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Giveaway: Win Sweetness From Diamond Candles

I love candles, I love scented candles, I especially love scented candles that are fruity or smell like a dessert.  I recently received a fabulous candle from Diamond Candles in Orange Vanilla, like a Creamsicle..

Just got my @diamondcandles and it smells YUM! Will share more on the blog soon!

Diamond Candles are 100% soy candles, eco-friendly and natural. What makes them also stand out from other candle companies is the little surprise that come in each candle - a RING!

I'm almost there! Burn baby burn!!  I'm not home during the day so I would light the candle when I come home at night and would only leave it lit for a few hours before bed.  It's a long lasting candle which is a very good thing but bad when you're impatient and you want your ring!! Oh wait! Here it is!!

I got it! My ring from #diamondcandle @diamondcandle

Ta-da! And it fits perfect!  It wasn't a $5000 ring but that's quite alright - I still  love it just the same. :)

And now I have a treat for you! It's time for another Rafflecopter giveaway. You can win your choice of a Diamond Candle which values at $24.95.  They would be great in your home or the candle lover in your life because I know you ALL know a few. :)

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