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I ♥ Fluff Friday!

I couldn't be happier today for a couple of reasons, one - it's pay day, who can hate that? Two, it's the last Friday of September which seems to have been a sucky month for me.  With sleep issues, allergies attacking me, I'm trying so hard to just not fall into a pit of lethargy and blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. 

So here's what I'm loving today and has lifted my spirits....


This beautiful Fall Wreath from Carosello

Susannah Bean's new cowls and scarves, her hair is pretty amazing too. I love her hair.

Thinking about a what a slice of this cake would taste like...

And this puppy.


If someone can drop him off at my doorstep, I would really appreciate it and would totally make my weekend, thanks!  Come back on Monday when my first month-long Blog party begins! Have a great weekend!

I can't quit you - ♥ Coffee


With all of my sleeping drama recently, I thought I would try to go a couple of days without drinking coffee, you know, switch to decaf. Within less than 24 hours the headache started sooooooo yeah, that lasted about two days before I had my regular large coffee again.  New plan, regular in the morning, decaf in the afternoon if it moves me, I don't always need to drink coffee in the afternoon. 

At least my headache is gone, now I just gotta get my energy to create back.  I have ideas but the last couple of things I've tried to make just doesn't look as good as they do in my head. I gotta get out of this funk!

DIY Tutorial 9.26

This week I have FOUR great tutorials I've found. So many great ideas out there, it's hard to wrap my head around them all.

IphoneFabric iPhone case from Sew Chatty

Washi Tape Notecards from Five Sixteenths

Accessories from color pencils from Brit + Co

Vintage Camera Book End from Smile & Wave

Is there a new project you started or continue to be working on? I am still working on my crochet blanket which I hope to finish soon. It's getting chillier at night and I can't wait to share it with Mike on the couch with a can of Pringles while watching a movie. :)

Meet Eyelah: Feature Sponsor

I'm happy to share with you another great blog sponsor. Meet Ayla from Eyelah's Handmade Accessories, a lover of vibrant colors and big supporter of handmade artists. 


Ayla sells handbag clutches using a variety of different printed fabric with lots of color but also adding some solid pieces that could be used for most outfits - perfect for the everyday woman. "I definitely want my purses to be the topic of conversation when they are seen. I use my blog for personal expression as well as marketing my shop."

What are some of the things you are passionate about?

I'm really passionate about learning. One of the things I feel that keeps more going whether through my blog or my shop is constantly learning new things to improve or add to them. It really is what drives me to continue doing what I do.

What have you gained from blogging?

I have gained so many blogging friends and learned so many things about other people in the process. I never once thought someone would want to read what I have written in my blog. 

And you can keep up with Ayla on her blog, Facebook and Etsy

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New Necklaces This Week @ Pulp Sushi

Newness in the #Etsy shop #pulpsushi #jewelry #necklace #handmade

Two new necklaces were added to the shop over the weekend: Key To Buried Treasure and Carnival Twist.  I got some gold plated chains that I will be using, just to offer something different besides the antique brass finish - which is still my favorite.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my last post about my sleeping dilema.   I greatly appreciate them.  I happen to come across this cream in my bathroom - you know how you get gift sets and you only use one or two things in the basket and the rest gets put off to the side? This was one of them

Helping me sleep

Not anymore, I started rubbing this on my temples before going to bed. It has a strong minty smell which you're suppose to breathe in to soothe you. It can't hurt. It's only been a few days and I'm not waking up as much. Maybe it's getting better?

I ♥ Fluff Friday - It's Bedtime!

Today's Friday Love post is inspired by the LACK OF SLEEP I've had this past week.  Seriously, it all started last Friday when I stayed at my parents. I never get a good night sleep there unfortunately but it's a free place to stay in midtown Manhattan so I can't complain right? Well, I complain anyway.  And all week I've been having trouble staying asleep.  Falling asleep is no problem, it's just the continued waking up in the middle of the night that kills me.  What do you do for a good night sleep?

Source: via Marilyn on Pinterest


While I still get sleepy even if I drink a cup of coffee an hour earlier, I'm sure my love of coffee is playing a part in my lack of sleep.  I gotta cut down. And don't tell me to drink tea, I hate tea.


I already spray Lavender on my pillow before I go to bed.  It's a nice smell, it use to work well for me where when I wake up I feel rested and ready to go. Not so much lately.


I admit that I do not have a calm mind. It's the hardest thing for me to do. This is why I don't keep a physical To Do list. My mind works so fast that checking an actual list gets put off to the side. I often say my mind is on overdrive and it's what also probably wakes me up at night.  There is a lot of stress offline that I won't get into and my blog & Etsy are my escape so I'm also thinking about what more can I do for those things too.   I'm not asking for much right now, just maybe 12 hours of sleep straight with nice, pleasant dreams.  I'll save my weird dreams for another post. Happy Friday!

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DIY Tutorial: 9.20

I have some super pretty tutorials that I have come across this week to share with you.


Love Letters from Tamara Lynn Photography - would be great for a Craft Fair display too if you need a sign quick!

Daily Chore Chart by The Daily Five[8]
DIY Chore Board from Ucreate - love the clothes line motif


DIY Notebook with a Cereal Box from Crème de la Craft - while you should be recycling your cereal boxes anyway, this is a great alternative! 

Not another pair of glasses?!?! =P

Oh yes my friends, it's my third pair of glasses from - Derek Cardigan 7013 Dark Fade. They were having a sale on DC glasses with free shipping.  I've always wanted to have glasses for different outfits/moods but glasses are expensive, thanks to sites like this one, I now can. I know, I totally sound like a cheesy commercial, well whatever! I love cheese! I can eat it all day!!


New glasses

Another great thing about all of the glasses I've received from Coastal is that they fit so perfect.  Not too tight, not too loose, I don't have to get them adjusted, they are ready to wear.  This was me this morning, I took it on the train on the way to work, good morning!

Still on the fence about ordering glasses online? You got nothing to lose, just scroll down to the banner that says "Get your first pair of glasses free" and use code FIRSTPAIRFREE.  You only pay for shipping which is eligible for reimbursement if you have a Flexible Spending Account.