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Last Blog Post for 2012

2012 was an okay year. Things slowed down in the shop a little but that's partially my own doing. I took a break from doing fairs and markets and focused more on growing my blog.  I might pick up the selling opportunities again in '13.  I have a couple of goals for 2013 which include: 

*Getting into more retail shops

*More press and exposure for my blog and Etsy shop. I'll be focusing mostly online. I don't see the point in print ads anymore.

*Finally make a profit : this is a big one as I've taken a loss every year since I started on Etsy. Clearly my prices aren't what they should be. 

And on a more personal note...

*Go on a real vacation (I say this every year and it doesn't happen)

*Lose weight! I know it's cliche and even "taboo" for some bloggers to not talk about diets but I don't care.  I gained weight, I'm not thrilled about it, I gotta lose it.  I figured if I actually expressed this publically, I would be held accountable.  Don't worry, this will not turn into some diet/weight-loss blog.  There's more to me than my size. I don't even have a number in mind. I just want to be able to feel comfortable in skin & clothes again.

That's pretty much it. I try to live my life day to day and take it as it comes.  I plan for things, I dream of doing things and try to work on them but that's ongoing.   But for now, I'll just enjoy the Twilight Zone marathon on television. :) 


2012 A Look Back In Pictures (Part 2)

Today is part two of my yearly recap - here's part 1, the second half of this year is a little image heavy.  


Birthday flowers for Mom
Flowers for my mom's birthday

Am I really gonna try to make a stripe blanket?!?! #crochet #crafty #stormcrafting
I started working on a blanket....a very uneven blanket 


Rust Riot 2012
Rust Riot! I look forward to this event every year. I'm not one to go to car shows (becasue there are A LOT where I live) but this one has great music added to it.

It was also me & Mike's eleventh anniversary together - no pictures, sorry!


Do I get a Jesus, pink Elk, or a piggy? #Stormville #fleamarket #HudsonValley #newyork
Crazy flea market finds in Stormville, NY

Fishkill Farms #HudsonValley #newyork #shoplocal
Early apple picking at Fishkill Farms


This month, dig it!  #blog #pulpsushi #October #promotion #Halloween
The first of more October Blog Bashes

Sheep & Wool Festival 2012, Rhinebeck, NY
I went to the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY

Found at Beacon Train Sta this AM - @HouseofHardcore #newyork #wrestling #ecw #wwe
Mike & I went to see live wrestling and it was TOO much fun


The #Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center has arrived! #newyork #holidays #nyc #midtown #30Rock
Christmas is around the corner, saw the tree at Rockefeller Center arrive.

Tonight I took a nice walk through the #Holiday #Market in #BryantPark #newyork #nyc #manhattan #night
Holiday Market at Bryant Park

Open for business at Bard 11 am to 8 pm
Holiday Craft Fair at Bard College - hope to be back next year!


I really had the spirit this year and a whole lotta Christmas goin' on!!!

Christmas tree


#christmas tree at Lincoln Center #nyc #newyork #holidays

And my birthday...

Sure we can celebrate my birthday a week early - thanks coworkers! #dessert #food #nyc #newyork #tao

Always try to end the year on a sweet note. :)

2012 A Look Back In Pictures (Part 1)

I had fun putting these posts together last year that I decided to do it again this year - again, broken up into two posts. Here's the first half of the year.  


Central Park

I remember January was unseasonably warm so I spent one weekend in city and spent the day in Central Park. 


Testament #thrash #metal #newyork
In February I went to see Death Angel, Testament & Anthrax - really good show! Anthrax is one of my favorite metal bands even though pictured is Testament. I like them alot too.


Queensboro Bridge or Ed Koch Bridge or the 59th St Bridge #city #nyc #newyork #bridge
Spring came kind of early so I was going out more on my lunch breaks and taking pictures. I wanted to show the New York that I'm use to seeing rather than the regular touristy pictures most usually see.


Bust Spring Craftacular #newyork
I did the Spring Bust Craftacular. It was a good show for me. Would do it again if I share the space.

That's a big hat! #EasterParade #newyork
Easter in NYC


Intrepid Museum #nyc #newyork
Not much happening in May other than Fleet Week which isn't too exciting for me.


Hudson Valley Renegades won their opening game - don't be fooled, the stadium filled up
June was Mike's birthday which fell on opening day of the Hudson Valley Renegades season, so we went to the game and they won. Good times!  They won the NYPL championship too this year!

Fishkill Craft Fair
The Hudson Valley Etsy Team also had their Spring/Summer Craft Fair in Fishkill which was going super awesomely well until a nasty storm came and shut everything down early.  Don't those clouds look nice and fluffy? Don't be fooled!

Thanks for checking this out, come back tomorrow for Part 2!

I ♥ Fluff Friday: Snow!

Ok I first have to say that I do love the snow - only on the condition that I am at home and I don't have to go outside for a few days. It's pretty when it is falling and fresh on the ground, untouched. I've enjoyed being out in the snow later at night during snow fall when the streets are empty and there's a quietness in the air. That's nice too. I don't enjoying cleaning off cars, grey or yellow snow, slush, and gigantic puddles that develop on every NYC street corner that make crossing the street almost impossible without ending up knee deep in dirty water.


Back to the pretty white stuff. My mom told me that after I was born, the day I went home from the hospital it was snowing out. So overall, I do enjoy it and that's the theme for today's Fluff.

Here's a shot I took outside my window earlier this year.


And now some Pinterest pretties...

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Source: via Maita on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Jo on Pinterest

Have a nice weekend!

Wanna see me at work?


That's a funky shot isn't it? It was taken during the HV Etsy Holiday Craft Fair back on the 8th. Some Etsy admin folks came up from Brooklyn (and down from Hudson) to check out our fun little event and Morgan took some amazing photos. The above is me playing around on my phone with my tiny table. I was sitting right in front of a radiator too so I was nice and toasty all day.  I had the chance to meet some of the folks I get Etsy e-newsletters from on a regular basis, it was so nice of them to come visit and meet us.

I'm sorta camera shy most of the time. That's why I don't do outfit post too often on here. It takes about 20 attempts for me to take a decent photo of myself. However, Morgan from Etsy must have a magic camera because I'm actually pretty happy with this picture she took of me.


I don't look a day over 36 in this photo.....I'm turning 37 tomorrow, HA!

Click to check out the whole set on Etsy's Flickr.

My Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

Happy Monday everyone! My birthday is coming up this Wednesday and I know I should have posted this a while back to give anyone I know gift ideas but I got caught up with other stuff.  Anyway, I was inspired to finally share this after viewing Paige's post from Little Nostalgia - whose birthday was yesterday, Happy Birthday guuurrrrl!! So here's some stuff I am wishing the Birthday Fairy & Santa could bring me if not this month, then anytime. :)

Source: via Marilyn on Pinterest


This "Make The Rounds" dress from Modcloth. I've been drawn to colors like this lately.

A Verismo Brewer from Starbucks, I am so serious about this.

Set of 3 prints from MossyJoJo. Do you really need an explanation?
I am currently trying to make myself a shawl to wear in the office but I have admired Elena Rosenberg's work, like this capelet, since meeting her in the Hudson Valley Etsy Team.

I drive my mother crazy every year when she asks what I'd like for my birthday/Christmas and I say "Nothing, don't need anything, give me a gift card." Because I am kinda hard to shop for and most of the things I would like to get, I'd like to get them myself. You'd *think* I'm doing others a favor but I understand people like to *give*. 

Update: I had this post scheduled to publish before what happened in Newtown, CT last Friday and I was a bit unsure if I wanted to go ahead with it today.  Other than a few comments on Twitter & Facebook, I just can't bring myself to express how upsetting this whole thing is to me. The shootings stir up a lot of emotion on a few issues that I really don't wish to post on my blog so that's why I kept the regularly scheduled stuff. I'm sorry if you find this post inappropriate.

I ♥ Fluff Friday : Fun Gift Wrapping

Part of the experience of giving (and receiving) a gift is how it's packaged. The more thought that appears to have been put in it, the more it is appreciated.



Free downloads from Style Me Pretty




Source: via Emily on Pinterest


Feature Sponsor: Arrow In The Eye

This month's feature sponsor is Beth from Arrow In The Eye, isn't she adorable? She may have a sweet tooth that matches mine.

Let's get to know Beth a little better....


Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Etsy

Hello there! I’m Beth, the girl behind the blog Arrow in the Eye. I’m a 20 something Southern raised very opinionated tattooed dog Momma and Apple product loving wife to a nerdy guy named J ! My blog mostly documents my adventures in junktiquing ( junking + antiquing = junktiquing), thrifting, my travels across the country & my well intention attempts at being a working housewife 

I'm super passionate about politics, technology, and pretty much anything having to do with my family. I have a really close family that constantly talks about national & global political issues. We don't subscribe to the don't talk about politics or religion at the dinner table rule. 

It's weird to say but I feel like I've gained a few friendships since I started blogging. Having moved away from family and working 24/7 put a damper on my social life but blogging has helped me find ladies who think and feel the way I do.

Beth also has an Etsy shop by the same name where she sells her southern vintage finds.  So give her a follow in the links above or click this button below.

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