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Shop Talk Wrap-Up - What Did You Miss?

I'm pretty excited with how March turned out. I want to thank you all for visiting, leaving comments and checking things out.  I especially want to thank Ayla, Paige, Dave & Moe for their contributions.  If you're just tuning in, here's a quick recap of what you missed in my first Shop Talk series...Shoptalk

*Tools For Organized Business  Sanity
*Organizing And Growing Your Blog With Ayla
*Pricing Your Handmade Items

*Juggling Etsy, School & Portfolio Building With Paige

*Does Your Photography Suck? 
*Free Downloads And Online Business Reads

*Switching from Etsy to Storenvy

I would love to do something like this again, maybe give it another name. I'm so bad at naming things.

PS: There's still time to purchase an ad space for April!  

Fluff Friday ♥: The Walking Dead

Excuse me while I geek out today.  Who is NOT watching The Walking Dead?  I'm pretty obsessed with this show and it's not just because of the zombies (which I still enjoy).  If this program isn't a sociological case study of human behavior in a time of crisis, I dont' know what is. 


Source: viaNayeli on Pinterest


This Sunday is the season finale and I just get anxiety ticks just thinking about it.

Look at what just arrived! #thewalkingdead #zombies #books

Yes I purchased Compendium 1 recently, it is the comic's first 48 issues. I'm halfway through and it's messing with my head big time.  I shouldn't read it before bedtime but I do and end up having weird dreams because of it.

I did come across some cool art on Pinterest so I'll spare you the gore if you're squeemish (wuss!) =P








Go get 'em Rick!  PS: Andrew Lincoln is my new boyfriend. :) Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss e-Course Recap

Today is the last day of BYW: Blog Boss e-course. When I first saw Holly Becker from Decor8 post on Facebook about her new Blogging Your Way course for more experienced bloggers, I got so excited! I didn't have to think twice about signing up. I was already familiar with BYW but this was my first time taking one of their courses.  First I just have to say how much I enjoyed this class and far exceeded my expectations.  Holly has been added to my small but growing list of mentors. :)   

You may not have noticed but I've made some suttle changes on my blog throughout the month so I wanted to share them today.  This post is also kind of my final homework assignment so please be nice. :)

New tagline, new menu, less categories.  I changed my menu to distinguish it from the banner. I also added a footer which I learned is valuable real estate that I just wasn't utitilizing.

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 8.43.33 PM is now forwarded to my blog instead of my Etsy shop.  Investing in a domain name was one of the best things I could have done to myself.  If you haven't, you should - even if you don't know where to use it, snatch it up quick!  I tweaked my About page a little too but then again I'm always changing this around so what's new there?  There are still some additions that need to be added, I just have to figure out the right place for them.

Every lesson of the e-course also came in .pdf format which I printed out and now have myself a nice manual with my scribble all over it to refer back to.


I highly recommend taking a Blogging Your Way e-course when the opportunity comes up.  I feel SO much happier with my blog as it appears now and have a new approach with managing it too.  

What Feels Like Home - 52 Lists - Week 12 #52lists2013

I live in Fishkill which is about 90 minutes north of New York City.  It's a suburb town in the Hudson Valley and I love living in this area. I grew up in the Bronx and went to high school and college in Manhattan. I've seen the city change A LOT over the years and I think has lost a lot of it's gritty charm.  Where I am now probably isn't "glamourous" according to the "city folk" but as a city girl at heart, I can appreiate living where I am now which is still thriving with lots of artists, music, nature, and lots and lots and lots of things to do. I love living in the Hudson Valley and I hope I never have to leave.

Week 12

That being said, this week's list is about what feels like "home".  I approached this list not thinking about my current home but the home I grew up in.  It's probably the complete opposite of Moorea's list who grew up in a more rural setting.  It's pretty simple and straight forward. I can still navigate its crazy subway map.


Where I live now is pretty different from where I grew up even though it's not TOO far.  What little things make you think of home?

Guest Post: Shop Talk - Switching From Etsy To Storenvy With Moe

Hello there Pulp Sushi readers!  I'm Moe, a long time reader of this lovely blog and I find myself coming back here time & time again because Marilyn is just so awesome!  I'm here today to share with you a little on my handmade business journey & specifically switching from Etsy to Storenvy.

Currently I have two Etsy shops & one Storenvy shop.  They each work in different ways.  I'm here to tell you why I chose to stay & why I chose to switch.  Each storefront is great for different reasons, below is a part of my small biz story.

Starting on Etsy

During the summer of 2006 while awaiting my venture off to college I took the leap.  I opened my Etsy store.  I started off with any & every handmade thing I could make in my spare time.  Through the beginning of college I just made any crafty thing & listed it.  As I grew into my shop, I learned about branding, about consistency, & about standing out.
One of my very first sales - this is an example of my poor photography

I started by developing my photography, which I'm still experimenting with.  I researched what worked - simplicity, detail, good lighting - and tried to implement the tips I found.  Over the course of a few years (many years!) and the course of a few sales, I better discovered the world of blogging.   This lead me down the rabbit whole of all these unique blogs & shops.  They all had a style - a brand!  So I thought about developing my own.  I thought about what I wanted to say, what I wanted to project, & how my brand reflected me.  As I jumped on the brand wagon (see what I did there) I realized that while I have so many interests, I realized I could narrow my interests & have them all under the same branding tree.

My new photography style involves staging, better lighting, & creating a mood.
Coral Striped Blanket in the Five One Six shop

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Want To See Your Ad @ Pulp Sushi In April?

Looking for a place to advertise your Etsy shop or blog at a super affordable rate? March was a great month for this blog. There's been a lot of exposure between the Shop Talk series, blog hop, the e-course I took, giveaway, and blogs discovering me on Bloglovin' that I'm just excited for the additional exposure.  I'm even adding a new ad size - medium 250x80 for $8.00.  So what do you say? :)

New ads will go up April 1st and when space is available afterward for 30 days.  You save when you purchase for 3 months. Read my Sponsor page for details.  General information about my blog can be found in my media kit.

Large ad purchase includes a feature post and an ad in my e-newsletter. Check out past Featured Sponsor posts - this could be you!  Medium ads will be in a collective sponsor ♥ blog post.  All sponsors will get a #FF mention on Twitter every Friday for the month. 

Email me at with questions or if you're having issues purchasing your ad. Please understand that not all ads submitted will be approved.

New Items This Week - Pulp Sushi @ Etsy

Spent a lot of time indoors this weekend to work on some new jewelry pieces.  I mostly made items to restock the local stores I sell through but I did manage to add a couple of new items to the Etsy shop.  Click on images to view Etsy listing. 


Winter doesn't seem to want to go away, it's been so chilly - another reason why I didn't go out much this weekend. But I wanted to share a Spring-themed treasury I was included in featuring the Old Time Etsy Team, that's me...old. :)
Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 12.25.05 PM

Big Bloglovin Giveaway (Thanks My So Called Chaos!)

With the big announcement by Google that they're getting rid of Goolge Reader, there has been a huge push to move towards Bloglovin', and it's such a fun way to follow and keep up with blogs.  So in order to help our followers move to that platform a bunch of us bloggers got together and have a HUGE giveaway to celebrate.  The response was intense, and so we ended up with 4 different gift cards at a $330 value!  Amazing!  Pulp Sushi is happy to be contributing. :)

The Follow Me on Bloglovin' Massive Giveaway

In order to keep you from getting too intimidated by the rafflecopter we've broken it down into 4 different ones, go ahead and enter them all if you'd like! :) This also ensures you have a much higher chance of winning!   Click through to behold all of the awesome prizes!

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♥ Fluff Friday: Crystal and Rock Jewelry

While attending the Bead Expo recently, I noticed a lot of vendors selling unfinished or uncut stone and crystal pieces. Some already as pendants, others just big chunks to cut yourself.

From the Bead Expo #jewelry #stone #crystals #nofilter

Looks like candy.  It's very sparkly. Of course I've been seeing this trend on Etsy already but it really hit me when when I saw so many suppliers in on it too. Will I get in on that? I don't think it's anything I wish to work with personally, but I still find them oh so pretty.

I'm not saying she was the first to do it, but Moorea Seal was the first person I happen to notice doing this type of jewelry. Here's a couple more. 

Source: viaEtsy on Pinterest

Source: Etsy

Definitely super nice to look at but I would be too scared to wear something like this because I'm pretty clumbsy and will probably scratch myself up.  Kudos to you if you can rock this.

What Are My Essentials - 52 Lists - Week 11 #52lists2013

Hi again! Just wanted to pop in this afternoon and share this week's list from Moorea Seal. We were asked to think about what we think is essential in our lives and it goes beyond the standard air, food, water (although I included those too).  Some things came to mind right away while others kept popping up throughout the day.  These are things that get me through my days.

Week 11

*And that's "A book to read in bed", and not "Taking pictues in bed" not that there's anything wrong with that, just not essential for me. Maybe it is for you. ;)