo just to walk around, window shop, check out more art galleries and visit the Taschen store (we didn't leave empty handed).  We had dinner in the West Village and killed more time before going to movies.  No we weren't going to see Batman, but Jaws!   We walked over to the Hudson River and parked on a bench for a bit. Our feet were killing us with all the walking we've been doing.

Freedom Tower #newyork #NYC #downtown #skyscrapers

Looks like the Freedom Tower is coming along. I have not been down to the World Trade Center area in probably ten years.

Sunday we took it easy until it was time to go home. I wish I had an extra day to stay at home but I had too much to do at work.  I also wish I had some new items to share this week but I got nothing.  There is a bead show happening this coming weekend that always inspiring so stay tuned!  Hope you enjoyed my little slide show. :)

Friday Treasury Eye Candy

By the time you read this, I will be chillin' out on the tropical island of Manhattan...ok, not so tropical but it's still an island.  I'm staying in the city this weekend for a little mini-vacation.  I thought I'd leave you with some pretty Etsy treasuries I'm happy to see my items a part of (click image to treasury link).  Have a great weekend!




Book Review: Designing Bead & Wire Jewelry

Being a Jewelry person, it was only a matter of time before I share a review of a jewelry making book. Designing Bead and Wire Jewelry: Everything the Beginner Needs to Know is by Renata Graham - a professional jewelry maker specializing in bead jewelry and instructor on jewelry making. This book is a fail-safe guide to everything you need to know to get started.

There are so many different types of jewelry to make and so many tools and pieces one can work with that it can be overwhelming (ever been to a bead shop???). Renata shares design principles like texture, proportions, colors and accents when putting an item together and helps to make it less intimidating.

Designing Beads gives a breakdown of the more common types of beads, wires, clasps and more to help you become familiar with what works well with what in order to create a sturdy, quality piece of jewelry.  A nice resource guide that will always be handy for beginners and experienced makers alike.

Newness This Week @ Pulp Sushi

A couple of new necklaces added to the Etsy shop over the weekend in case you missed it. Click on the images to take you to the item listings on Etsy.




Blythe Ponytail Parades is hosting a HUGE giveaway on her blog and it includes a $20 gift certificate from my Etsy shop.  There are some fabulous prizes that one person can win so make sure you head on over and enter.  Deadline is July 31st. 


One last mention, I wrote a post on the Hudson Valley Etsy Team blog today on organizing your social media with Hootsuite - it's my favorite tool to use now that I have a better grasp on it. Great to use if you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of websites you need to be a part of. Hope you'll check it out!

Happy Friday The 13th!!!!

It's Friday everyone!  The weather is gonna be great this weekend, got any plans? Anyone going camping???


Oh right....

Maybe a nice quiet weekend at home will be good enough.  Other than working on some new items and taking pictures, it'll be a lazy one for me.  Have a great weekend!

More love for

I couldn't help it, just couldn't resist, I got another pair of glasses from  I got my cateye frames! I picked up Love's Black Passion Fruit

Screen shot 2012-07-10 at 9.32.56 PM

New #glasses from #Coastal - second pair within a month!

I was worried that the shape was gonna make me look too much like an alien but they don't. The hearts are sweet and I love the color of the arms.  I just feel so super cute wearing them.   Excuse the poor lighting bathroom picture, Instagram can only do SO much. :) is still offering your first pair free, you only pay for shipping which is about $9.95 US.  If you have a Flexible Spending Account, you can submit a claim for the cost of shipping and get reimbursed the money. It worked for me both times so you really got nothing to lose in trying them out.  Hooray for cute frames!