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October Blog Bash Wrap-UP

I hope today is nothing but treats, treats, and more treats (whatever that entails).  It's the last day of October and the end of my month long blog party. Did you have fun? I did but like the end of any party, I'm pretty pooped! I think I've just about Halloweened myself out and I'm ready to get back to my usual blog posts. Glad this will only be once a year. :)  Let's recap with some highlights....

Free desktop from Some Odd Girl (which you can still use for November)

Everyday Is A Holiday

Fashion With Fall Flavors

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Spider Crochet Pattern

I can't begin to tell you how fun this was for me to plan and put together.  I will definitely do it again next year. I hope you liked it too. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! 


Source: via Misty on Pinterest


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DIY Tutorials: Not So Eerie Edibles (I'm OK!)

Before I get started with today's scheduled post,  I just wanted to share that last night was interesting to say the least. Sandy came whipping through here but thankfully I didn't lose power and I called my parents like three times last night to check on them (they live in midtown Manhattan).  All is good but that wind was really scary. I really thought we were gonna lose power with the lights flickering a lot but they hung in there. I have not left my apartment since Saturday. If you're in the affected areas and you need to go out, be safe! 


So my last Eerie Edibles post may not have been for everyone (not to mention the meatloaf hand!), so today I'm playing it a little more safe and sweet.  Candy is good and all but my sweet tooth is a little stronger than normal so I need some substance.

400_X_IMG_1542_2_layered_pumpkin_pie_in_a_jarLayered Pumpkin Pie In A Jar from A Farmgirl Dabbles

Candy Corn Krispie Treats from Glorious Treats

Super Easy Delicious Pumpkin Pancakes from After Nine To Five

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes from Clockwork Lemon (probably my favorite food blog to follow and you should be following too!)

Or just have a Hallowine Party demonstrated by Angela from Embrace Enchanted. It's not just kids who get in to indulge. 

Screen shot 2012-09-29 at 1.36.43 PM


New This Week & A Tutorial from ME!

I've been bit by the needle felting bug again and it shows in the shop.  Here's my latest item posted in the Etsy shop. It's a longer strand necklace with a tear drop needle felt bead I made with a mix of pink, grey and brown.



I love to share DIY Tutorials that I find on the web but it's not often that I actually write one and share myself.  So I did a special favor for Jennifer at Grits & Moxie as part of Moxtoberfest on how to make some earrings using extra jewelry leftovers


So check it out and don't forget to enter her big giveaway.

Freaky Friday - Halloween Etsy Treasuries

I made a couple of Etsy treasuries this week, a little more on the darkside. Click on the images to view, click & comment. I loved putting these together. It takes me SO LONG to put a treasury together, anyone else like that too? And once I select my items it takes me a few more minutes to arrange them in the order I want. I'm such a Type-A person lol!



UPDATE: The winner of the Large Ad Space giveaway is Kelsea from Pink Wonderland, congratulations!

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The Party Continues @AfterNineToFive

Ashley from After Nine To Five is celebrating her two year blogiversary this week (October 22nd through November 25th) and you're all invited!  She will also have a Halloween Link Up next Monday

I met Ashley when we both took the Indie Business 3.0 e-course which was also roughly two years ago and I have seen her blog grow alot.  She's always coming up with new projects to work on and introduce to everyone and I just don't know how she does it - she's a machine.

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DIY Tutorials: More Halloween Fun!

I had to get some business out of the way this week like announcing the giveaways and my call for Sponsors but I'm now back in October Halloween mode! I have some fun and maybe a little odd DIY Tutorials for this week.  First, when I finally own a house, I want to do this...

 Haunted House Silhouettes


Zombie Garden Gnomes from Instructables

Argyle Pumpkins posted at Grits & Moxie (guest blogger)

Whoa! I should have posted a cautionary warning. It's a couple of years old but don't worry it's just a Meatloaf Hand from Not Martha, it's got melted cheese, mmmmm!

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Want to WIN some Pulp Sushi Jewelry?

Happy Monday everyone! There were no new items added to the shop this week but I still have a treat for you today. I am currently doing TWO giveaways, the first is a Large Plum Adjustable Ring that's part of the Moxtoberfest Giveaway.  Winrng
Next is a pair of earrings over at The Odd Girl.... 

If you would like to win these earrings, head on over to Kristy's blog and enter. The same Kristy who shared her cute calendar desktop for free earlier this month.  


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Freaky Friday: Halloween Costumes!

One of my favorite things about Halloween of course are the costumes. I never cared for women using Halloween as an excuse to wear some slutty stripper fantasy outfit they purchased online because they're too scared to walk into a sex shop and their lives are lame and boring the other 364 days out of the year.....


Whoa, ok I digress. If you're costume is not scary, you still get props for being super creative.  Check out this cute Tooth Fairy Costume Tutorial from Julie Ann Art


Or you can just paint yourself into something awesome. How gorgeous is this makeup?


Or maybe wear no costume at all but still something that just screams Halloween,like this Candy Corn Skirt

I'd pair that with these shoes because it's just nutty and who doesn't love A Nightmare Before Christmas?

Source: via Laura on Pinterest


You may be wondering what I am dressing up as? Sadly I'm not, haven't dressed up for Halloween in a few years. I don't get invited to any parties so I just stay home and watch Halloween related programming on TV and throw myself a Halloween Pity Party with Mike. Actually, most of my friends either don't dress up or are too busy taking their kids Trick or Treatin' so that's that.  Are you dressing up?

Get Crafty - Spider Crochet Pattern

My friend Jess, a fiber monster-making mama, from Knot By Gran'ma was kind enough to share a pattern on how to make a creepy crawly crochet spider. Finished spider size is about 4.5 inches in diameter (click all images to enlarge), isn't it cute? And when you're done checking this out, follow Jess on her blog & Twitter, she won't bite.

PictureJ (1024x681)

View tutorial after the jump...

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