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What I Love: Abstract Art (Etsy)

I was browsing through my Etsy Circles the other day and noticed that someone added this to their favorites (I wish I could make it bigger):


I'm pretty picky when it comes to abstract art. It's really gotta be something if it "grabs" me, this one did.  So I clicked to see who this was and discovered a shop full of beauties by Heather Day.

I actually like how she shows where in the home her work will look best in. You see this in a lot of her listings.

My style of painting is dramatic & moody,or earthy & organic, or vibrant & bold...

Not all of her pieces are abstract, she also includes floral and landscapes, all beautiful.


I'm definitely a new fan.  You can follow Heather Day on Twitter and Facebook.

Getting Back In The Jewelry Groove

I'm still on my little Etsy/Jewelry-making hiatus for the Summer, however this past weekend was the Innovative Bead Expo just minutes away from my doorstep so I couldn't stay away.  I've been thinking about new items to make for the Fall and Holidays so I'm sloooowly getting my groove back.


Saturday I was able to step away just for a little bit to check it out. I've been to this show enough times to know who I want to see, what I want to get, and be out of there in less than 90 minutes.

#Buddha beads!

#Skull beads!

Picked up some old favorites but some new types of beads too, I can't wait to get started.  I took off the last week of August like I do every year and I don't have any set plans but I know jewelry making and photo taking will be involved. :)

So did you do anything fun this weekend?

DIY Tutorials: Fun Finds From The Web - July 2013

Here are this month's DIY Tutorial finds to keep your Summer project-making schedule full.  :)

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 8.42.49 PM
Kool-Aid Dip Dye Tassel Wall Hanging from One Sheepish Knit.  I actually drank a lot of Kool-Aid when I was little now only to discover I've been drinking dye lol!


Wish you can make your flowers last longer? How about making Paper flowers like the ones featured on A Beautiful Mess.


Do you have extra pieces of scrap paper or fabric laying around? I'm loving these Decoupage Canvases from Milo and Molly.

And last is a little shout out to Hudson Valley Etsy for sharing this super cute leaf pin tutorial on the team blog.

I hope you enjoyed these, have a great weekend!

My First Pair of Blowfish Shoes

I know, once again I'm a late bloomer but sometimes you just gotta wait for the right time (or coupon code) to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Most of the sandals I own are big wedge heels which is cool but sometimes I need something with a smaller heel, like the Caroline shoes from Blowfish Shoes. It's their spin on the Gladiator sandal.


You know what else is awesome about these shoes? I don't have to wear a Band-Aid on the back of my ankle, you know what I'm talking about? OUCH! 

Also, as practical as flats may be, I feel like they might be part of the reason why my lower back has been bugging me so maybe a small heel like this (1.5 inch) may work better. Plus these are SOOOOO comfortable.


Please excuse the at home pedicure, I can't be bothered to get one done professionally (I think it's a waste of $).  Anyway to wrap this up, I'm so happy with my purchase and I can't wait for my next pair.  :)

I was not contacted by Blowfish Shoes to write this post. I was just very happy with my purchase.

My Artsy Fartsy Weekend

Hello! I totally skipped yesterday on the blog because by the time I got home on Sunday, I was so exhausted, I just wanted to sleep and not work on a blog post.  I spent this past weekend in the city in the middle of a heatwave.  Temps were in the 90s but felt like we were in the 100s, gross!!! I kept cool by checking out a lot of art and drinking some milkshakes.

I'm about to kick this milkshake's ass #Summer #nyc #newyork #yum

I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met) on Friday to check out the exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture and it was probably one of the dumbest exhibits I've ever seen. It just straight up sucked. I'm glad no pictures were allowed because who cares?!? Thankfully, the rest of the museum continues to be awesome and is one of my favorite places to visit. It is SO huge that even after all the years I've been going, there was a wing of the museum that I never visited....

Bodhisattva #newyork #themet #art

Eastern Asian art! My new favorite section!

Vishnu #art #newyork #nyc #museum

It was a fun way to spend a few hours and beat the heat. Although a walk through Central Park was still pretty nice even if it was pretty muggy.

The above is not from the museum but from Saturday when I was down in Chelsea - it's from Jonathan Levine Gallery current POSE + REVOK exhibit.   Afterward we went to see Escape From New York at the IFC Center. It's one of my favorite John Carpenter movies, it was so cool to see in the theater, and Kurt Russell is so hot in that movie. :) 

Overall it was a nice weekend but very, very exhausting.  The heat kicked my ass.  The goal of this weekend was simple: NO WORK!  Not from either job and it did the trick. I hope I can squeeze in one more city weekend like this before the Summer is over. There's just so much more to do and see.

Have You Seen....

By the time you read this, I'll be stomping the pavements of NYC on a little mini-vacation (it's the only vacations I seem to take).  So why not end the week with another installment of Have You Seen...


This yarn bombed train because HOLY CRAP!!!


Lisa Congdon just came back from her honeymoon in Paris and shared some drawings from her sketchbook while she was there. I was blown away.  It gives a small taste of what she must have been experiencing. Love! ♥

Ok a quick Typepad plug! They just released a new layout called LOFT and it's so pretty! I wish I could use it on my blog but this layout is more geared for photo-heavy blogs.  It's great if you love photography and show off pictures you've taken.  I'm also pretty happy with my current layout. :)


And finally, have you listened to the new podcast from Fresh Rag? It's some really good, no-nonsense, kick in the pants talkin' to about getting your creative business in to shape.

Have a great weekend!

Staying Put! (For Another Year)

Happy (hot) Monday! Some relief was provided over the weekend when it was decided that the boyfriend and I will be staying at our current place for another year so yay no packing! The time just isn't right.  We *really* want to get out of apartment living and buy a home, a stand alone home, with some land, and not so close to others - at least not right on top of us. It helps that one of our annoying neighbors has moved out. Now if only the people upstairs from us would leave but I doubt it.  So this buys us some time to save and dammit, it's gonna get done!

We're in the start of another heatwave so I'm doing everything I can to stay cool, starting with this ginomous Iced Coffee I get from a guy in a cart just outside the office building. ONLY TWO BUCKS! Not bad for the *best* coffee around. :)

Ok Monday, lets do this!

Despite some of the stuff going on that's upsetting everyone, let's all keep our cool and have some cool thoughts to get through this heat!

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Fluff Friday ♥: Container Gardens

My green thumb has gotten better over the years when it comes to houseplants. I have no anxiety about bringing a plant home and worrying about killing it. They're much tougher than you give them credit for.  However this doesn't transfer over to trying to grow herbs, vegetables or other plants outdoors.  Something just doesn't register in my head and have ruined some good plants in the process. But I will not give up! The closest I've come to success was growing basil but that was short lived.

How amazing does this look? And so practical when you don't have much outdoor space which seems to always be the case for me. From The Vintage Wren

Here's another great space saving idea from A Dash And A Pinch

Of course I can't resist the use of color planters too - yay colors! Better Homes and Gardens

And THIS just because it's crazy. Found on Pinterest

How green is your thumb?