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52 Lists - Week 4 - Current & Future Goals

Week 4

I consider myself to be a Realist but that doesn't mean I have dreams, I have a lot of them - just look at all the "Dream" boards on my Pinterest page.  I got a lot of plans!  I admit that maybe I use my realistic approach to be negative because like many, I'm afraid of disappointment. I'm really trying to change this about me as I feel like I've lived like this for TOO long.   So starting with this week's list - Current & Future Goals, I am starting (and continuing) to make these things a reality. Here's my list for this week.


A Visit To NYIGF Recap (Part 1)

From upstairs #nyigf #newyork #nyc

Yes there is no way I can cover everything in one post.  This was my first time checking out the New York International Gift Fair and I was pretty overwhelmed at the enormity of this show - 2,800 exhibitors! A total NYIGF Rookie on this visit. I know the Javits Center is big, but there were moments where I didn't know where I was and was completely disoriented. If I am fortunate enough to go again, I will have a better plan of attack.


I admit I was jealous of the retailers who were there to shop for their businesses. This is a trade show not open to the public.  It is attended by retailers from stores as big as Macy's, Barney's New York, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and Bed Bath & Beyond to smaller Main Street local businesses.  Divided up into divisions such as At home, New York's Newest, Studio, General Gift, Tabletop & Housewares, and my personal favorite Accent on Design (with 200+ exhibitors alone).  I wanted to focus on the Handmade shops but couldn't help but be swooned by some of the other booths.  The displays were so inspiring and colorful!




I was really happy to see that paper goods are still going strong. Despite all of the technological do-dads that come out and hypnotize people, there will always be a need for pretty notebooks, handwritten notecards, and stationery.

There were a few exhibitors that I checked out and whose worked I just loved so I will share more about them in a separate post but right now I'll just give them a quick shout: Alexandra Ferguson, Strawberry Luna, Girls Can Tell, Fisk & Fern, Rifle Paper Co, Amano Studio Jewelry, Noon Designs, MaptoteKitsch n Glam.

See more pictures in my Flickr album: NYIGF Winter 2013

Review: Very Easy Guide To Fair Isle Knitting

I eventually knew I had to graduate from knitting in one color or solid stripes.  Incorporting designs in a knitting project may seem intimidating and daunting, thankfully there is help!  Coming out next month from St. Martin's Press is The Very Easy Guide to Fair Isle Knitting by Lynne Watterson.


She includes an overview of the basics and covers the best type of yarn to use for Fair Isle patterns.There are a variety of pretty, pretty patterns and follow-up projects to try them out on.  

With clear instructions in both written and chart form, Watterson shows readers how to make a variety of projects - including finishing touches like beads, buttons, tassles, fringe and more.

Here are a couple of test patterns I tried out. 



Not too bad. Some patterns are a little more involved than others but with some patiences and determination, it can be mastered!

Reporting LIVE from #NYIGF

By the time you read this, I will be wandering around the Jacob Javits Center in NYC checking out the New York International Gift Fair and probably super overwhelmed. This is my first time attending this trade show but I've known about it for a few years. I know some folks who have been vendors at this show and they credit it to bringing them lots of new business. 

Photo Credit: Quirk Books

I cannot wait to report back and share the great stuff that will be coming out in the Spring!  I will try to share some pictures on Instagram and Facebook throughout the day. My only regret is that today is the ONLY day I'm able to check out this five day show, hopefully if I can attend the Summer show I can do more than one day.

I ♥ Fluff Friday - Pantone 2013 Colors

Ok so it seems that Emerald is THE color for Spring 2013, that's all well and good certainly not my favorite. What about the other colors?


These are the colors that call out to me the most: Monaco Blue, Grayed Jade, and Lemon Zest




I plan on moving later on this year, we do not plan on renewing our lease again and quite frankly, we're pretty tired of apartment living. I especially am done with living UNDER people, I've done it all my life. Some upstairs neighbors have been more tolerable than others. My current neighbors, not so much so I'm pretty much done. I'll be spending more time on Pinterest mapping out my dream home *sigh*. Anyway, have a nice weekend and STAY WARM!!

52 Lists - Week 3 - Things You Should Be Proud Of

This week we're asked to list the things we should be proud of.  Sometimes we don't like to give ourself credit where credit is due.  That's why the first thing I wrote on my list was "Pulp Sushi!!!" because even though the Etsy shop doesn't have daily sales, and my blog doesn't get hundreds of comments a day, I am so happy with both.  I also included some things that may not be so popular but I still wish to express them like "Getting out of the Bronx" and "Being Child-Free".   This was a little tough for me, it seems like I'm too busy just going through my daily routines to give much thought on things like this, that's why this series is so challenging and awesome!



Are you participating in the 52 Lists project? Visit Moorea Seal to learn more about it.

Sponsor Ads available: Februay 2013

Wow I haven't done a call for sponsors since the end of November!  I'm back in full blogging gear now and I'm looking ahead for February.

February is gonna be filled with lots of stuff.  Next week I will be attending the New York International Gift Fair and I hope to have a few reviews and photos to share from this event.

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New Crochet Chain Infinity Scarves


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It's nice to have an extra day to stay at home. Today I'd like to share the new crochet items added to the Etsy shop. Recently I started posting sets of cuff bracelets, this week it's Infinity Chain Scarves.  It's nice to have something different to create and share.  Since they're so soft and easy to wear, they're great for any time of the year.  I have some more fun colors to work on.  

Don't worry, new jewelry will be coming soon!  It's just nice to now have an option for people who may not be into wearing traditional jewelry. :) 

In other news, I've fallen behind on my book reviews.  I keep getting craft books in the mail and they're starting to pile up.  However there's one book I got on Saturday that is jumping ahead of the list.  I hope to share it this week.  Here's a sneak peek. 

Learning about Seeding #knitting #yarn #craft #handmade

I ♥ Fluff Friday - Breakfast

This morning on the train there was a man sitting next to me who had this small paper bag next to him. Whatever was in that bag smelled SO GOOD! I'm thinking it was a toasted buttered bagel of some kind. I have a nose for those things. It was such a pleasant smell to have on the train (for a change) and the inspiration for today's theme. My favorite meal of the day - BREAKFAST! If you're not into breakfast, then you're not human.


French Toast is indeed my breakfast of choice if I'm having my breakfast at a diner. I guess I should try to make them at home some time, it's not THAT hard.


During the week as I'm hustling to the office, a toasted Whole Wheat Bagel with butter is my go-to breakfast fix.


There have been a couple of late nights in the city after a concert where Mike & I would hit up a nearby diner. Something about late nights make me crave eggs Sunny-Side Up, that gooey yolks gets all over my homefries, I dip my toast in it, YUM!!

And while not quite breakfast-y (well...maybe), last night I made Banana Bread for the first time and it came out amazing! I simply followed the instructions on the package but it just looked so good! I still had to share. Have a great weekend!

Yes! Banana bread success!