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A Look At February In Instagram Photos

SNOW!  That's what I think of when this past month comes to mind.  It was a cold and grey month, it kind of killed my creative momentum for most of it but things have picked up this week. I've been working on a custom order for one of my *BEST* customers. I better remember to take pictures before I send it off.  Here's a quickie look at February.

My creation

1. Just because. I wish I can make one big enough to slip my whole body into like a #crochet cocoon. It feels snug. #handmade, 2. Now THAT is bread pudding! #food #dessert, 3. Snowed in #Nemo #Blizzard #newyork #HudsonValley #Fishkill, 4. I sometimes collect paint swatches for no reason #pretty #colors #rainbow #colorful #february, 5. One day I'm kidnapping this doggie #cute #chloe #dog #love #february, 6. It's Friday, leaving the city, it's cold. ❄#night #nyc #newyork #midtown #thirdave, 7. Sunday afternoon reading - Blogging Etiquette #books #blogging #dream #business, 8. New home for my #yarn - for now #knitting #crochet #handmade, 9. This morning #february #snow #ice #hefe #hudsonvalley #newyork #winter, 10. At work #red #rose #Flower February #work, 11. IMG_8031, 12. Warning... #metronorth #train #sign #newyork Created with fd's Flickr Toys

PS: I start the BLOG BOSS e-course tomorrow and I'm so excited!! Have you ever taken one of Holly Becker's e-courses?

List Your Favorite Albums - 52 Lists - Week 8 #52lists2013

Phew! A list that doesn't require much thought. And what good timing too as I recently shared a Fluff Friday post with some of my favorite musicians. I previously mention that I love music more than anything even though I am not a musician. I listen to it almost all of the time and even when it's not playing, sometimes a song is playing in my head...does that make me weird? 

Because my brain tends to freeze up, I had to refer to my iPod for this one.  So here you are in no particular order whatsoever, a list of my favorite albums. There are definitely more but as you can see I'm running out of room. Sorry, I am not going to type all of this out this week so you gotta deal with my poor handwriting.

Week 8

Want follow along 52 Lists? Visit Moorea Seal's 52 List Project and join in

Feature Sponsor: The Anecdote of My Life

Happy Monday everyone! There are no shop updates this week but I'd like to introduce you to another sponsor for February. Meet Stephanie from The Anecdote Of My Life - a smart gal with a snazzy sense of humor. :)

Stephanie McGrew Model (101 of 105)
The Anecdote of My Life  is about a day in the life of a student, full time employee, fitness junkie and model. 

My goal is to motivate and inspire those around me to want to do better in all aspects of their life! What I share on my blog are the things that I go through in life and how I overcome them. I hope that what i share relates to those who follow my blog. I am passionate about health and fitness. that also makes me very passionate about helping people hence why i created my blog. i felt that my blog was a way to reach out to people and possibly help them to make positive lifestyle changes. 

What have you gained from Blogging? 
I have gained experience, i have been able to help people as well as help myself and make a positive change.  i have become more confident in myself and more outspoken.  before my blog i was afraid to share my opinions and thoughts.  i thought that they did not matter.  But the do!  It is so important to create your own voice and your own views.

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I am so excited about March! I have been inspired to put together a month-long series called "Shop Talk" which myself and a couple of other contributors will be sharing tips and advice about managing our blogs and online shops. I'd like this to be an open dialogue with you in the comments too so I hope you'll come back for that.


The inspiration comes from reading Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community and still currently reading  Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business - which I am loving and telling everyone about.

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I ♥ Fluff Friday - Cozy Wall Art

I use to have a series BACK IN THE DAY! It was called Show Me Your Wall. I love art, I especially love low-brow, kitschy art. In my apartment I have art by Emily Martin, my boyfriend, and a lot of photographs. I just enjoy when people style their art on their walls.  So this week's them is wall art. Have a great weekend!


52 Lists - Week 7 - What Makes Me Feel Healthy #52lists2013

Time for another list!  This week we're looking at what makes us feel healthy, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Immediately stuff started coming out - some that are pretty obvious but some others that kind of dawned on me - like doing a silly dance.  I do that from time to time and Mike looks at me with pity.


Week 7

This week's list

- Practicing Yoga, meditating, praying
- Going for walks, lifing my weights
- Hiking, anything cardio
- Eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts
- Avoid junk food and sugar (sooo hard!)
- Thinking positive, making goals
- Create something new
- Getting together with friends
- Learning something new
- Visits to a museum or gallery
- Buddhism, spirituality
- Eating more fish
- Home cooked meals
- Breaks away from the computer (Tues & Weds nights)
- Drinking more water
- Singing along to a favorite song
- Doing a silly dance
- Laugh out loud
- Say something nice about others
- A full night sleep (I'm lucky if I get 6 hours)

What do you do that makes you feel like you're taking care of yourself?

Are you following along The 52 List Project?

Feature Sponsor: Evon Von

Evon Von is a lifestyle blog with variety! She blogs about several topics that are near and dear to her heart. In addition to daily musings, Evon Von offers everything from fashion, cooking and recipes, to reviews and crafty projects to work on. One of the reasons why I enjoy offering features on my blogs is because I get to discover gems like this one. :) 

I'm passionate about food/cooking and photography. I say food and cooking because I have a 4 year old son. Its so important for him to grow up eating healthy and good food. Food is about so much more than just filling your body. cooking and eating can truly fill your soul (cheesy i know, lol!) My son often cooks with me so the process of making a meal not only teaches him how to cook, but he appreciates the work behind the meal and it brings us together even more. Sharing that experience builds memories for him that will hopefully impact him forever. 

Photography has always been a love of mine. I started with a Minolta and a darkroom in my parents basement at the age of 14. I love the memory a photo can create. When you take a photograph, you are able to capture an emotion, you tell a story without using words. I love to create memories in peoples lives. 

I've learned so much from blogging! I've learned self discipline, I've learned to plan and be better organized. I've learned the art of networking as well! Getting out there, connecting with people online as well as in person has reaped huge benefits. I've also learned to be brave. Removing the anonymity behind a computer screen and putting yourself out there takes courage. Realizing that even though not everyone will like the outfits you post, or the pictures you take, or the recipe you come up with; Sharing things that you like regardless and being proud of yourself takes courage.

Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Photography Site

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Pulp Sushi Newest Necklace & Pretty Etsy Treasury

It's a long holiday weekend and I kind of took it easy. I have one new item added to the shop: Da4
I was very pleased to see these earrings included in this beautiful Etsy treasury
Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 10.13.32 AM
Saturday was pretty awesome, Hudson Valley Etsy got together for a meeting for the first time in over a year.  Absolutely NO PICTURES were taken and I can't even believe that. I guess we were all so caught up with seeing each other and eating all of the yummy snacks that no one thought to snap a picture, even me!! Next time.  We're planning our outdoor June craft show and hopefully the weather will cooperate this year and be nice.  I said I wouldn't do outdoor shows anymore but I think I will make an exception this time.  Should be fun! I'm slowing getting my Spring and Summer craft show dates in order.  How about you?  Any big selling dates coming up?

I ♥ Fluff Friday - Music I Listen To

I love music! I need to have it on constantly - at work, on the train, on the computer. Back when I was younger I use to go to shows every weekend (and a few times during the week).  There's TOO many bands to list so here are the ones I'm probably listening to the most at the moment.

Don't ask me about  pop, rap, dance, R&B, anything with auto-tune. I can't stand music like Beyonce and whoever else is popular with the kids nowadays because I just don't know. Anyhoo....

This week's FF comes out of my own Music Loves pinboard on Pinterest.   


Let me tell you something about Volbeat. This band has managed to take my entire music collection and meshed it into something awesome. They fuse Thrash Metal, Punk, Rockabilly and Honky Tonk music and I friggin' love them for it! 



The Bouncing Souls were included in Grateful list two weeks ago. I feel like I've grown up along with them. 


Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Mike Ness is one of my favorite storytellers.



Rancid, yes please



Of course!



I've known about Jesse Malin for a while but haven't started getting into his music until maybe a year ago. He came up in the NYC Punk/Hardcore scene and managed to mature along with his music which I really appreciate. Some his songs are pretty nostalgic of the old New York which I can appreciate. ♥  I listen to him on my morning commutes.  Speaking of..



I listen to A LOT of Tom Waits on my morning train ride too.

I hope this posts gives you a little idea of what makes me tick and keeps me going every day.  Have a great weekend! 

52 Lists - Week 6 - Showing Love Towards Others

I gotta say this list was HARD! Most days, my temper is short, my patience and tolerance is low, and it all affects my mood so being "loving" doesn't come to mind much, and I admit that kinda sucks.  In keeping with the "love" theme, it was appropriate to share my list for this week: Ways In Which You Can Love Others

Week 6

Now I could have easily listed a bunch of stuff that sounded nice and surely I meant them but that's not what this exercise is about.  I had to stop and really dig in at what I thought was true to me. Authenticity is what we want when reading a blog right??? Listed below are just the things that came to mind and sometimes reflects on how I treat or may appear to others.

* Smile at others more
* Be less stubborn
* Say "I Love You" more
* Stop making excuses
* Let Go
* Make time for others
* Listen more, don't just wait to speak
* Eye contact
* Ask about others, show concern
* Donate to more charities
* Keep saying "Thank You"
* Support others dreams
* Respect others boundaries
* Think twice before saying something negative
* Share meals with others
* Check in with others just to say Hi
* Stop taking things personally (I'm usually wrong)
* Always offer to help
* Offer get-togethers
* Be more willing
* Take note when someone speaks about something they enjoy
* Make a present for a friend
* Show interests in opinions
* A hug or back rub

I hope you're enjoying today, don't forget the Flash Sale going on today only!