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April Recap @ Pulp Sushi

This month as been a trying month for me on the personal front. I didn't discuss much of it because my blog is where I like to escape from my troubles and worries so I try my best to keep out the bad ju-ju as much as possible.  So I had a couple more guest bloggers this month which was pretty awesome of them to share their thoughts and insight. 

Craft Room Organization Made Easy

Inspiration Boards: Imagination At Work

How To Make A Purple Ombre Necklace

Some more from the blog this month

-Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Etsy Shop
-How Do You Measure Success
-Review: Adventures In Pompom Land
-Winner of the Crochet Cuff Giveaway is Angie from My So Called Chaos

And last there was a BIG shop update with lots of flower stud earrings for sale.

Instagram pictures tomorrow!

Life Lately (Pulp Sushi News Too)

I've been working on some new items but not for Etsy. In a couple of weeks I will be doing the Rock n' Roll Flea Market in Kingston, NY.  I don't have any shows and fairs lined up for the Spring & Summer because they're usually outdoors and I kind of hate doing outdoor shows.  I know, I'm stubborn. 


I don't want to spill all of the beans just yet but it looks like there is another local store interested in selling my jewelry so I'm gathering items for that too.  I can't wait until things are finalized and I'm ready to shout it out to everyone (and go shopping for myself!)

My collection of glasses continues to grow.  This is my latest pair from Coastal from the Diane Von Furstenberg collection. The Black Apple print behind me is also wearing glasses.  A coincidence. :)
IMG_8558And this is the book I'm currently reading. I picked it up at work.  I've wanted to see the movie but just never got around to it. I probably will once I finish reading this. I like learning about Old New York.

I feel like I've been kind of quiet on Twitter & Facebook lately.  Once again I've been hit with a financial blow that I'm trying to recover from and it's kind of pissing me off. Every time I feel like I'm finally getting ahead something unexpected happens and kind of screws everything up.  And it's not over yet.    Maybe this might be a good time to remind everyone that I still have Sponsorship ads available for May and that I'm trying to sell this brand new dress I got from Modcloth.  Have a good week!

ModCloth FAIL! Want To Buy A New Dress?

ModCloth had a sale recently named "Stylish Surprise" which was a "mystery" item.  For a flat rate, you get something from Modcloth. Why not? I jumped on it and got a dress - here is the listing for it.  I tried it on right away and it's too small.  It's an XL dress but fits me like sausage casing, my hips and booty are too big so it's gotta go. Sale was final so I an't return it. 


I normally wouldn't buy a dress like this because of my wider hips, I prefer dresses that are less form fitting and more a-line so the only measurements I need to concern myself with are chest & waist. I will shop from them again, this particular instance didn't work out.

I'm trying to avoid Ebay so here are the details (from the Modcloth's website):

-55% Polyester, 30% Rayon, 15% Wool.
-Fabric provides stretch.
-Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.
-Fully lined. Hidden back zipper with hook and eye closure.
-Size XL, length is 36.2

The dress does not stretch so the measurements are what they are.  I laid it flat on the floor and took my own measurements:

Length from shoulder to hem - 36.2"
Waist across grey band - 16"
Hips (widest part of dress) - 21"

Basically double the waist and hip numbers and that's roughly the measurements for the dress.

$25 which include S&H (in US & Canada only- will cost more outside of those two).  Email me at if you're interested or have questions about the dress.  I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Fluff Friday ♥ : Shades of MINT

This is a color that I absolutely love but don't know if I can get away with wearing. Perhaps a mint scarf or some kind of mint highlight but you'll never ever ever see me wearing a mint dress like the one listed below (or any pastel shade for that matter). I even think wearing a cardigan in this color is pushing it. But it's still oh so pretty on many things. Kudos to you if you can rock this color. Maybe I'll paint my nails this weekend? :)

This blog post is a test to see if I like the new way Pinterest embeds images on to blogs now. The short answer? No. I wish there was a way I could adjust the images to make them bigger. I understand the issue of people not giving credit to images and such but can we make the code a little more Blogger friendly??? I may need to approach my FF♥ posts differently.

On that note, it's Friday so I hope you all have a great weekend!

DIY Handmade Tutorials: Fun Finds From The Web - April 2013

I continue to be inspired by the amount of talent and creativity I come across on the web, not just from people I know in my little blog community but while surfing the net. Here are some that stood out for me this month.  Enjoy!

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 12.53.05 PM
Garden and Plant Markers from Bubby & Bean

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 12.59.07 PM
Check out these Springtime Art Projects from sponsor Saturday's Child


Pompom Garland from Gypsybee (via Twitter)

How To Make Handmade Blog Elements from Adrienne Rose (via Twitter)



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Book Review: Adventures In Pompom Land

My sqeekness level can get pretty high when I see anything cute. From the creatives at Lark Crafts comes the super fun instructional book Adventures in Pompom Land: 25 Cute Projects Made from Handmade Pompoms by Myko Diann Bocek.  This book has pushed my squeekness level through the roof. And holy moly! It's available at for only $6.01!

This how-to book included 25 Pompom projects with cute little creatures that would be fun to create and collect.  You must have 100% Wool Yarn and 100% Wool Roving Yarn as this won't work too well with other types of yarn (I tried). 

Don't know how to make pompoms? You don't have to worry about purchasing pre-made ones. The book starts with easy instructions on how to make your own that could even keep the kids busy.  Bocek was inspired to create these adorable creatures after watching a segment on Martha Stewart.


The instructions for each project are detailed and thorough.

They include cuties for different holidays to help bring a personal touch to your home decorating.  My favorite is this little devil guy. :)


Adventures in Pompom Land is a fun book to have handy. You can follow Myko Bocek Studios on Facebook.

Guest Post: Craft Room Organization Made Easy

Today's post is contributed by Eva Stephen who likes to write about home styling, organization and everything pretty about home. You may get in touch Eva by following her on twitter. Enjoy!

There has been a revolution in the workplace over the last five years or so which has resulted in more and more of us working from home doing something that we love. It may be writing, illustrating, making and decorating scrumptious cakes or creating unique and beautiful gifts, cards and other products. With the Internet bringing us all closer together people are losing their fear of ordering from further afield, so as to take advantage of talents from across the globe, a win-win situation for the happy customer, and the satisfied and economically viable crafter! Even if you do not make any money from your home, you can gain some benefit from a beautifully organised and carefully laid out crafting space.

Make sure you have enough space to work

When setting out your work studio try to over-estimate the amount of space you need to create your pieces, rather than try to work in confined, cramped and claustrophobic spaces. At first it will not be too bad, but before long you will start to dread working in there, and will begin to make excuses to not craft that day, week or even month. A roomy work area is vital for comfort and also goes a long way to helping you work safely and neatly.


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