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DIY Tutorials: Fun Finds From The Web August 2013

Welcome to another installment of my DIY Tutorial shares I come across online.  This is a monthly feature on the blog where I'm always on the lookout to share other blogger's DIY Tutorials. If you would like to be featured next month, drop me a note at

Lovely Sugar Scrub from The Laughing Medusa


Add some bold colors to your print designs with Spray Letters from Balzer Designs

How beautiful are these Clay Leaf Bowls? Make your own from Urban Comfort.  These would make a great addition to your Fall home decorating.

I hope you enjoyed my picks this month! 

Sponsor Pulp Sushi in September (it's back!!)

I haven't made a call for sponsors since the end of June, I'm happy to bring this back as I have some cool stuff lined up for September including shop updates, reviews, and a *sweet* giveaway!



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New ads will go up September 1st and when space is available afterward for 30 days.  Read my Sponsor page for details.  General information about my blog can be found in my media kit.

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Email me at with questions or if you're having issues purchasing your ad. Please understand that not all ads submitted will be approved.

August NYC Weekend Recap - A Picture Show!

I came home from my weekend getaway yesterday so I needed an extra day to get back in to the swing of things.  Mike & I spent the weekend in the city again to celebrate our twelve year anniversary together, that's right 12 years! And it was a gorgeous weekend. We spent a lot of of it outside.  Here's another installment of sharing MY New York. 

My favorite thing to check out this weekend was the LIC Food & Flea out in Long Island City (Queens, NY).

One of the vendors was a fellow jewelry friend Martin from Adornments NYC.  His work is SO GORGEOUS!  As I was talking to him, my eye kept going to this beautiful necklace of his.

Isn't that pretty? You can check out of his jewelry at

Long Island City is just east of Manhattan and super fast to get to by subway. I'm not sure why they call it this as it's not Long Island, it's in Queens but that's just one of the things about New York that I guess I'll never understand.  

Long Island City has been developing it's waterfront with million dollar condos the last few years but the amazing view you get of the Manhattan skyline is free for everyone to enjoy.

Just left of this picture which got cut off, you could see the building I work in. This bridge is the 59th St/Queensborough/Ed Koch bridge, it's got a lot of names.  There is a small island sandwiched between Manhattan and Queens on the East River called Roosevelt Island which is what those trees are under the bridge. People live there too.

Empire State Building, the United Nations, and a slither of my favorite building to look at in NYC - the Chrysler Building.


This is a pretty icon sign you can see from across the river if you're driving on the FDR Drive. It's been around for as long as I can remember.  There's word that it might get torn down :( I guess to clear the view for the new condos being built behind it.

Friday night I was lucky to get up to the sun deck of my parents building in Hell's Kitchen just in time to get a shot of the beautiful sunset happening over the Hudson River.

Sunset over the Hudson #nyc #newyork #hellskitchen #hudsonriver

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of all of the amazing food I ate this weekend. I was a gluttonous pig and I could have cared less lol! 

Thankfully this week I am off my from day job so I'll be doing a lot of Pulp Sushi work this week for the big shop update next week. Can't wait to show everyone the new pieces I've been working on!

Have You Seen....

It's time for some more Have You Seen goodness.

The furniture makeovers going on at Habitual Homebody?  Makes me feel like that chick in the commercial (is it Benjamin Moore?) that wants to goes to find something else to paint after painting her walls.

These super cute illustrations on how to trim your bangs from Brighter Sides.  I haven't had bangs since the 20th century. My hair is just too curly/wavy/annoying for bangs I think. Plus you may not tell from that picture of me up there but my forehead is pretty small.

How To Start A Blog over at - seriously this is a topic that never gets old and we all should be reminded of what our intentions should be.  Just because there are a trilagazillion blogs out there, it shouldn't deter you from starting one if you really want to.

An Outfit Post? Sure why not? :)

I always have to start blog posts like this by reminding everyone how I don't share outfit posts too often.  I just really liked the outfit I wore to the Chronogram Magazine Block Party this past weekend. Sorry my background is so crazy but yeah, that's my apartment! Oh, note my little studio lol!  


I just got the dress from H&M, cardigan from Ann Taylor LOFT, and the sandals I've been wearing to death from Blowfish Shoes. My glasses are Diane Von Furstenberg (via Coastal), the watch is from Lolly Watch (which smells like coconut btw), and the necklace is Pulp Sushi, woot!  

It'll be several months before I share another full body picture of myself.  It has nothing to do with insecurity, I just get so caught up in other things that I just forget to take pictures of myself. You know how it is. =)

Fluff Friday ♥: ModCloth Home Decor Collection

Last Friday my fluff piece was on H&M Home and it looks like I'm continuing the home decor trend today with the launch of ModCloth's new Home Decor collection.  ModCloth is launching a magical new line of home decor items for you to beautify your home. 

The selection of cute stuff just goes on and on and on!  Time to update my wishlist!

Take a look at some of the new items here:  ModCloth Retro & Cute Apartment Decor! Shop Now!. They have the cutest kitchen and bathroom items to make your home playful and elegant, all at an affordable price too. And they offer free shipping on all orders over $50, so don't be shy when you find a few things you love at ModCloth! Come back and let me know what you buy!!

This blog is an affilate of Modcloth

Etsy Shop Makeover

I didn't ask for an Etsy shop makeover, it just happened. I knew it was happening because there has been some discussions about it with other Etsy sellers I know who had this happen to their shops. They're slowly rolling this out so if you have a shop and haven't seen it yet, it's coming.


I had to change my Etsy avatar because my previous image was the same as you see on my About page.  Now every listing shares this photo along with your Etsy icon so no one needs to see my face three times on a listing. 

What do you think of the changes? I like the gallery listings of my other items off to the right but I miss having bigger thumbnails for the item listed.

And a quick reminder to check out the current giveaway going on right now!

Meet Dragonflight Dreams (Giveaway!)


It's time to introduce you to another special talent. Let's meet blog sponsor and screenprint artist Amanda from Dragonflight Dreams. Dragonflight Dreams specializes in screen printed art and shirts. Each item is screen printed by hand, and each screen is hand-painted. Drawing inspiration from a range of fantastical, mythical, fictional and natural motifs. Her prints are perfect for bookworms, gamers, lovers of stories and art, and anyone who wants a little slice of whimsy with a little edge of cool.

Do you like her shirt? I asked Amanda to share more about her background and how she got started...

Amanda-ddI got started with screen printing because I fell in love with a dress I bought from Etsy. It had a screen printed feather print, and I just loved how it looked - and I wondered if I could make my own screen printed clothing using my own designs. So I went to Google, and after some searching (and groaning at the price tags of professional-grade printing tables) I came across a sort of DIY for screen printing. It involved plastic embroidery hoops, some mesh material, and latex paint to make the screens - all things well within my budget. Two+ years later, and that method is still how I make most of my screens (I do have one of the pre-made screens for my larger vines print).

I think I took to screen printing so quickly because I'd been lacking a creative outlet in my life that was completely open to my whims and no one else's. I'm a freelance graphic designer by trade, so even though it's artsy the work is always subject to a client's final say. I started my blog of the same name to document my screen printing process, and it grew into a full-fledged lifestyle blog that has become another outlet. So a leap into one hobby ended up yielding two. :)

My artistic style tends to be simple and stark, and very stylized. One colleague described my style as 'sophisticated, but with an edge.' My boyfriend (who, admittedly, is biased) said my designs are straightforward and simple and that makes them elegant (yeah, he got bonus points for that). I've been told the designs in my shop would also make good tattoo designs. If I ever decide to get a tattoo, it will probably be one of the designs from my shop, so I guess that fits.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue Dragonflight Dreams seriously and put yourself out there?
I didn't really have a moment where I decided "Oh, I'm going to take this seriously" - pretty much at the point I decided to do it, I was taking it seriously. I think I officially opened my Etsy shop after doing all of 2 shirts, haha. I knew that was where I wanted to take it, so that's where I started out. If anything, I guess you could say in the past few months I've been more serious about it as a business rather than just having fun making things and not caring too much about sales numbers. So, that's changed. I'd definitely like it to be more of an income supplement from here on out. I've heard getting the first 100 sales is like running a marathon, and I'm still in that phase. The shop itself has morphed and grown over the past two years, as it should. I've been tweaking the options I offer and increasing inventory to make it easier for people to get the print they want. Hopefully that pans out.

Clover-shirt  Dragon-shirt
Coupon code for everyone: PSREADER10 for 10% off your purchase now through end of August 2013.


Win your choice of an 8x10 print. This could be custom or one of the color combos offered in the made-to-order section of their Etsy shop. The 8x10's are the owl print, the elephant print, and the large clover print, but any of the smaller designs that could also fit on an 8x10 would be an option as well. Winner's choice! US only, contest ends Wednesday August 21st.

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